Chapter 115- Sealed God Tower
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Zhan Yue Chapter 115- Sealed God Tower

I had a good night of dreams before waking up the next day and heading online.



A white light flashed as I appeared on Wind Cloud Platform. My mission today was to search for the final ingredient- Seven Star Soul Leaving Grass!



Ding Heng appeared in the sky and brushed his beard. As if he could see through everything, he smiled, "Today you want to search for Seven Star Soul Leaving Grass?"

I was stunned, "En... Yes, my friend is only lacking this."

"Seven Star Soul Leaving Grass, it is not that rare, it is just uncommon." He said, "Based on what I know, there are many of such grass in the back mountain of Blood Pool. Lady Yun Yue is in charge of them and she also promised to take you in one day. Why not you go and find her."

"Will she give it to me?" I was shocked.

He smiled, "You will know when you are there."


I turned around and went off Wind Cloud Platform. Not long later, I looked out over the inner city walls. The wall was covered in World Ender energy and gave off a majestic aura. If I forced my way in, I would be instantly turned to dust.


Within it, a black armored guard could be seen. One of them said seriously, "Why did you come to the castle?"

I said loudly, "I am Wind Cloud Platform's July Wildfire, I am here to find Lady Yun Yue."

"You are July Wildfire?"

The guard's eyes were filled with pride, "Wind Cloud Platform's pride, the top of the five outer locations, you do look strong, but... Just you, you don't have rights to see Lady Yun Yue!"

"No matter what, can you please help me inform her?" I said calmly.


The guard frowned, "Lady Yun Yue is really busy, how will she be free to see you!"

I gritted my teeth and wanted to just charge him.

Right at that moment, a low but nice voice spread out. It was Yun Yue, "No need to make things hard for him, bring him in to see me!"

"Ah? !"

The guard was stunned and said solemnly, "Yes Lady!"

He raised his hand and inscription power from the halberd opened up a part of the World Ender. he smiled, "Not bad kid, Lady Yun Yue actually has such high hopes for you. Go, I will bring you to see her now."

"Thank you."


I passed many mountains and when I walked forwards, a blood energy spread in the air which covered the entire mountain range. There were blood ponds all around and many Black Castle cultivators were cultivating within. Laws and powers of heaven and earth complemented one another. On a broken and protruding peak, a beautiful body stood there. It was the red dress, jade-boned Yun Yue. She looked down, her eyes gave off a deep and intelligent feel, she was like a goddess that descended on the world. No one could imagine that she was a cultivator of death laws.


She turned around slowly and told the guard to leave, she smiled, "You don't find me for nothing, you definitely have a reason for coming here suddenly right?"


I was slightly awkward and smiled, "I badly need something called Seven Star Soul Leaving Grass and Master said that you have it in the spiritual garden. I came here to ask for the herb."

"Ask for the herb?"

She smiled and teased, "You make it sound so nice but in truth you just want to farm the spiritual herbs that I spend so much time on right?"

"To a certain extent yes." I said honestly.

She walked forwards and looked into my eyes, "Kid, it is not so easy to enter the spiritual garden. Unless you are a top disciple or have done much for Black Castle, if not you have no rights to enter. Your sudden appearance and you asking for the Seven Star Soul Leaving Grass, you have to put in some hardwork for it."

I was stunned and nodded, "Lady please speak, no matter what hardwork,

I am willing to try."

"Okay then."

Yun Yue reached out and a blood colored cloud ocean spread. She smiled, "Great timing. The Sealed God Temple is about to open up, as a test, if you can get past level 70, I will allow you to enter and collect Seven Star Soul Leaving Grass. How about that?"


My body shook. I recalled that the achievement system's next stage was to pass through 99 stages of Sealed God Temple, the two quests were actually overlapping?

"So are you willing to challenge?" Her beautiful face was covered in a smile.


I nodded my head, "I am willing!"

"Very good."

She smiled, "As long as you pass level 70 then find me, naturally I will bring you in to collect Seven Star Soul Leaving Grass."

In the next moment, a bell rang in my ears--


System notification: You have obtained main quest <Sealed God Temple level 70> (S Grade) !

Quest content: Head towards Sealed God Temple and challenge the guardian. After passing 70 levels you will obtain large amounts of rewards and also a chance to enter the spirit herb garden!

This novel is available on Hosted Novel.


Great! I got the quest.

I opened the map and Sealed God Temple was at the east of the castle. I said goodbye to Yun Yue and passed the Blood Pond. Forwards was a mist covered forest and the moment I entered, my heart started to beat. The Spiritual Ruin in my inner world started to buzz like it was sensing something extraordinary about this place!

"Yi? Senior Brother July?"

Suddenly, Little Scum Dong Yuanbai appeared and smiled, "You are here too!"


I looked at him and also saw Lodan, "You all came to challenge Sealed God Temple?"

"Right, we just got orders. The top younger generation experts are all here!"

It seemed like my quest activated the Sealed God Temple!

I headed forwards and the entire forest was covered in a blood red World Ender. At this moment, this World Ender was breaking down. In just three minutes it disappeared. I raised my head an noticed an extremely tall tower in the clouds. Beneath it were many buddhas around that gave off a really saint-like energy. At the entrance were many talismans. I looked at the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors and all the windows were sealed by talismans.

"This is the Sealed God Temple!"

A bone horse riding high level cavalry galloped over and pointed his war spear at the Sealed God Temple. He smiled towards us, "Although it is called Sealed God Temple, it actually seals 99 vengeful souls of demons. Its original name is Demon Sealing Tower. City Lord felt that it sounded too fierce so he changed it."

"What a conman..." I was speechless.

"So that is why."

Lodan nodded, "No wonder the vengeful energy is so heavy..."

"But don't worry."

The undead cavalry said seriously, "Sealed God Temple is sealed by the ancient Saint God's World Ender so even if you are defeated you won't die. When you are about to die, the World Ender will teleport you out so you can go all out inside. This is the year end test and whoever reaches the highest will get the most benefits. This battle will decide your status and place in Black Castle!"

"Yes sir!"

A bunch of young undead cultivators all looked really excited. As for me, I was much calmer. I didn't care about the status, I just wanted Seven Star Soul Leaving Grass. As for the Achievement System, I had to try it out first before knowing if it was possible. I didn't know how strong the guardians were so I didn't have to set too high a target.


"Prepare, unlock the seal!"

The undead cavalry raised his hand and ordered. Many black shadows gathered. They were the elders of the three divisions who opened their palms and then death energy surged out from their bodies. It wrapped the first floor door and as their strength increased, the seal was broken. The door buzzed as it opened and a vengeful energy pounced towards all of our faces.


The cavalry smiled, "The battle that belongs to each one of you is about to begin!"

"Come on then!"

In the crowd, Lei Ling held his lightning sword, "Land of Reincarnation brothers, we will challenge our limits, anyways we won't die. Try our best, fight for Land of Reincarnation's honor!"

"Right, for Land of Reincarnation!"

Everyone was excited. They then looked towards Wind Cloud Platform, Precious Treasure Pavilion etc disciples to challenge them.

"Tsk, scum!" Two Balls laughed coldly.

I carried my dagger and walked forwards lazily, "We challenge our own things, there is no point caring about these clowns."


Lei Ling raged, "July Wildfire you called Land of Reincarnation clowns?"

"You said it yourself, I didn't say that!"


Thus, the younger generation of experts stepped into the first floor of the Sealed God Temple. Right after everyone entered, the door closed. Dozens of disciples looked nervous and spread out. They pulled out their weapons and were on full alert.

I frowned and entered White Cloak state, disappearing into the wind.

Right at that moment, a streak of blood energy wrapped around me and lit up the first floor. A ball shaped golden light shone brightly and someone walked out with a crescent blade. It was a barbarian race general whose body was breaking down. He gave a vicious smile, "Scoff, so many ants. Great, I am going to defeat all of you at once!"

He raised his blade and shouted in rage. His body split into another one of himself and in a blink of an eye there were dozens of similar people. He charged down and laughed, "Look carefully at your opponent, don't get killed without knowing anything!"

He wanted chaos? !

I retreated and charged toward a corner. Space was being ripped apart and a person descended from above and dashed towards me. It seemed like he could see through White Cloak's stealth effect!

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