Chapter 122- Morals
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Zhan Yue Chapter 122- Morals


Lord Slayer flashed and I used Staggering Blow on one of the Yue Land Blade Warrior which stunned it for 12 seconds. I used White Cloak+ Annihilation on the Yue Land Blade Warrior in the middle and insta killed it. Shortly after, I used Separated by water on the third one. He tried to fight back, sweeping with his blade. He used Heavy Strike+ Heoric Strike on me!

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This damage... It was a little low. But with my 1600+ true Defence, I was really tanky. As an Assassin, my Defence was higher than Paladins. My equipment was good with five purple ones. If I screenshotted my equipment, it would attract a lot of attention.

I attacked and the second Yue Land Blade Warrior fell to the ground. I then focused on the last Yue Land Blade Warrior. Just like that, after killing all three of them, my health remained at 92%. It was relatively safe which was quite absurb.

En, with my current skill, I could easily kill 5-7 of them. if I used Soul Star Explosion, I could kill an unlimited amount. Unfortunately Soul Star Explosion was not something I could use all the time and I couldn't rely on it too much. I should just use it when I fought Bosses!

Just like that, I continued through the first floor tunnel. I didn't pass a single Yue Land Blade Warrior. Both experience and contribution points increased. An hour later, I went from 27% to 62%. Based on this speed, I would be level 50 when I completed the tomb!

Of course, the prerequisite is that I could clear everything.


A few minutes later, after dealing with the few remaining Yue Land Blade Warriors, I was at the end of the tunnel. This was a square and totems stood tall all about. At the center, a few Yue Land Blade Warrior walked around aimless. A stone statue stood in the middle. It was a blade holding general that seemed really life-like. One could even see the killing intent in its eyes.


In front of me, the map suddenly turned blood red. This was a warning system. The Boss was about to appear!

"Creak creak!"

Under my gaze, the surface of the statue started to crack. It was as if layers of seals were being broken. Very quickly the pieces of stone fell to the ground and revealed his true face. It was a general whose body was covered in red light. His gaze turned cold, "You rat, you dare to disturb me from my sleep, you are asking for death! Don't think about leaving, I will suck your blood dry!"

He had a vicious smile on his face. He was indeed demonised. How would a human ancestor look like this?

In the next second, the Boss stats appeared in front of me--

Vanguard- Han Shuang (Precious Grade Boss)

Level: 51

Attack: 1700-2050

Defence: 1500

Health: 800000

Skill: War Formation Power, Three Moon Slace, Blade Fan Dance

Introduction: Han Shuang, one of the most important infantry generals of King Yue. He followed King Yue Xuanyuan Han to the north and in the end died together with King Yue. His corpse was buried along with King Yue but after many years, Yue Land became the land of the undead. Death energy caused this warrior's soul to be restless. In the end he ended up as a zombie. Killing him will allow his soul to rest.


Looking at his stats, I couldn't help but feel a chill down my spine. So strong. His Attack and Defence was far above normal purple monsters. The worse was Health, it was actually at 800 thousand. one could say that a purple Boss was totally different from blue Bosses.

A tough battle was about to arrive!


The Boss shouted in rage and waved his blade. Along with his five brothers, they charged over at me.

Deal with the minions first. I definitely won't be disturbed when I fought the boss.

Thus, I charged forwards with my daggers in hand. All of a sudden, I could see the delight and surprise in the Boss's eyes. He definitely didn't think that I would face him head on. He laughed out loud and raised his blade. He shouted, "Prepare to die you dumb guy! Take a look at my Three Moon Slash!"


In the sky, his blade split into three and slashed down like three crescent moons. Right when Three Moon Slash was activated, I used Soul Star Explosion+ White Cloak to avoid it. I also spread my right hand. Golden light wrapped around my fingers and I slapped forth towards Han Shuang and his minions.

"Peng peng peng!"

White Cloak+ Dragon Will was really strong. Han Shuang's body shook and he lost 50000 health which was 6% of his health bar. The minions behind him were all killed and their corpses were shattered by Dragon Will. Souls flew into the air and bowed towards me, "Thank you kid, we are free!"


Han Shuang was furious. He waved his blade behind him to scatter those souls, "Free your head, isn't it good for us to be kings here? Why free? We will accompany our king forever, isn't that very good? Why free? You traitors, all of you annoying traitors!"

As he said that, he turned around and stabbed towards me. He was really quick and hit me right on my chestplate!



Boss's damage had hidden stats and it was much more painful. Luckily I was in Soul Star Explosion state so my health was up to 75 thousand. I activated Blood Drawing Blade, using Hunter's Edge+ Mist Slash to slash him!

"Young kid, don't be too arrogant!"

Han Shuang fought while trying to teach me to be a decent human being. Words appeared beneath my feet and a bell also rang.


Battle notification: Please note, Vanguard- Han Shuang (Precious Grade Boss) activated War Formation Power, his Attack and Defence has increased by 30%, lasting for 60 seconds!


Boss also started to buff himself!?

In the next second, I relied on my Agility to get behind him. I used Basic attack+ Backstab+ Basic attack. But this time I didn't deal much damage. The rate at which he lost health was greatly reduced. At the same time, Han Shuang turned around. His blade turned into the moonlight as he used Three Moon Slash once more!

The CD was so quick!?

I was stunned. I was unable to dodge and could only take it head on!


So painful!

My heart felt cold. I shouldn't have taken that blade head on. Right at that moment, something worse was here. Han Shuang slashed onto Lord Slayer and while forcing me back, he shouted, "Feel the true desert!"

"Xiu xiu xiu~~~"

Blade energy split off from his body and danced. It dealt continous damage on targets within 5 yards. This was his third skill Blade Fan Dance!

This time my health was dropping at a faster speed. I quickly used Gouge and then used Quickness to retreat while waiting for my skills to come off cooldown. Moreover this wasn't good. Soul Star Explosion was about to finish and once it ended, the cooldown would be 3 minutes long. This was the time where I had the highest chance of being insta killed.

Without Soul Star Explosion, I couldn't tank a single Three Moon Slash at all!

In other words, this Boss wasn't prepared for current stage players. It was at least for players that were above level 50. Once the level disadvantage reduced, one could use numbers to kill the Boss. Solo players like me did look really stupid trying to kill the Boss.

But that was okay, I would definitely have a chance.

"Don't leave you scum!"

Han Shuang held his blade and dashed. His expression twisted. The Boss's stats were really too high. When he moved at full speed, he actually caught up to me. His blade slashed past and he tried to use Three Moon Slash again!

I couldn't take take it head on!

I turned around and used Separated by water!


Golden energy waves surged and caused Three Moon Slash to dissipate. At the same time, a set of swift moves smashed onto the Boss's body which reduced his health. At the same time, two attacks triggered azure wave's passive. I saw hope of killing the Boss within 2 minutes. There were 60 seconds away from Soul Star Explosion ending and the Boss had only 48% left. My chance was here!

I slashed randomly. White Cloak+ Annihilation once agian managed to crit and took away close to 7% of the Boss's health. As for Hunter's Edge, Mist Slash etc, I used them whenever I could. I activated Blood Drawing Blade and used health potions as I launched endless attacks on Han Shuang.Shura power wrapped around my body. Now it didn't look like Han Shuang was a Boss, the true Boss was me who had awakened a portion of the Shura bloodline!

Just like that, I counted the health he had remaining.


Right at that moment, a sense of powerlessness filled my body. Soul Star Explosion ended.

It was here!

Another Three Moon Slash!

I was well prepared this time. Right when Three Moon Slash landed, I rolled to the side. Instantly Three Moon Slash brushed my shoulder and there was a huge "Miss". I definitely won this time!

I turned around and used White Cloak+ Annihilation for the third time!


Han Shuang shouted in rage and knew that he was about to end. I used Hunter's Edge and his last bit of health disappeared. He dropped a bunch of equipment and gold before kneeling to the ground. His grey soul floated up from his corpse and shock appeared in his eyes, "I... What have I gone through these years?"

I said calmly, "The power of death enslaved you."

"So that is the case..."

He smiled, "Although I am a little unwilling but I must thank you. Kid you allowed me to receive salvation and redemption, let's meet if we are fated!"


I nodded and looked on as his soul disappeared into the wind. I saved another person, I was really getting a lot of karma today.


I looked around and finally, my eyes landed on the equipment that the Boss dropped. En, this was the most important thing!

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