Chapter 118- 5 Purple equipment
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Zhan Yue Chapter 118- 5 Purple equipment


System notification: Congratulations, you have passed Sealed God Temple level 70! Will you enter the next level?


Since I was already here then sure why not!


Light wrapped around my body and in the next second I appeared in level 71. The white light disappeared and a person appeared in my field of sight. It was an arrogant looking person that seemed like he had turned into stone. He was at least 3 meters tall and there was thick hair growing out of his body. His hands held a dark iron rod behind his head.

He slowly raised his head and his eyes gave off a blood colored glow. He just looked at me coldly and said, "Challenger are you ready to fail?"

My body sunk down as I entered Stealth. The moment I disappeared, he suddenly jumped up and instantly the entire space was dyed red. That iron rod smashed the space around and bits of rust started to fall off, revealing the golden patterns below. His rod swung down from above and it was just too shocking!


A loud explosion and I couldn't even block it with my daggers as I fell back and smashed onto the stone wall behind me. My health was emptied out, I was actually insta killed just like that?


System notification: You have failed, will you spend 1000 contribution points to challenge again?


No no, that was quite a waste!

I shook my head and backed out of the Sealed God Temple challenge. My strength was not enough now and since I was instantly killed, it might be due to the huge difference in standard. One stick took 10000 health, this outcome was just so unexpected!


I appeared outside Sealed God Temple. Around me were the bunch of disciples that looked at me with a weird gaze.

"July Wildfire is finally out!"

Two Balls cupped his fists and smiled, "You are the last to come out, you should be the disciple that reached the highest floor right?"

At the side, Xia Buhui smiled with a weird tone, "Must the last to come out be the person that reached the highest? I don't think that is true. Maybe he just hid there to delay time!"


A beautiful Wind Cloud Platform disciple gritted her teeth and wanted to curse. But she noticed that I was looking at her so her face flushed red, "Senior Brother July isn't such a person!"

I grinned.

Xia Buhui laughed coldly, "It doesn't matter, anyways Senior Brother Lei Ling reached level 49 so he should be the highest."

"Level 49?"

Two Balls and Dong Yuanbai were both shocked. It was obvious that they didn't pass that floor.

"What is the noise?"

A Precious Treasure Pavilion said, "Ghost General will naturally report the results, your arguments are useless."


Right at that moment, the high grade cavalry on the flame bone horse opened his hand and runes appeared in the air. "The outcome is out. In this Sealed God Temple challenge, third is Wind Cloud Platform's Lodan, his highest challenge floor is 47!"

Instantly, everyone looked towards Lodan. He clenched his fists and said, "It is not high enough, only third..."

The undead cavalry said seriously, "Second, Land of Reincarnation's Lei Ling, highest challenge floor is 49!"

"Senior Brother Lei Ling is only 2nd!?"

A Land of Reincarnation female disciple was shocked, "Is... The first really Wind Cloud Platform's top disciple July Wildfire?"


Undead cavalry waved his hands and the blood red runes changed, "First, Wind Cloud Platform's July Wildfire, highest challenged floor is 70!"


Their mouths were so wide agape that they were about to smash onto the ground. Not only were Land of Reincarnation disciples stunned, even Wind Cloud Platform's Lodan and Dong Yuanbai were shocked. They might have guessed that I was first.

But they definitely couldn't guess that I could reach the 70th level guardian.

In truth, I felt that I was lucky too. Actually when I fought the Blood Dynasty princess, I was totally defeated. But things were just such a coincidence, the Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map absorbed the Human Race grandpa's lightning technique. I used that technique and finally defeated Wind Crane, if not I would have definitely lost.

"July Wildfire, you..."

Lei Ling's expression was really ugly, "What method did you use to actually reach the 70th level? You... You are just a monster, did someone help you?"


I was filled with confidence and smiled, "I am just strong. You won't understand this level..."


Lei Ling and Xia Buhui's eyes opened wide and their mouths were agape. They couldn't say anything.

Two Balls raised his thumb at me, "Senior Brother you are best at acting cool!"


Dong Yuanbai and the bunch of Wind Cloud Platform disciples laughed out loud.

In the next moment, the cavalry waved his hands, "Okay, the disciples ranked highly, this is your glory. I hope that you work hard and continue to get stronger and fight for Black Castle!"

"Fight for Black Castle!" The disciples all raised their weapons.

A bell rang in my ears, as expected this challenge had a reward system--


System notification: Congratulations for passing Sealed God Temple level 70, obtaining 8425000 experience points, +5420 gold, +725000 contribution points and extra rewards: Blood Ring (Precious Grade) !


Blood Ring? Precious Grade? Purple?

All of a sudden, I was stunned. Were the rewards so good? It was actually a purple ring. One had to know that purple rings were so rare now!

"Pa ta", like it was proving to me that it existed as it fell into my bag with a loud sound. At the corner of my bag, a purple light laid there silently. It had a red gemstone that gave off a blood color. When I took it out it even burnt my hands. I reached out and its stats appeared, making me feel really emotional--

Blood Ring (Precious Grade)

Strength: +98

Agility: +82

Stamina: +80

Effect: Critical Strike +0.5%

Effect: Lifesteal +2.5%

Special Effect: Quickness, Attack Speed +25%

Skill: Blood Barrier, consume 80 special skill value, consume a blood barrier to protect oneself. Durability is based on one's Agility, cooldown of 30 minutes

Bonus: Raise User's Attack by 24%

Bonus: Raise User's Defence by 22%

Required level: 48


Special skill equipment! It was actually a legendary special skill equipment!

Blood Barrier, a survivability skill. Moreover, its durability is based on Agility and without a doubt it was a special skill that I needed badly now. After all, in terms of attack and assassination, I had White Cloak+ Annihilation, Separated by water, Dragon Will, Hunter's Edge etc. I was lacking survivability skills. Just one Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map was not enough. With this Blood Ring, at least I had one more life!

Unfortunately, my level was lacking a little. My experience points was already at 97%, once I got the rewards I should reach level 48.

I said goodbye to everyone, marking the location of Sealed God Temple before returning to Blood Pond.

It was still that broken mountain. Yun Yue was dressed in a red dress, she sat at the edge like a soft and gentle woman and admired the scenary in the distance. The wind blew and her hair danced in the wind. She was like a girl from another world looking down on mortals. That feeling of being transcendant was too hard to describe which made one tempted right away.

"Lady Yun Yue."

I walked forwards and said respectfully, "I have already completed the challenge!"


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She turned around and got up. Her body was wrapped tightly by the dress and it was really hot. Her jade-like legs stepped on the wind and hung above me. She smiled, "Scoff... As expected from my future disciple. The first time you tried and you reached level 70, it seems like Ding Heng has taught you well. Come, this is your reward!"


System notification: Congratulations for completing main quest Sealed God Temple Level 70 (S), obtaining +4500000 experience, gold +200, contribution points +80000!


A golden light pelted down around me light a golden rain. Although an S grade reward was far from the accumulated rewards of the level 70 Sealed God Temple but it was enough. I levelled up to level 48 and could equip the Blood Ring. I didn't even think and just wore it, dropping the blue Cow Horn Ring. It could finally retire gloriously!

After wearing the Blood Ring, I was filled with joy. I should find some time for Ah Fei to carve the Blood Ring and it would be even more perfect.

Right at that moment, along with the level up, a golden light wrapped around the ancient bracelet. A streak of light shot into the air and it actually evolved!


System notification: Congratulations, your Ancient Bracelet (Super Rare), successfully upgraded to Ancient Bracelet (Precious Grade)!

It actually evolved to a purple equipment!?

I opened it up and as expected, its stats increased by a large amount--

Ancient Bracelet (Precious Grade)

Defence: 145

Agility: +112

Strength: +89

Stamina: +82

Special effect: Precision, accuracy +15%

Special effect: Toughness, increase user's health by 2000

Property: Can evolve

Property: No level restriction

Property: Provide 500 units of storage space

Special effect: Has recognised its master


These stats, it was invincible!

My Agility stats were through the roof. Purple equipment were mostly 80+ and those above 90 were really good. The Ancient Bracelet gave 112 Agility right away and it added two special effects. One was precision and one was health which I needed. Especially health, with 2000 more health, I had 15000+ health. One had to say that I was even tankier than some Paladins!

At this point, my Combat strength was 3225 and I had a total of five purple equipment on me! There was basically no problem for me to sweep Linchen County.

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