Chapter 119- Double inscriptions
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Zhan Yue Chapter 119- Double inscriptions

"So are you heading to Spirit Herb Garden?"

Yun Yue's voice pulled me back to reality.

"Go go go!"

I nodded my head and smiled, "I am sorry, I got distracted~~"


She looked at me angrily, "Let's go, follow me."


She floated down and charged down from the peak. I lowered my head and charged out. I used the strong Agility of the Assassin to dodge through the leaves. I activated Quickness and was actually able to keep up with her. Not long later I was at the back mountain of the Blood Pond. Right ahead was a small garden that was surrounded by bamboo. It was also sealed by a blood colored World Ender. Inside it, one could see golden and bright spiritual herbs. The spiritual energy here was really thick and was already turned into liquid. It flowed in the dirt around the Spirit Herb Garden.


She waved and opened up a corner of the world ender. She pointed at the purple grass patch not far away and said, "Those are all Seven Star Soul Leaving Grass, go and collect them but don't be too greedy."


I was like an old man that was single for 40 years that just saw a top beauty. I turned into a breeze that flew forwards, causing Yun Yue's skirt to fly upwards. She sighed, "Are you so hopeless..."


Seven Star Soul Leaving Grass, a herb that was purple above the dirt but blue at its roots. I pulled them one by one like I was pulling carrots. At the same time a refreshing system voice spread into my ears--


System notification: Congratulations for collecting, Seven Star Soul Leaving Grass +1!


System notification: Congratulations for collecting, Seven Star Soul Leaving Grass +1!


System notification: Congratulations for collecting, Seven Star Soul Leaving Grass +1!


Yun Yue jumped up and laid down in the clouds above. She gave off a lazy demeanor and her exquisite body curved up and down. She just rested on the clouds and closed her beautiful eyes. She didn't bother about me and just rested on her own.

I turned around and looked at her. Honestly, this beautiful future Master was such a great being, I should be blessed being her disciple right? At least from looks, she was much nicer to look at than my Master Ding Heng... Thus, I collected Seven Star Soul Leaving Grass while muttering to myself, "My future Master is really such a devilish being that can tempt everyone..."

"That's right, the human race experts all call me a devil."

She opened her eyes and smiled, "Why, do you have a problem?"

"No no... Devil is good, it is different, different from all those other slutty people!"

"Scoff, at least you know how to speak..."

She closed her eyes and this time I didn't continue to diss. I waved my arms, it was as if I had turned into a lawnmower. I crazily collected Seven Star Soul Leaving Grass. Not far from me were several golden ginseng. I took a close look, oh my god, level 8 herb, Purple Sun Seven Treasure Ginseng, this was a legendary herb. It was hard to imagine that a small Spirit Herb Garden would actually have such a treasure.

But, I couldn't cross the line and I just collected my level 3 herb!

Lawnmower, activate!

"Pa pa pa~~~"

My hands pulled and the herbs came out and Seven Star Soul Leaving Grass fell into my bag. In a blink of an eye there were 600+ but that wasn't enough. In the future he still needed large amounts of them to train his level 3 inscription technique. Nine Fallen Bird Bones could be grinded and in a few days we could even purchase them over at Linchen County. But Seven Star Soul Leaving Grass wasn't something that could be gained so easily. I had to grab this opportunity!

Thus after crazily collecting this, not long later my bag had 15 sets of 1500+ Seven Star Soul Leaving Grass.

Continue, it was far from enough!

A few minutes later,

Right when I was immersed in all the joy, I sniffed the fragrance of some perfume. I lifted my head and saw Yun Yue's beautiful face looking at me. She was a little angry, "You brat, what are you doing?"



She smacked my head and pointed around, "Why do you need so many Seven Star Soul Leaving Grass for? My garden is about to turn bald because of you! Although Seven Star Soul Leaving Grass isn't a rare herb but you should leave me some seeds to nurture right!"

"Ah? !"

I turned around and took a look. As expected, it was totally bald behind me and there weren't much ahead. I was embarrassed, "Sorry, I was too focused..."

"Scoff, scram scram scram, don't ever come back again you little jerk!"

She looked at me angrily. She walked forwards and grabbed my collar before pulling me out of Spirit Herb Garden. I danced in the wind and shouted, "Future Master be careful, don't drop me to my death!"


She flicked my head with her fingers, "You brat, don't call me that!"

"Then what?" I shouted.

"Am I that old?"

She stared, "Call me future Senior Sister!"

"Future Senior Sister? Then will you teach me skills?"

"Of course, but you have to call me Senior Sister, after you officially join then you will call me Senior Sister Yun!"

"This seniority is so messy!"

"You dare to make noise, you should be beaten up!"

She hit my head again. This time I was more well behaved. I had collected so many Seven Star Soul Leaving Grass so I was indeed in the wrong so I had no choice but to accept all this!



Two people flashed across and appeared above Blood Pond. A bunch of undead cavalry and cultivators all looked up. Yun Yue threw me to the ground and clapped her hands. Her aura because serious and merciful, totally different from how fierce she was when she was beating me up.

"Cough cough..."

An undead cavalry walked forwards, "Lady Yun Yue, you..."

"Shut up, no asking!"

Yun Yue said calmly.

"Yes sir!"

The undead cavalry cupped his fists and fled, he noticed that Yun Yue was furious.

I climbed up and slapped the dirt off my body. I coughed, "Future Senior Sister, then I will go now?"

"If not then would you like to stay for dinner?" She stared at me in anger.

"Ha, no no."

I turned around and fled for my life!


I exited Blood Pond and dashed towards the teleportation formation. I told Ah Fei about it and appeared in Linchen County a few minutes later. Of course I was using my human race identity.

"Have you gotten the materials?"

At the entrance of Great Sage Hall, Ah Fei was still doing level 2 inscriptions. Level 2 materials could basically be bought but they cost too much and couldn't be sold for much.

"En, I got them. After trading just store them right away."


Thus I traded him stacks of Seven Star Soul Leaving Grass. A total of 16, close to 1600 of them. Ah Fei's mouth opened wide and it was unable to close at all, "Damn... So many??? Over a thousand, Brother Ah Li did you rob a medicine shop?"

"Hahaha, something similar..."

I grinned. I thought back to how badly Yun Yue hit me and couldn't help but sigh, "I suffered humiliation for this so don't disappoint me. You need to earn big money and try to get to level 4."


He nodded, "Don't worry, I will work hard and won't miss this opportunity!"

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My lips twitched, "Although you are saying something similar but I can still guess what you are implying."



Not long later, all the materials were prepared and Ah Fei rubbed his palms, "Our level 3 inscription business is about to begin~~"

"Don't rush, help me inscribe an equipment for."

"En, take it over. I shall help you carve it."

In the next second, I trade him my Blood Ring.


Ah Fei's face turned green, "Level 48 purple ring? You... You robbed Illusionary Moon's equipment treasury? Not many people in Linchen County have purple equipment, how many do you have?"

"Five!" I opened my right hand and told him seriously.


He gritted his teeth, "Then what is your Combat strength now?"

"Not much, just three thousand."

"Your sister... Feng Canghai who is currently top of Linchen County's Combat Strength Leaderboard only has 2200 points, how much higher are you over him?"


I smiled, "Last time I saw Lin Xi at the top, how did it end up being Feng Canghai?"

"Normal. Feng Canghai has the huge Elements behind him so he would obviously get the purple equipment. Lin Xi hasn't officially entered so she is just an esteemed guest. She only has With You, three people. In terms of resources they aren't on the same level as Elements so it is expected that she was overtaken."

"That makes sense. Let's get back to the main topic, go inscribe!"


Not long later, the moment the inscription was completed, Ah Fei's eyes lit up and he smiled, "You will definitely not be disappointed this time. Take a look!"


I looked at the ring and was instantly shocked. This Blood Ring actually had two lines of inscriptions, not only did it add Attack, it also added Critical Strike--

Inscription: Attack +150

Inscription: Critical Strike +1%


"So rare..."

I held a ring and smiled, "Did this happen previously?"

"It happened once."

Ah Fei grinned, "That guy was so happy that he nearly died. His 1500 was so worth it and it made everyone else envious."

"It seems like inscriptions can give rise to top quality products."

"Right, it depends on a probability. You are quite lucky today. Did you step on dog shit while eating?"


I laughed out loud, "I will take a look at my shoes when I go offline..."


He sat crosslegged and smiled, "Scram, don't disturb my business!"

"Okay okay, whoever earns money is the boss. I shall scram now..."

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