Chapter 120- Wiping out Eternal Night
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Zhan Yue Chapter 120- Wiping out Eternal Night

Ah Fei continued to carve inscriptions to earn money while I had nothing to do and returned to Black Castle. I should try to raise my level, if not I couldn't defeat a single one of the guardians past level 70. My survivability and Attack both needed to be increased!


I appeared in the Black Castle teleportation formation and immediately transformed into Shura state. I walked on the mountain path and along the way there were disciples that passed who all nodded their heads at me. They bowed to me politely. It was obvious that they had a totally different impression of me, the current top of Wind Cloud Platform.

"July Wildfire!"

Death laws wrapped around the mountain path and formed into a grey body. It was an undead old man dressed in a grey robe. On his chest was a Land of Reincarnation badge. He had a calm gaze and said, "Land of Reincarnation back mountain trial is about to begin. You have the rights to join in, if you are willing to then head over now."


I was shocked but he floated and disappeared into the wind.

Land of Reincarnation Trial?

I sucked in a deep breath. It seemed like it wasn't soul refining furnace cleaning. Coincidentally I also needed an opportunity to increase my strength, so I decided to just go!

Thus, I headed towards Land of Reincarnation. The moment I stepped in, I saw many familiar faces. Lodan, Dong Yuanbai etc Wind Cloud Platform disciples were all here. They all had solemn expressions. There were also many young experts, over 200 people. All of them were really solemn like they were about to face a huge test.


"What does Land of Reincarnation Trial mean?" I asked.

Dong Yuanbai lowered his voice, "This is a test for the younger generation. Land of Reincarnation's back mountain is a ruins and I heard that numerous spirits would appear. Each year many top disciples would obtain great things within."

"Oh, not bad..." I nodded my head and smiled, "At first I thought that Zhuang Huai Shui was finding a chance to wipe us out~~"

"Why would you think that?"

Dong Yuanbai smiled, "Back Mountain Trial was held by the deacon elder of the three ministries. Zhuang Huai Shui doesn't have the power to do anything here, don't worry."

"En, that's good."

Right at this moment, death laws wrapped around the sky and formed a really strong body. It was a dry skin old man who had a black robe. In front of his chest was the golden emblem of the three divisions. His eyes shone a blood red color and he looked like someone that had climbed out from a grave. He held his hands behind his back and said calmly, "Little fellows, the back mountain's Heaven and Earth seal will open right after Sealed God Temple. Head out. This trip is decided by fate, it is time for all of you to show off what you have learnt!"

I raised my head and noticed that this old man also looked at me. A weird smile appeared on his face and the sharp energy felt like it was stabbing my soul. My inner world felt a blistering heat. In a blink of an eye, I read his name and introduction--

Destruction Eternal Night- Athera (Legendary Boss)

Level: ???

Attack: ???

Defence: ???

Health: ???

Skill: ???

Introduction: Athera, one of the three deacon elders of the Black Castle divisions, he has deep attainments in destruction laws and is really important to the city lord. During the war he killed 7 Blood Dynasty Heaven Realm expers alone.


Legendary Realm, an orange name, this was a grade that I shouldn't even think about at the current stage. But I could sense that Athera had animosity towards me. Moreover he didn't look eastern, he seemed like a western person. That wasn't surprising since Black Castle was a mix of cultures. One could tell from the buildings and cultivating elements.

I didn't care, I shall join the trial first!

We followed the mountain path, walking behind Athera and Zhuang Huai Shui and just passed through two valleys.

We appeared in the east of Land of Reincarnation. Ahead of us was a golden World Ender. It felt like a door was opened as grey runes appeared and then disappaered. It was filled with an ancient aura.

"Cough cough..."

Zhuang Huai Shui held his hands behind his back as he stood above a giant boulder, "Elder Athera we wait for them here?"

Athera nodded and then looked towards us, "Remember, when you enter, you can fight for everything. Black Castle rules will disappear once you step in. The winner is king inside and how much you can comprehend depends on yourself. But... You are not allowed to kill one another. The treasures can only be comprehended and not taken out, if not you would be badly punished!"

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"Yes Elder!"

The bunch of them nodded their heads.


Athera waved his sleeves and a storm wrapped up each one of us. We flew uncontrollably into the ruins. We were pulled up from the ground. The scenes ahead of us changed and in a blink of an eye we fell into the ruins!


I stepped foot onto the ground and sunk into the forest. Golden Shura energy appeared around me to go against the impact. It seems like much of the power in my body was woken up and it knew how to automatically protect my body. Thus, I stood up with my daggers and looked around carefully.

Who knew how long this forest was abandoned as it looked really wild. Right when I was shocked, my eyes lit up and I saw a golden light flashing between the vines. I walked forwards and sliced the vines with my dagger. Very quickly I noticed dark golden words written on a stone piece. Only half the stone was left while the other was already corroded. It was obvious that there were words on it which meant that this was a top technique.

"What is this?"

I walked forwards to touch the incomplete words. My body shook like my soul had teleported to a distant era. I saw a handsome guy carrying a sword summoning sword energy and slicing a stone statue into pieces. Then he left some words on the stone piece.

These words contained enormouse power!


System notification: Please note, due to your clashing Job, you are unable to comprehend incomplete Wind Scar Sword Technique (SSS Grade)!


It was actually a sword skill?

I was stunned. If I was a warrior, I would obtain such a great thing here. This was an SSS technique! Of course, it definitely wouldn't be easy to grasp it. There was no free lunch in the world and I might end up spending a full day here. Through this process, others might stop me from comprehending it too.

After all, the outer five locations were very competitive. Especially Land of Reincarnation who wanted to win everyone. At least their disciples won't sit still and do nothing.

Unfortunately we were all separated when we entered. If not Dong Yuanbai could comprehend this.

I grabbed a few vines and covered it before leaving. There was no reason for me staying here anymore.


I entered White Cloak state just in case and travelled alone across the forest. Not long later, I saw a Precious Treasure Pavilion disciples. I saw him many times and he was familiar. He sat cross legged and stared at a wooden board. He would raise his hands and try to imitate the change in energy.

The board was filled with words and there were a bunch of white bones at the side. It was as if experts were fighting for the treasure and then were killed, thus both them and the treasure were left here. After thousand years of rain and snow, this was what happened. However, that wooden board was definitely not simple for it to be so perfectly new even after so long.

"I will definitely comprehend it!"

The teen muttered while learning, "As long as I can comprehend this, I will bring back glory to Precious Treasure Pavilion. The others won't look down on us anymore!"

I shook my head and left without disturbing him.

I continued forwards and saw a red light shoot up from the forest. I walked over quickly and noticed a skull hanging in mid air. It was filled with death law powers. It was obvious that this was a treasure, anyways, it was good for people who cultivated in the laws of death.

Two people were fighting beside it. One of them was from Land of Reincarnation, he held a halberd and his body shot out death energy. The other was a young Wind Cloud Platform disciple who held a sword. Unfortunately he was slightly weaker and was suppressed. The halberd had already left wounds on his body.

As the top disciple, how could I not do anything?

Right when the Land of Reincarnation disciple attacked the Wind Cloud Platform disciple, I appeaerd in front of him. While using Soul Star Explosion, I used White Cloak+ Annihilation to smash his neck. Blood splattered and half his health was gone!

"July Wildfire! You jerk..."

He panicked, pulling back his halberd. Death energy from his body shot out and he wanted to go all out against me.

I obviously wouldn't give him a chance. I used a simple Gouge to stop him and then my fingers covered his chest. Dragon Will activated, turning into streaks of golden energy which entered his chest. There was a giant explosion as the power shot through his body and crushed an old tree that stood behind him!


This Land of Reincarnation fell to the ground and was killed just like that.

"Senior Brother July..."

The Wind Cloud Platform teen was stunned, "You... You killed him just like that?"

"En, right."

I smiled, "Didn't the elder say? When fighting for a treasure, the winner is king. As long as one didn't purposely kill. Look, I helped you fight for the treasure which was why I killed him."

He smiled, "Senior Brother is right, but this treasure.. Should belong to Senior Brother, please keep it."

"No need."

I shook my head, "I am not a death cultivator, have you ever seen me use it?"

He was stunned and speechless. He then smiled, "Then... Thank you Senior Brother!"


I didn't say anything more, just turning and leaving the forest. It was time for me to search for my own opportunities.

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