Chapter 123- Awkward matter
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Zhan Yue Chapter 123- Awkward matter

Han Shuang dropped three equipment, a pair of boots, a shining shield and also a flame wrapped blade. I looked at the stats of the boots first--

Vanguard Boots (Rare)

Type: Armor

Defence: 150

Strength: +35

Stamina: +33

Effect: Windwalking, movement speed +5%

Bonus: Raise user's defence by 3%

Required level: 48


Decent level 48 armor. The only thing good about it was that its defence was quite high. It was relatively good for a blue equipment to add 150 Defence and its price would probably be quite high now. I tossed it into my bag and turned my eyes into the shining shield. This wouldn't disappoint me. In the end when I waved it, its stats rendered me speechless--

Shield of Aggression (Rare)

Defence: 185

Strength: +37

Stamina: +35

Effect: Toughness, raise user's health by 700

Bonus: Raise user's defence by 4%

Required level: 48


It was still a light blue equipment. The advantage was that its level was high so its base defence was high too. It could be used as a transition equipment for those Paladins who reached level 48 but didn't have better shields. Just the Defence alone would allow one with full blue equipment to reach 1000+ Defence. At the current stage, they would easily be able to tank Bosses.

I sucked in a deep breath and looked at the last equipment. This was a flaming war blade. It might be the only valuable item this time. I waved it and a scorching energy consolidated to form its stats--

Enemy Breaker (Super Rare)

Attack: 120-155

Agility: +51

Strength: +44

Effect: Closes combat lifesteal +1.5%

Special Effect: Armor penetration, ignore 5% of Defence

Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 10%

Required level: 48

Required job: Paladin, Warrior


This blade could be considered a top equipment already. Its Attack was even higher than my purple Lord Slayer. This was the specialty of long weapons. It had a high attack but it had lower attack speed and was useful for players who used instant damage skills. Without a doubt, this blade was suitable for Warriors who had high attack and used Heavy Strike, Double Hit, Flame Slash, Frost Slash etc skills. The only weakness was htat it wasn't a sword type weapon and it lacked weapon mastery. But for Warriors without a sword, this was the best choice.

"Pa ta", I tossed it into my bag. Let's see if I could sell it for a decent price in Linchen County. Based on the current equipment trading situation, this blade should be worth no less than 1000 RMB. I couldn't compare with Ah Fei who was crazily earning money but it definitely wasn't a small amount.

On the ground, I collected the silver before continuing down. At the end of the level was a staircase that was connected downwards to the second floor.


When I stepped in, a cold wind blew towards my face. I could even see flames flickering which sent a chill down my spine. Fortunately I was from Black Castle and was used to dead and ghosts. Thus I just held my daggers and entered the second floor map.


In the distance, a bunch of torches lit up on their own and lit up the tomb tunnel. The second floor was much more complicated and it was a square shaped. The entrance wasn't marked which meant that I had to find it myself. Not far away from me, a grey body appeared. It was a skeleton archer with an inscribed bow in his hand. He had broken armor on his body and on his chest was the badge of the King's family. He looked at me in shock.

This floor was one with Archers!

My body sunk down,

and I entered Stealth. I moved forwards and instantly the Archer's stats entered my gaze---

Yue Land Archer (Precious Grade Monster)

Level: 52

Attack: 1250-1600

Defence: 1000

Health: 12000

Skill: Triple Shot, Explosive Shot, Death Strike

Introduction: Yue Land Archer, a bunch of courageous warriors that followed Xuanyuan Han to war. In the end they died together in battle, their corpses were buried along with King Yue. After years, Yue Land became the region of the undead and death energy infiltrated the area, causing their souls to be restless. They ended up as zombies. Kill them and let their souls rest.


Their Attack was much higher than the blade warriors but their defence was 200 lower and health was 3000 lower. This meant that I definitely couldn't let the Yue Land Archers shoot me. Thus, I walked over slowly and after confirming that this was the only one, I attacked!

"Peng peng peng!"

Basic attack+ Backstab+ Basic attack, a series of attacks shattered the leather armor on its back. It fell off like cotton. Right when he turned around, I used Annihilation+ Mist Slash to insta kill it without much effort.


The corpse fell to the ground and a bow weilding soul rose up, "I have been hunting the enemy from afar, I didn't expect that I would be hunted for my final battle. Thank you kid, you have set me free!"

As he said that, his body charged into the sky, turning into stars and disappearing.

I picked up the silver coins on the ground and glanced at the experience bar. Just now it flashed and increased by 1%. If things proceed normally, I would get to level 49 here.

I focused and continued to walk forwards!

Ahead of me, a scene that made my hair stand on their ends appeared. The archers appeared in groups. Right ahead of me, at least dozens of them appeared together. The designer of this map probably had one idea which was to make this problematic for players. If these level 51 purple monsters shot together, even the strongest Paladins wouldn't be able to block it!

But, it might not be able to deal with me. After all their health were too low!

Once I was in perfect condition, I entered White Cloak state and came to the side of them. I aimed accurately and when at least 7 of them were in one line, I opened my right hand and golden dragon energy wrapped around my fingers. The space around started to twist and golden runes started to float around me. With a giant dragon roar, a palm smashed forwards!

Dragon Will!






Six times true damage. With my current Attack, I could definitely insta kill all of them. In an instance 7 Yue Land Archer fell to the ground. All of a sudden, the remaining 5 had bloodshot eyes and they shouted in rage, "Infiltrator! Shoot him. No one can disturb the king's rest!"

All of a sudden, wind was being shot through. A series of Triple Shot, Explosive Shot etc attacks shot through the air. It made me feel like death was covering me. These archers were really strong and if I took this series of attacks, I would definitely die!

White Cloak!

With White Cloak in hand, this world was mine!

A bunch of "Miss" words appeared on my head while I was already right in front of a Yue Land Archer that was searching for me. Lord Slayer pierced through his heart with the light of Annihilation. Instantly with a loud "Peng", 30 thousand damage undoubtedly wiped him out. I used Gouge on another monster that was trying to use Double Hit and then activated Blood Drawing Blade, Mist Slash, Hunter's Edge etc skills to kill him!

In the end before it could even use any moves, the five Yue Land Archers all fell to the ground and dropped a bunch of silver and equipment. My experience bar flashed and increased by another percent. It was just great for me to train here!

I glanced at the bunch of monsters before heading forwards. There was a bunch of scattered Yue Land Archers. The system had some humanity and didn't spawn groups of them, if not it would be too much for me. After all Dragon Will's CD was too long so my training tempo would definitely be interrupted.

Apart from that, I was lacking a strong AOE skill which was Apprehension. If I had Apprehension, if I used it, I could use Dark Shadow Jump to assassinate crowds. Such a training scene would be so amazing.

That was fine, slowly, things will be gained sooner or later!


"Ah Li what are you doing?" Ah Fei's voice spread into my ears.

"Training, I am in a map." I said.


He smiled, "Should we eat a huge meal for supper? I heard that a lobster shop opened and is really expensive. But it tastes and its quality is really high. I heard that superstars were there yesterday, should we try?"


I was stunned, "Since it is expensive then why not we save."

"No need."

He said firmly, "We are earning enough to eat this small lobsters. We can even eat it everyday."

"Hearing what you said, you earned a lot today?"


He laughed, "I set level 3 inscriptions at 3000 RMB and did a total of 29 since morning. You can count how much is that."

"Damn..." I was shocked, "This speed is a little too quick?"


He smiled confidently, "Many people are even heading from other cities with many equipment so that I can do many at once. They really are rich."

"Which guild?"


"Tsk tsk..." I laughed, "It doesn't matter, as long as we can earn. Just inscribe for them."


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Ah Fei grinned, "Let me tell you about something awkward. If I don't tell you I might not be able to hide it anymore."

"Oh? Tell me."

"I won't be able to use level 4 inscription, even if I get to level 4, I won't be able to carve it."


"My level is not enough. Only level 40 players can use it, I am only level 30..."


I was speechless, "But I can't train with you, so how?"

"So, I need to discuss with you. we need to stop and ask a levelling squad to train me to level 40. What do you think?"

"We can only do that."

"Ok, Let's talk about this during supper, how long more do you need to train for?"

"2 to 3 hours."


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