Chapter 121- King Yue tomb
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Zhan Yue Chapter 121- King Yue tomb

Not long later I passed a cliff and there were dozens of disciples sitting there. They looked at the cliff and when I passed, a Wind Cloud Platform disciple looked at me. She hugged onto my hand and said, "Senior Brother, this cliff records a lost technique, are you not going to take a look?"

"Long lost technique?" I was shocked.


Her face flushed red, "I heard them say that this technique can sense the will experts in purgatory and can summon experts from purgatory to help. It is called Gate of Purgatory and once one cultivated it to a decent level, one would be able to summon it. With such a skill, one could fight people at Spiritual Ruin Realm!"

I broke into a laugh, "Then Junior Sister why aren't you cultivating it?"


Her face turned even redder, "I am not talented and couldn't understand anything, why no... Senior Brother help me? And then teach me a little."

"I will try."

I sat crosslegged and faced the cliff. Instantly words appeared and there were many missing parts. No wonder the disciples couldn't understand anything. Right when I was about to observe, the Junior Sister just sat in front of me with her face flushing red.

I was speechless, "Junior Sister."

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"En, Senior Brother?" She said sweetly.

"Don't fall for me..." I said.

Her face flushed red, "Why Senior Brother?"

"I am a rice eater with no feelings at all, hahaha~~"


I looked at it for a few more minutes and in the next moment, when I looked at the words and pictures, more and more words started to appear. They connected with one another and formed a complete technique... Was this the perks of high comprehension?


System notification: Please pay attention, your job is in conflict, you can't comprehend Gate of Purgatory (SS) !

My body shook, was this a Mage skill?

What a waste.

"Senior Brother?"

Junior Sister saw my change in expression and said, "What happened?"


I shook my head and waved my blade. I sliced off a complete tree bark and carved the words on it. I passed it to her, "You should understand it now. Cultivate well and it is best if you leave right away. This place is too dangerous."


She nodded her head. She collected it and then shouted towards the sky, "Elder, I want to back out of the trial!"


There were obviously people monitoring the whole situation. An elder level expert descended and brought her away. At the same time he looked right at me. Damn, were all our actions monitored?

But my current actions were worthy of the top Wind Cloud Platform disciple.

Leave, there was no reason for me staying.


I continued forwards and aimlessly walked about the ruins.

After another ten minutes, right when I passed some bushes, my heart started to speed up. A huge sense of danger spread from the bushes. Right, there, there was definitely something there!

Thus, I entered the bushes in White Cloak state. I was really wary. After using my daggers to slice off a bunch of yellow vines, I noticed an old tomb. Time had ravaged this tomb. If not for some carvings, one would just think that this was just a giant piece of stone.

I got close and finally recognised the words-- Xuanyuan North Region King Yue Tomb!

A King was here?

That's not right, I sensed a really strong death aura which meant that the tomb probably mutated.

I studied it for a while before slowly pushing the stone panel ahead of the tomb. With a creaking sound, it was really pushed open. A damp stone staircase was connected underground. Death energy was really heavy and it felt as if this path was connected to the netherworld.


System notification: Congratulations, you have noticed hidden map King Yue Tomb!

Map introduction: Xuanyuan Han, outstanding talent of the empire 2400 years ago. He was said to be a descendent of the Xuanyuan Race and is also an expert that awakened the Xuanyuan Family's God Dragon bloodline. His contributions led to him becoming a King and he commanded the north territory of the empire. But due to the Dimension Legion's invasion, this human race general faced an demon alone and they both died. His corpse was found by the descendents and buried here. Now this tomb is infiltrated by evil energy and it needs courageous warriors to save it!


"Xuanyuan Han?"

I looked at the introduction and my heart started to beat. Although this was just an old and broken tomb, but it was as if I could see the heroic body of that general that swept the north battlefield. Moreover, this also meant that a few thousand years ago, our Black Castle region belonged to the humans. It was then lost. Xuanyuan Empire's army then retreated to the south such that Linchen County became its northest city.

Since that was the case, then allow me to save the soul of the hero within the tomb. I felt pumped up. Even I couldn't help but mock myself, I really had the heart of a human in the body of a Shura.

I stepped down slowly through the stairs. It was really dark below and a damp and decomposing smell filled my nose.

This was a hidden map. Based on Illusionary Moon's system, hidden maps had more rewards than normal maps. Moreover since this was the first time a player discovered this, it also meant that the rewards would increase in folds. To the other five location disciples, it would be great fortune if they learnt one or two techniques. But for a player like me, a hidden map was the best reward for me!

"Pa ta!"

My boots landed on the ground and instantly the torches ahead of me lit up. I dark tunnel was lit up. I didn't know what was the logic behind this but it looked really cool.


System notification: Pleae note, you have entered dangerous map <King Yue Tomb first floor>!

It was here!

I pulled out my daggers and sunk down, entering White Cloak state. After dozens of meters, a person appeared ahead. He held a blade on his right hand and a shield on his left. The shield was rusty and his body was covered in a tattered armor. Beneath his helmet, a boney face appeared in front of me with holes as his eyes.

In the next second, his stats appeared in front of me--

Yue Land Blade Soldier (Precious Grade)

Level: 51

Attack: 1200-1450

Defence: 1200

Health: 18000

Skill: Heavy Strike, Heroic Strike, Shield Armor

Introduction: Yue Land Blade Warrior, a bunch of courageous soldiers that followed Xuanyuan Han to the north. In the end they died together in battle, their corpses were buried along with King Yue. After years, Yue Land became the region of the undead and death energy infiltrated the area, causing their souls to be restless. They ended up as zombies. Kill them and let their souls rest.


Level 51 Precious Grade monster, purple name. This meant that there was a chance they would drop purple equipment! But, truthfully speaking, Destiny themselves said that there isn't even 1/100000 chance for a purple drop. Anways till now I haven't seen a single purple drop. As for Breaking Dawn Destruction getting Lord Slayer, he was just super lucky.

Forget it, anyways the experience and contribution points would be a sufficient amount!


"Shua", I charged out of the darkness and used White Cloak+ Annihilation on the Yue Land Blade Warrior. Without Soul Star Explosion, just in normal form, when Annihilation was used, I dealt 20810 damage and still insta killed it!


I took a look at my stats. My Attack limit was 1704 and with the equipment buffs, my true Attack was increased by 107%. So my true Attack value was 3527. To attack Yue Land Blade Warrior with 1200 defence, it was normal for me to deal 20 thousand damage with Annihilation. With Soul Star Explosion, I would probably deal above 60 thousand.

I didn't even give the Yue Land Blade Warrior a chance to do anything.

"Wu ah..."

The moment they were killed, the Yue Land Blade Warrior fell down and dropped a few dozen silver. At the same time a grey soul flew up and hung in mid air. A middle aged uncle appeared and his face was a little blur. He cupped his hands and smiled, "Thank you kid, I am finally released..."

His soul disappeared from the air.

I frowned. Although this was a game, but if real human souls were trapped in such a shall, unable to die for thousands of years, how painful would that be? As living people, we felt that life was interesting because we could game, drink and play football with friends. We could sing, get chicks etc. Many people grumbled that life was tough but that was because they had never experienced what true pain was.

I picked up the silver and looked at the corpses of the Yue Land Blade Warriors. If I was locked in this pitch black space for two thousand years, I would have gone mad!


I continued forwards. With the torch providing light, three Yue Land Blade Warriors appeared in my field of sight. En. There were more of them but it wasn't a problem. Even against purple monsters, they were still basic monsters. My stats totally crushed them.

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