Chapter 116- Feel the excitement
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Zhan Yue Chapter 116- Feel the excitement

Barbarian Race War Spirit (Unknown Grade)

Level: 47

Attack: ???

Defence: ???

Health: ???

Skill: ???

Introduction: A war generation of the ancient barbarian race, he is fierce and violent and killed many human soldiers. He has well trained skills and after death, he was sealed in Sealed God Temple and became a guardian.


His level was the same as mine? !

I glanced. In the distance, the war spirits attacking the Land of Reincarnation disciples were level 44. Did they change based on the challenger's strength? That was most likely the case. Who cares, kill him first!

Right when he pounced over, I turned around and dodged his strike. I then used White Cloak+ Annihilation on him to remove 65% of his health. I shouted and without waiting for him to stand still, I launched my combo on his back!

Separated by water!

Golden energy waves struck and before Separated by water even finished he was already dead.

"Wow you are so strong kid!"

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He praised me before he died while I was wrapped up in a golden light and sent to the second floor. With a "shua", I appeared in the second floor. In the center region was a mantis-like being sitting there. It raised its head and looked at me with its red eyes, "Tsk, so quickly there is someone on the second floor? Bring it on, I will let you see how strong the Mantis Race is!"

"Shua", a body shot out from within him and waved its blades at me. In an instance, I was about to catch its infomation. It was still an unknown level 47 being. It seemed like their levels didn't change.

White Cloak+ Annihilation again!

This time I only took down 61% Health. The second guardian was much stronger than the first one. Before using Separated by water, I used a basic attack+ Backstab+ basic attack and then used Separated by water to insta kill it!


Golden light wrapped my body and I charged up once more!


This was still really simple.

Just like that, I killed them layer by layer without much pressure at all. When I reached level 35, I was finally forced to use Soul Star Explosion. Under Soul Star Explosion's help, I continued to kill them all. At around 11am, I was already at level 68!


My eyes lit up and I appeared on level 68. All my skill cooldowns reset. Ahead was a monk wrapped in a light golden light. After I appeared, he opened his eyes and it was filled with fighting intent, "So many years passed, finally Black Castle has such a strong young expert? Come kid, let me see how strong you are!"

He stood up and his body was dressed in Martial Monk gear. He smiled, "Don't disappoint me!"

I retreated and entered Stealth mode.

"That is useless."

He stepped forwards and his body gave off a suppressive aura. I smiled, "With my eyes, I can see everything. Appear and fight with me!"

Before his words even landed, a storm swept and he had charged right in front of me. His five fingers smashed towards me like claws as blood energy spread. This was a demon monk!

I activated Quickness and then used Soul Star Explosion before retreating. After avoiding this attack, I used Gouge!


After stunning him, I moved and used basic attack+ Backstab+ basic attack!

"You are asking for death!"

He shouted in anger and his body shot out a golden light. A golden tiger appeared above his muscular back and it was filled with honor and prestige. He pushed forwards and it felt like his attack was like a flood that couldn't be blocked at all.

I wasn't able to dodge it at all!

White Cloak!

White Cloak flashed and the 2 seconds of precious avoiding time caused his palm to miss. I took the chance to head forwards and use White Cloak+ Annihilation on his chest. Dragon Will smashed onto his chest and "Peng", I sent him flying!

But this full set of high damage attacks only did 18% damage. He was so tanky!


The demon monk slapped my stomach and forced me back onto the wall. I felt as if my bones were about to shatter and I lost 30 thousand health. All of a sudden I was only left with 50% Health. This damage was just too terrifying!

I retreated while drinking potions and energy potions at the same time.

"You brat, if you have balls then don't run. Fight with me!" His furious roars spread from behind.

I didn't even turn my head. Once my energy was full, I activated Blood Drawing Blade and then used Gouge to stun him. I used Basic attack+ Backstab+ Basic attack. Right when he turned around to kick me, I used my combo!

Separated by water!

With a "peng", the words Separated by water appeared in god and the energy currents interrupted his strike. At the same time the five hit combo landed on his body and brought me back up to full health. But I was kicked shortly after and lost a lot of health again!

Too strong, I retreated again!

Just like that, facing this Boss that had the ability to insta kill me while also being really tanky, I could only fight a battle of attrition. Until I used the second White Cloak, I finally killed him after 67 seconds.

It would be a problem if things dragged after all Soul Star Explosion only lasted for 120 seconds. Then the five times stats would disappear and I would be killed right away.



My body flew up once more and I appeared on the 69th floor. In the extremely empty level, a white haired and beard old man sat there. When I descended, he opened his eyes. He just looked at me like he could see through the world and smiled teasingly, "Shura Bloodline?"

I frowned, "Senior can see my bloodline?"


He smiled, "I was Xuanyuan Empire's Saint Demon Guide so I was really sensitive to bloodline. Moreover now I am a spirit and my observation skills have increased. Just one look and I can see your bloodline."

"Human Race Saint Demon Guide?"

I smiled, "If senior is so amazing then I can only admit defeat."

"No need to." He smiled, "My skils have disappeared along with time and I don't even have 1% of my past strength. You don't have to fear. Come, I promised my friend to guard this place until my soul disappears so I can't let him down. Let me see your skill!"

"Then.. I apologise Senior!"


For some reason, maybe because I was a human too, when I saw human race NPCs in Black Castle, I felt much closer. This old man was really gentle and was totally different from the guardians in the 68 floors before. But I couldn't waste time here. I sunk down and entered Stealth.

I wrapped around him. This was the best strategy when Assassins fought Mages!

Soul Star Explosion! Attack!

Right when I flew forwards, he smiled and knocked his staff onto the ground. There was a loud "peng" and magic powers rose up. A five meter Element Shield appeared around him and when my dagger hit it, it felt like I was stabbing cotton. I couldn't use any strength at all.

Moreover, this Element Shield was so huge!

"You are still too weak."

He smiled and turned around. he waved his staff and a six star flame surged, "Come on. Dragon Frenzy!"

He didn't even need to chant and the area beneath my feet started to burn up. A giant dragon broke out and swallowed my body, instantly clearing out 70% of my health. This was too strong? No, I had to speed up the tempo!

I shouted and slashed quickly with my daggers. "Pa pa pa", I hit the Element Shield. The durability of the shield dropped bit by bit. Although he was strong but my Attack wasn't weak either!

"En? !"

The old man laughed and opened his left hand, "Face the storm!"

A storm swept forth in the level 69 hall just like that of a tornado!

No, I couldn't take this move!

I headed forwards and got close, activating Separated by water. Whilst I blew his staff away, it also greatly reduced the durability of the Element Shield.

"Oh? Ancient secret technique?"

The old man was stunned and his lips curled up, "Not bad little fellow! But... You are still lacking!"

He raised his sword once more and instantly the ground shook. He shouted, "Feel the earth shake!"

Stone and tiles started to break apart. My body was knocked up and I saw that my health was about to disappear. I attacked the Element Shield once more and at that moment, Azure Wave Ring shone. 10% passive activated and the azure wave energy smashed onto the shield, taking down the last bit of its durability!


Element Shield broken, my chance was here!

Blood Drawing Blade!

I activated the lifesteal effect and used White Cloak. Instantly many Misses appeared on my head. I pounced and used Annihilation on him!




Critical Strike!

Moreover, I originally had only 8% health and along with Blood Drawing Blade's 30%, I had 38% health now. It felt like an old man returning to youth!


I brushed past the old man and got behind him. I used Backstab+Hunter's Edge+ Mist Slash, instantly healing up to 70% health.

At this moment, the old man grabbed a ball of lightning and smiled, "Feel the electricity!"


A lightning descended from above and covered our bodies. Instantly my health started to drop.


My heart felt cold and I really couldn't dodge this!

I raised my hand and Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map appeared. The scroll opened up and absorbed everything. The lightning magic that the old man released instantly disappeared.


The old man was shocked.

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