Chapter 124- Long River Fallen Moon
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Zhan Yue Chapter 124- Long River Fallen Moon

Over an hour later.

King Yue Tomb second floor. I cleared out the entire map and finally saw a blood red altar at the end. On it was a bow wiedling female statue. This was definitely another soldier. Right when I was 10 yards away, the stone pieces around her broke apart and revealed her petite body.

"Pi pi pa pa..."

Along with the stone pieces dropping, what appeared were jade-like bones that were wrapped up by leather armor. Her ball shone a bright silver light and her fae stunned me. She was actually really beautiful and wasn't a skeleton like I had expected. She looked at me with a blank expression.

"Young man, where do you come from?"

She asked, flames rose up around her and a six star pattern shone below her which signified her strength.

"Black Castle." I said.

"Black Castle?" She was confused. Before she went into slumber, this place didn't belong to Black Castle. A few seconds later, she said, "Do you know that this is where His Highness King Yue is resting? Leave now, if not I have no choice but to kill you."


I walked forwards and read her stats and level--

Guard- Dugu Luoyan (Precious Grade Boss)

Level: 52

Attack: 1750- 2250

Defence: 1600

Health: 1200000

Skill: Explosive Shot, Seven Star Shot, Fallen Moon

Introduction: Dugu Luoyan, Dugu family's eldest daughter. She followed Xuanyuan Han to battle and shot many enemies. After King Yue died on the battlefield, Dugu Luoyan led the guards army to grab King Yue's corpse. She was poisoned by King Yue's corpse poison and chose to kill herself in the tomb, remaining here with King Yue forever.


I looked at her introduction and was touched. This was a really loyal girl but unfortunately she was born at the wrong time and actually just died in the tomb like that.

"Prepare to die!"

Dugu Luoyan jumped into the air and her body was covered up in flames. With a loud "peng", a giant arrow descended from above like that of a meteor!

Damn, I have seen many Explosive Shots but I have never seen such a huge one!

In that instance, I activated Quickness and moved to the side. The Explosive Shot smashed the stone board behind me and exploded. The heat waves caused me to tumble and roll on the ground. Dugu Luoyan was still standing in the wind and she smiled, "It seems like you aren't that strong!"

Before her words even finished, the sky started to light up as streaks of meteors shot down. It was as if they were stars in the milky way, a total of seven of them which were all charged into the bowstring. She shot them all at an insane speed!

Seven Star Shot!

This, this was definitely a skill that could insta kill me!

I charged forwards without thinking. I used Soul Star Explosion and all my stats increased. At the same time I entered White Cloak mode and instantly many arrows pierced through my body and missed. This stunned Dugu Luoyan. Her eyes were filled with confusion, "How did this happen? What kind of technique is that?"

At this point I had already charged into the air. Lord Slayer slashed down Annihilation!



White Cloak+ Annihilation, althought it just did a small bit of her health but I did have a chance. When one fought an Archer, one just had to stick to her. That was because Archers needed distance to fire their shots. If one got close, Archers wouldn't have a chance to fire anymore.

"Pa pa pa", Snow Moon and Lord Slayer slashed together.

Dugu Luoyan was infuriated.

She was so furious that her eyes shot out flames. She raised her bow and smashed it onto me.

My daggers crossed as I tried to block!



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All of a sudden I was sent dozens of meters out and I smashed onto the wall. This attack was really vicious and worse was that when I raised my head, a fireball wrapped arrow flew towards me. Did her Explosive Shot not have CD at all!?

I retreated and instantly the Explosive Shot exploded in front of my face!


Although I wasn't hit by it but it still took away 8000+ of my health. I flew into the air and before I landed, my chest was hit twice. Moreover they were arrows with the power of death. All of a sudden my health was lower than 40% and I was in danger.

No, I had to fight back!

Blood Drawing Blade!

Go all out!

"Shua" as I charged right in front of the Boss. Lord Slayer and Snow Moon slashed and I used Hunter's Edge+ Mist Slash. I forced Dugu Luoyan back and then I used Dark Shadow Jump to pierce through her body and appear behind her. I followed up with Basic attack+ Backstab+ Basic attack such that she had no way to fight back at all.


Her bow was filled with thick flames as she slashed towards me. Her attack arced perfectly and there was no way for me to dodge at all!

I could only hold my dagger up to block and "peng", I was forced back. This time I wasn't stunnded and I just slid to the side. As expected, there was a giant explosion behind me as Dugu Luoyan used her combo of knockback + Explosive Shot. But I have already saw through her combo.

"You have no chance!"

She gritted her teeth and pulled her bowstring. Instantly there were seven meteors that landed into her hands as she used Seven Star Shot once more!'

But this time I was better prepared. The moment Seven Star Shot was about to be fired, I glanced and realised that Dark Shadow Jump's 6 second cooldown was completed. Perfect! Dark Shadow Jump was great because if one killed the target, the CD would reset. Even if I didn't kill the target, it only had a short 6 second CD. Which meant that every 6 seconds I would have a teleportation+ Attack effect!


I turned into a shadow and instantly jumped in front of Dugu Luoyan. I fully understood Dark Shadow Jump where I didn't have to lock onto the target. I just had to aim a yard away from the target. Which meant that I could decide whether or not to appear in front or behind of the target.

Lord Slayer shone and flames flashed across. I used Gouge right onto her chest and that interrupted her Seven Star Shot.

I stepped sideways and appeared behind her, following it up with Basic attack+ Backstab+ Basic attack. I was already well versed with this. As long as I used Dark Shadow Jump well, I was the perfect counter to such long ranged Bosses. Along with Gouge and Backstab, my mechanics were perfect.


Dugu Luoyan gritted her teeth and tried to fight back but her attacks were either dodged or interrupted with Dark Shadow Jump+ Gouge. The outcome was that I could deal unlimited amounts of damage. When the two minutes of Soul Star Explosion ended, Dugu Luoyan was left with 17% health. She looked like she couldn't take it anymore but I was still a little worried.


Soul Star Explosion disappeared and I was back to normal.

At this moment, I felt really bitter. These 120 seconds were the perfect point of my Combat strength. After this, there was a huge drop, the close to 3 minutes of weakness was a huge problem!


In the wind, Dugu Luoyan's body was covered in flames and she smiled, "Your aura has became so much weaker. Has the secret technique disappeared?"

I didn't say a word, activating Quickness and White Cloak!


All of a sudden, I turned into an afterimage!


Dugu Luoyan panicked, "You really are despicable, get back here!"

When I was far enough, her eyes became empty once more. At the same time she started to heal too. My bet was on her recovery speed. In half a minute she healed 10%. Which meant that in the 3 minutes of Soul Star Explosion cooldown, she could recover 60% of her health. That would mean that she would have a total of 77%.


During my Soul Star Explosion attack, I took away 83% of her health. Which meant that I definitely could kill her!

Thus, right when the Soul Star Explosion CD finished, I attacked right away!

"Scoff, you finally appeared? !"

Dugu Luoyan's eyes were filled with killing intent and used Seven Star Shot right away. I used Dark Shadow Jump+ Gouge and then followed it up with Annihilation, Mist Slash, Hunter's Edge etc skills. Just like that, after a minute, Dugu Luoyan's health was finally below 10%.

Right at that moment, her cape fluttered in the air and the light that her snow white legs gave off was very tempting. Moonlight scattered cross the land and scattered on her body. It was as if she was a different person as she smiled, "Let's see how you dodge this!"

"Ji ji ji~~"

She pulled her bow and instantly moonlight wrapped around it, turning into a moonlight arrow. Beneath her feet, it felt like a river had formed. It was really pure and she just looked like a war goddess from thousands of years ago. She was looking up and shooting at the moon.

"Fallen Moon!?"

My gaze turned cold and I used Quickness. I used my high agility to open up the distance. As long as I ran fast enough, she wouldn't be able to hit me!


The arrow left the bowstring and turned into a cold moonlight. When it pierced through the sky it even caused sonic booms which caused my eardrums to hurt. Right when I was moving, it felt as if the arrow had eyes. It turned and shot towards me. It was actually able to track my movement? !

What was this, homing missile?

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