Chapter 126- Killing Pendant
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Zhan Yue Chapter 126- Killing Pendant

"Weng weng weng~~"

The white coffin floated into the air and blood red words started to appear. After I killed the monsters, it seemed like the final boss was activated. I carried my daggers and got close When I was five yards away, the coffin started to creak. Golden patterns around it started to crack, it was as if the seals were being broken.

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I took several steps back but heard a loud "Peng" in front. The entire coffin was blown open by blood red energy waves and shattered into dust. A person slowly stood up, he held a golden sword and I couldn't see his body clearly as it was covered in light. He wore a golden robe and his hair danced in the wind. He looked like an ancient sword cultivator.


He looked at me and shouted, "You have disturbed my sleep, you deserve to die!"

In an instance, I also red his stats---

King Yue- Xuanyuan Han (Precious Grade Boss)

Level: 53

Attack: 1950-2550

Defence: 1800

Health: 1500000

Skill: Combo Stab, Flying Flame Slash, Protective Sword Energy, Wind Flame Sword Technique

Introduction: Xuanyuan Han, an extraordinary king, since young he cultivated the sword and had high quality bloodline and talnet. After awakening the God Dragon Bloodline, he became one of the top experts in the world, even able to compete against the lords of the Dimension Legion. But in the final battle, he was surrounded by numerous lords and died in battle, becoming one of Xuanyuan empire's legendary figures.


I looked at this Boss and couldn't bear to attack him. But his body was wrapped up in evil energy and it was obvious that his soul was controlled. Okay then, let me help him break free!


In the air, there was a loud explosion. King Yue's sword slashed the sky, a bright sword light slashed down from above really quickly. This was much harder to drop than Dugu Luoyan's attacks!

Soul Star Explosion! My daggers crossed as I tried to block!


Right when his sword touched my dagger, my arms felt like they were about to break. Instantly my body flew out like a cannonball and I smashed into dark space behind me. I lost 20 thousand health. This was just his basic attack. He only had 2550 Attack but his damage was as if he had at least 10 thousand Attack. Like what many players said, Boss's stats had hidden points, especially Attack and Defence. The surface stats were fake and were lies!


King Yue's body descended from above. His blade was covered in flames and it lit up everything around. The blade gave off a really sharp sound when it sliced the sky, aiming right towards my head at quick speeds.

I couldn't take it head on, it was time to fight back!

White Cloak!

"Shua", a white cape flashed behind me and I entered forced stealth state. Yue King's sword missed and in the next second, I slipped behind him. White Cloak+ Annihilation+ Basic attack+ Backstab+ Basic attack. I used the series of attacks and then retreated.

"You want to leave?"

King Yue mocked. His body stood tall like a mountain. He suddenly sunk down and streaks of ice shot out from his sword, "Combo Stab-- Die!"

"Pu pu pu~~"

A series of frosty sword energy shot forwards and they were as long as ten meters. They intersected right onto my body and instantly my health started to drop.

Combo Stab, continued attacks, each second it dealt up to ten thousand damage to me!

In the second second, I reacted. I activated Blood Drawing Blade and used Dark Shadow Jump to jump behind him. I then used Basic attack+ Backstab, Hunter's Edge+ Mist Slash. While causing damage,

I also absorbed health. The moment King Yue turned around, I used Gouge and then used Backstab!

One had to say that Backstab's cooldown was only 3 seconds but its damage was really high. It was a really important damage method for me. In truth, this was the same for every Assassin. You can lack other attacks but you definitely needed Backstab. Wrapping around and using Backstab. This was the bread and butter of Assassins. An Assassin that didn't know that didn't comprehend the essence of the job.


A loud explosion. After King Yue shouted in rage, a golden light released from around him and the golden words "Wind Flame Sword Technique" appeared. A flame wrapped around his sword and he shouted in anger, "Flame!"


Flame swept across my body, dealing close to 30 thousand damage. Shortly after, a green light shone and there was the sharp sound of wind. King Yue shouted once more, "Wind!"

This time, the sword summoned a storm!

My head was about to explode from all this. After Wind Flame Sword Technique was used, he obtained an AOE ranged sword technique. What was I even supposed to do after that? I had no place to run to!

I gritted my teeth and had to use Dark Shadow Jump!


My body turned into a shadow and I instantly jumped behind the Boss. I used another Backstab. Once King Yue turned around and waved his flame sword, I raised my hand and used Gouge. I then wrapped behind him and used Backstab. Then I activated Quickness to flee.

Forget it. This King Yue was definitely much harder to kill than Dugu Luoyan and it might take a long time. Especially with Wind Flame Sword Technique's attacks. I lack stuns so I could only flee.

Thus, two minutes of Soul Star Explosion ended hurriedly. I was fortunate not to be killed and King Yue's health had dropped to 42%. This made my heart sink. If within 3 minutes King Yue returned to full health then I had no chance at all. I should just give up and go back. If he didn't return to full health then I would have a small chance.

I waited for three minutes and King Yue's health returned to 88%. he held his long sword and stood in the darkness. His eyes were dark as he roared.

It was still okay, taking down 12% health in five minutes. I had a chance to succeed!

I gritted my teeth and pounced forwards. "Keng keng keng" The sounds of blades clashing rang out. Each time I would open up some distance and barely dodge his attacks. My mood started to change. I was fully immersed in the battle with the Boss and I was slowly getting more and more confident in my mechanics.

Unknowingly, it seemed like I was getting close to becoming a first rate expert.

When I thougth about that, I couldn't help but feel a little happy. In the past when Ah Fei, Han Yixiao and I were playing together, be it mechanics or game sense, Han Yixiao suppressed me and Ah Fei was the weakest. Han Yixiao tried his best and studied each detail which was why he was top rate. As for the path I was taking now, it was as if I was repeating his path and slowly understanding the path to becoming an expert.

Just like that, ten minutes later, the Boss's health reached 75%. Conservatively speaking, it would take about an hour to kill him. I was familiar with the Wind Flame Sword Technique, Protective Sword Energy etc skills so he wasn't that scary. I just kept Gouge and Dark Shadow Jump to break Wind Flame Sword Technique. As for Protective Sword Energy, I just had to backstab him a few more times to remove the shield.

An hour later, it was around 1am.

"Big brother, are you not finished?"

Ah Fei was getting impatient.

"A final bit, calm down!" I smiled.

"En, speed up."

Two minutes later, along with a White Cloak+ Annihilation attack, King Yue's final bit of Health was taken away. He cried and knelt onto the ground. A heroic body floated out of the corpse and stood in mid air. He looked down on me and the violence in his gaze disappeared. What replaced it was calmness. He looked at me and said, "Thank you kid, you helped me to wake up from my sins. Finally, I am finally free."

"You were a human race hero, I did what I should."


He smiled and left. His soul turned into smoke which disappeared from the hall. At this point, the body that was kneeling on the ground dropped a bunch of equipment and gold.



A streak of light descended from the sky and bathed my body. It felt really warm. Finally, after killing King Yue, I rose to level 50. However, I didn't trigger the reward for being first to 50 so someone else was probably ahead of me. The server was so huge, there were definitely a bunch of people who were stronger than me. I did know my place in the world.

I walked forwards and checked the equipment that King Yue dropped. He dropped three items. An armor that was covered in moonlight, a vengeful energy wrapped necklace and also a purple energy wrapped leggings. My eyes lit up, this was definitely purple! Forget it, I shall look at them one by one. I looked at the armor. I waved and was instantly stunned. The stats were shocking--

Forest Moonlight Armor (Rare)

Type: Armor

Defence: 145

Strength: +21

Stamina: +20

Required level: 50


Such poor stats, this should be the worse level 50 blue equipment right?

I tossed it into my bag. I should just sell it to the shop later. I then picked up the necklace that was filled with vengeful energy. Its stats appeared and lit my eyes lit up. As least it was better than the last armor--

Massacre Necklace (Super Rare)

Strength: +60

Stamina: +44

Effect: Critical Strike +0.4%

Effect: Lifesteal +1.5%

Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 10%

Bonus: Raise user's Defence by 8%

Required level: 50

Required Job: Warrior, Fighter


Stats were strong. Critical Strike and Lifesteal. It was a standard dark blue equipment. Moreover it was of a very high level so its stats increase were really high too. Under the circumstance that necklaces were rare, this was definitely a top item. Its price might be higher than I thought.

But unfortunately the jobs were restricted. If not I could just exchange it for my Blood Grievance Necklace.

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