Chapter 117- I lost
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Zhan Yue Chapter 117- I lost

"You can... You actually can control such an artifact?"

The old man's eyes were filled with shock and also a tinge of surprise. He raised his hand and dissipated the lightning on his hands. He smiled, "Forget it, let me sow some nice karma. Our battle will end now, little friend, you have passed!"


I was stunned and stood rooted to the spot with my dagger in hand.

In the next moment, a streak of light wrapped around my body and sent me to level 70. Before I even understood what had happened in level 69 I was already sent up. This was a really important level too. If I pass this then I could collect Seven Star Soul Leaving Grass from Yun Yue. I had to defeat this guardian!

Ahead of me was a grey body that stood at the center of level 70. He gave off a devilish aura and on close look, it was a really beautiful girl that was around 17-18. She wore a red skirt and had a ponytail. Her eyes were huge and smart-looking and her features were really distinct. Her legs looked really long and she held a red whip. She smiled viciously, "Eh, a few hundred years have passed, can I finally taste some fresh meat?"

I frowned. This girl wasn't simple and her aura was familiar. Right, it was exactly the same as those that I met in Qilin Mountain Battlefield.

"You are from Blood Dynasty?" I said calmly.


She walked over and smiled, "You have some knowledge. Since you know that I am from Blood Dynasty then hand over your flesh and let me bite you. It won't be too painful~~"

"Keep dreaming!"

I rejected right away. When I was close enough, I saw a portion of her stats--

Blood Rose Wind Crane (Unknown)

Level: 47

Attack: ???

Defence: ???

Health: ???

Skill: ???

Introduction: Wind Crane, one of the strongest geniuses from Blood Dynasty 800 years ago, Blood Emperor's daughter. She led hundreds of Blood Dynasty soldiers and pretty much wiped out the five outer locations of Black Castle. In the end she was captured and killed. Her soul was refined and she became one of the guardians of Sealed God Temple.

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This Wind Crane... She was actually a princess of Blood Dynasty from 800 years ago? Unfortunately, she died early. It was such a waste that she was killed so early.

"What are you laughing at? !"

She suddenly shook the whip in her hand and there was a loud smacking sound, "Laugh and I will smash your mouth!"

My lips curled up, "You have already died for so many years but are still so violent. It seems like there is a need to teach you a lesson!"


She couldn't help but laughed out loud. Her decent sized peaks shook and her eyes were filled with disdain. She smiled, "A Black Castle junior actually dares to be so rude. Aren't you afraid that lightning will hit your tongue! Forget it, I am in a good mood and I will help you. Just cut off your tongue in case you continue to speak nonsense!"


I entered Stealth and activated Soul Star Explosion at the same time. I smiled, "That would depend on whether or not you have the ability!"

"You are asking for death!"

All of a sudden, she flashed towards at me high speeds and whipped the air. Blood energy wrapped around her and her aura formed a huge pressure that I couldn't handle.

Stealth couldn't hide me from her!

I placed my daggers right in front of me and with a loud "peng", energy spread all about. My arms felt like they were about to break and I was sent flying back onto the pillar. I lost 20 thousand health and in a blink of an eye, she was rushing through the wind. She opened her fingers and blood energy surged, "This is the outcome for offending me. Die!"

I activated Quickness and slid aside. There was a loud "peng' behind me and Wind Crane's claw smashed into the half meter thick wall.

Only until she suffered from the seal's recoil did she retract her hand. At that instance I waved my dagger and used Gouge successfully!

I arrived behind her and used Basic attack+ Backstab+ Basic attack to attack her.


Blood energy from her body exploded and she shook her whip. She stood in the sky and shouted in anger, "Let's see how you will block this strike!"

"Shua shua shua---"

A dense wind breaking sound spread from above. In the sky, her whip turned into thousands of whips and spread towards me like many poisonous snakes swallowing their prey.

I saw through everything and headed forwards bravely, activating combo face front.

Separated by water!


Golden energy waves exploded and scattered her attack. Shortly after, my dagger slashed onto her body. Flick, knockback, dual dagger strike smashed onto her chest and stunned her onto the wall.


Dragon Will!

I opened my hand and golden light shone bright. The energy caused the space around to twist and dragons roared in the sky. Golden runes appeared around and this heavy palm smashed right on Wind Crane's chest, flattening her A cup!


One more time and then I turned around and tried to run.

"Jerk, you aren't running!"

Wind Crane's furious roar spread through the wind and her whip smashed twice onto my shoulder. My health was sent below 40% and I was in danger.

"Die! Look at my Blood Waterfall!"

She raised the whip up and instantly blood gathered at the tip of it, forming a blood colored ball of light which descended from above and smashed down.

I couldn't take this strike head on if not I would die!

I turned around and stepped foot on the ground. With a "Peng", both daggers started glowing. I entered White Cloak state and forcefully dodged Blood Fountain. At the same time I ran right in front of Wind Crane and Lord Slayer shone red in color. I activated Blood Drawing Blade and used Annihilation on her chest.




This wasn't it. Before my body landed, I waved Snow Moon and used Gouge to stun her. I charged towards her and pressed her face onto the ground. I followed up by several slashes before fleeing.

"Jerk! Jerk!"

Wind Crane got up and her body shivered. But at this point her health bar was already low. She didn't continue to attack and just held her whip and cried out loud while gritting her teeth. She gathered blood energy and her health bar started to increase.


I was furious. Truthfully, Wind Crane couldn't compare to the human race old man at level 69 but if she could heal then that was just too shameless. After all my Soul Star Explosion only lasted for 120 seconds and half passed now. With her delaying, once Soul Star Explosion passed, I would get destroyed...

Go all out!

I charged once more and used Annihilation+Backstab etc skills on her.

Wind Crane was really strong too. Blood energy rolled around her whip and once again sent my health below 50%. But this wasn't important, the important thing was that Soul Star Explosion was starting to countdown. Moreover, her attacks were continuing!

"Die! Die!"

She whipped while cursing, "You so-called Assassin, such a shameless guy, never daring to fight enemies head on. Pui, you aren't a guy at all. Why not just wear a red dress and be a woman like me!"

I beared with it. I dodged the skills that I should dodge and attacked when I should. Just like that, Soul Star Explosion was in the last few seconds but Wind Crane still had 20% health!


Weakness spread across my body as Soul Star Explosion was up!

"Tsk tsk tsk~~~"

This time, the Blood Dynasty princess noticed something and laughed out loud, "Your Bloodline power is up? You are trash, you are finished. Hahaha, you made me spent so much strength and effort on you so you didn't die totally for nothing. Go, scram, get stronger and then come and challenge me!"


She raised her whip and instantly a giant blood ball appeared in the air once more. It was Blood Fountain again!

What now? !

I gritted my teeth, I had no choice and could only use the artifact!


Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map appeared and all of a sudden, the scroll spread open. Mountains and rivers were displayed. The scroll gave off an ancient and strong energy like it could contain everything and absorb heaven and earth. In the next second, her Blood Fountain fell into the scroll and spat out chaotic blood energy. It was as if even Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map was looking down on her evil powers!


Her eyes opened wide, "It is a Heaven Grade artifact, leave it here!"

She opened her palm and wanted to grab it.

Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map could be used one more time. Thus I held the two sides of the scroll and used all my energy. The Shura Power in my body surged into the scroll and in the next second, it was as if another power was spurting out from the scroll. There was a sizzling sound and also blue colored lightning. This was too familiar!

Right, wasn't this the lightning storm that the old grandpa in the last level used?

Could I use it like this? Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map was just invincible!


Lightning storm turned into chaotic currents that blasted out from Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map. Wind Crane couldn't dodge at all and her body was ravaged by the lightning. Her health started to drop and in three seconds it was empty. Her body flew out and she laid on the ground. She jumped up with a stunned expression on her face.

"I lost?" !"

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