Chapter 125- King Yue Hall
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Zhan Yue Chapter 125- King Yue Hall

"Let's see where you can escape towards!"

Dugu Luoyan smiled, she was confident that she was going to win.

Ismiled. Right when Fallen Moon was about to pierce through my body, I activated my trump card Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map. With a "Shua", a scroll opened around me. Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map, all the scenaries in the world were contained within. Fallen Moon just shot into Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map and one couldn't see it anywhere at all.

"This... What happened?"

Dugu Luoyan was shocked, "This artifact, impossible... Impossible..."

"There is nothing that is impossible."

I retracted the scroll and then charged forwards, using White Cloak+Annihilation. At this moment, Dugu Luoyan had used her ultimate so she wasn't of any threat towards me. I slashed consecutive times and then took away her last bit of health!


A streak of light descended from above. The experience from the Precious Grade Boss caused me to level to 49. Moreover I exceeded it by 25%, this was just fantastic!


At that moment, Dugu Luoyan knelt onto the ground and her eyes were filled with shock. A soul charged out from her head and floated in the sky. She looked at me with her beautiful eyes and said, "Young man, thank you, you have set me free. The pain and stubborness over these thousand years... It can finally end. From now onwards, I don't owe anyone, goodbye..."

I raised my head and looked at her, "Let's hope that we can meet again."

She smiled, "That is tough, there is no need for us to meet again."

"Shua", light flashed across and her body disappeared into the wind. In that wind, she sighed. Maybe she had placed down everything, maybe she didn't.


As for me, my eyes landed on the items that Dugu Luoyan dropped. She was really generous and dropped three equipment. Apart from that, there was a purple skill book. Just one look and I knew that it wasn't an ordinary item. I kept the gold on the floor and then looked at the equipment. There were leather boots, leather chestpate and also a purple bow. When I looked at the purple color, my heartbeat sped up. An exquisite equipment had been dropped!

Look at the leather boots, I reached out and its stats appeared--

Boots of Windwalking (Super Rare)

Type: Leather Armor

Defence: 125

Agility: +65

Stamina: +48

Effect: Windwalking, movement speed +20%

Effect: Toughness, increase user's Health by 900

Bonus: Raise user's defence by 10%

Required level: 50


Level 50 Super Rare equipment. Although it was still a blue gear but its stats weren't weak at all. It was at least much stronger than my Boots of Agility. En, I shall save it. Once I reached level 50 I will switch it!

I continued. I held the exquisite leather chestplate in my hands and instantly felt warmth in my palms. Its stats appeared as I touched it--

Windwalking Armor (Super Rare)

Type: Leather Armor

Defence: 150

Agility: +70

Stamina: +50

Bonus: Avoid +50

Bonus: Damage absorption +3%

Bonus: Toughness, raise user's health by 1200

Bonus: Raise user's defence by 10%

Required level: 50

Required gender: Female


This was definitely a usable equipment. Its Agility stats were so high and it even added three lines of stats. It increased health by 1200 and this was an equipment that was as good as purple ones. However, the required gender was female so the market should be smaller. But even then, there were many female Archers, Assassins. To them, before having a purple equipment, this one was the top choice. Moreover, at this stage, how many of them had purple equipment?

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So, this Windwalking Armor was undoubtedly a top equipment.

At least for the next five days.

Keep it, this one could be sold for a large amount!

Next, the final one, the purple bow!

When I held the purple bow in my hands, I felt heat surging into my body, once again proving that this bow wasn't ordinary. The stats stunned me. If this equipment was evaluated, it was probably better than my purple Lord Slayer--

Windwalker (Precious Grade)

Attack: 145-170

Agility: +88

Strength: +85

Stamina: +82

Special Effect: Ranged lifesteal +2.5%

Special effect: Precision, accuracy +15%

Special Effect: Quickness, Attack Speed +25%

Special Effect: Armor Penetration: Ignore 10% of Defence

Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 20%

Bonus: Raise user's Defence by 19%

Required level: 50



I sucked in a deep breath and muttered to myself as I looked at the bow. Super strong Attack, added four effects. This equipment was better than Lord Slayer. As its Master I even felt a little jealous. It would be so good if this could be transferred over to Lord Slayer. But no matter what, this bow was definitely the top bow now, it was definitely the top in the entire server.

En, this time I could make a killing!

I tossed it into the ancient bracelet space so even if I died I wouldn't drop it. It was safe!

At that moment, my eyes landed on the final item. The purple skill book. If it was as expected then it would be an Archer skill. I waved my hand and as I thought--

Seven Star Shot (S Grade Skill): Launch consecutive shots towards a target, first hit 50%, then it will slowly increase in damage. The higher the skill level the stronger the hits. Required level: 50, required Job: Archer.


Seven Star Shot!

There was a buzz in my head and I had the urge to find Dugu Luoyan and make her my god sister. Her rewards were so generous and it was totally uncomparable to what that poor ghost Han Shuang in the first floor gave. One purple and one S Grade skillbook, that drop rate was totally insane!

I was delighted and tossed Seven Star Shot into my bag.

I continued, it was time for me to head to the next floor. Maybe I would get more rewards. Although it did feel greedy but if I wasn't greedy then how could I get stronger? !

I passed through the magic formation behind where Dugu Luoyan spawned. Further ahead was another staircase heading down. Not long later, I was on the third floor but it was called King Yue Hall instead!


System notification: Please note, you have entered the dangerous map King Yue Hall!


This was probably where King Yue Xuanyuan Han was resting in right? When I walked down and looked forwards, I could see a large bunch of monsters. It was a monster ocean. There were blade warriors, archers, Yue Land Iron Guards holding swords. They were all upgraded!

King Yue Hall wasn't huge and was only the size of half a football field but the problem was that there was a dense amount of monsters. Apart from the entrance, monsters were bunched up. To an Assassin like me, this map was just hell!


I felt really bitter, what was I suppose to do? Although King Yue Hall was small but there was no way I could clear out the monsters. As long as I charged forwards, they will place the Yue Land Iron Guards and Yue Land Blade Warriors at the front. With my stats, I would be destroyed through their flurry of arrows.

But when I looked at the jade coffin in the middle, I didn't want to give up. The final Boss was definitely laying there. Entering the treasure trove and leaving, that was not my style.

Thus, I gritted my teeth and sat at the entrance. After thinking for a long while, I decided to try. One had to have dreams right?

But I was worried their AI was too high and I would attract a bunch of them. They might even just shout and all the monsters would charge together. Even 100 of me wouldn't be enough to kill them all!


I walked forwards and when I was 10 yards away from one blade warrior, he sensed it. His blood red eyes turned fierce, "An intruder has appeared!"

He raised his balde and shield and charged forwards. As expected, after he said that, the monsters behind him moved too. Shortly after, all the monsters in King Yue Hall charged towards me.

As expected, the AI of the monsters in Illusionary Moon were really high!

I retreated, jumping up to the second floor. Right when I passed the map, the shouts of the monsters disappeared and I had lost aggro. I entered Stealth and carefully returned. Looking out, there was a gap between the monsters. There were roughly 50 that were closer to the entrance and the others were standing far behind.

Great, the aggro drawing tactic succeeded!

This time when I tried to draw aggro once more, only 40-50 of them dashed towards me.


Soul Star Explosion!

White Cloak!

Dragon Will!

Just like that, I was immersed in the joy of killing. A bunch of monsters died in front of me. Once I switched on Soul Star Explosion, it was too easy to kill monsters. Not long later, 50 corpses laid strewn in front of me. I waited for two minutes and tried to draw aggro once more. I pulled 50+ monsters over and used Soul Star Explosion to kill them again.

Just like that, I patiently spent 2 hours to finally clear out the King Yue Hall. I was only left with the jade white coffin in the middle, waiting for me to challenge it.

"Ah Li you are not done? It is 12 already, the best time for supper is here!"

Ah Fei's voice spread from the outside.


I was speechless, "I am about to fight the boss, stop disturbing me."

"Okok, your little brother shall keep quiet. Call me when you finish."


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