Chapter 114- Why should I head out
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Zhan Yue Chapter 114- Why should I head out

There was no useful infomation. Three minutes ago Breaking Dawn Destruction was still replying. It seemed like he was in a good mood. One thing could be confirmed which was that Lord Slayer's drop made him a little proud!


"Peng peng peng!"

Right at that moment, I heard the sound of Archers using Stun Arrows and Explosive Shot. A Nine Fallen Bird flapped its wings and attacked a heavy armored player. That heavy armored player was Breaking Dawn Dust, the top Paladin of Breaking Dawn. All of a sudden, my heart started to beat quickly.

Since Breaking Dawn Dust was here then what about Breaking Dawn Destruction?

I headed forwards quickly under White Cloak state and got close silently. I wrapped around a huge tree and instantly a person attacking the Nine Fallen Bird appeared. It was Breaking Dawn Destruction who was holding two daggers. As expected, he hadn't left yet!


I laughed. This was a mistake that many people made. Moreover, there was also a gambler's mentality about this. When one succeeded the first time, one felt that they would succeed a second or third time, resulting in them falling deep in, unable to pull themselves out. Breaking Dawn Destruction had a huge smile on his face like he had suceeded.

Head forwards, insta kill him!

I opened my right hand and a golden energy wave flowed through my fingers. The air around changed shape and dragons roared. Golden runes rained down around me and I used White Cloak+ Dragon Will!


Dragon Will was insta killed. His health couldn't take White Cloak+ Dragon Will and his body exploded. A purple red dagger fell out of the air. At the same time, Dragon Will also hit Breaking Dawn Dust. However, his Ash Fortress flashed, blocking much damage. He was actually able to survive Dragon Will!

"Damn! ! !"

Breaking Dawn Dust reacted really quickly and he reached out for Lord Slayer before it even fell to the ground. He charged towards hte empty land and appeared 30 yards out, "Stop him. Protect Lord Slayer and give me a chance to return to the city."

As he said that, he tried his best to run.

However I was even faster, using Quickness and locking onto Breaking Dawn Dust's back with Dark Shadow Jump!


A pale light flashed and I smashed into his body. He was alrady low health and definitely couldn't take the 200% damage of Dark Shadow Jump. His legs went soft and blood splattered. His eyes were filled with shock and unwillingness as he knelt onto the ground.


Breaking Dawn Dust was not only the party leader but he was in charge of all their spoils. He even dropped dozens of equipment from blue to green. Among them was a flash of purple. Lord Slayer, he had just gotten it but then it dropped like a hot potato!

I didn't care so much. I kept all of the items without thinking and then my white cape flashed as I entered White Cloak state.


A Warrior missed and waved his sword around in dejection. He shouted in rage, "Lord Slayer was taken just like that? I told Breaking Dawn Destruction to return back to the city but he didn't listen. Damn, he is really stupid. Look what happened now? A night's worth of hardwork is all gone!"

An Archer walked forwards, "We are finished. That person took Lord Slayer and left..."

However, unexpectedly, I didn't leave. I appeared in front of the Warrior and used White Cloak+ Annihilation to insta kill him. I turned around and used Hunter's Edge+ Mist Slash on the long ranged players. After a series of moves, the 14 men party was all killed.

"Now you are all satisfied?"

I touched my nose,

entering White Cloak state once more and leaving this land.

While walking, I opened my bag and found that purple color that tempted me. This was a really exquisite dagger like a sharp dragontooth. It gave off a cold light and was wrapped in purple. I reached out and its stats appeared in front of me, causing my mouth to be agape--

Lord Slayer (Precious Grade)

Attack: 125-150

Agility: +85

Strength: +83

Stamina: +80

Effect: Lifesteal +2.5%

Special Effect: Quickness, Attack Speed +25%

Special Effect: Armor Penetration: Ignore 10% of Defence

Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 18%

Bonus: Raise user's defence by 16%

Required level: 47


These were pretty much invincible stats! No wonder Breaking Dawn Destruction was so happy. Even I was so happy that I couldn't close my mouth!


I directly screenshotted it and sent it to Ah Fei. I smiled, "Brother Fei look at WeChat."


In the next second, Ah Fei exploded, "Damn... Damn... Damn...

Another three curses. He was really shocked, "You... You really got Lord Slayer?"


I nodded my head and smiled, "Breaking Dawn Destruction was just too arrogant, he actually didn't return back to the city to store it. Could I miss such a god given chance?"

"Hahaha, feels good! Now if you use it, you will be invincible! Right right, come to Linchen County, I will help you inscribe Lord Slayer. I am still left with one set of level 3 inscription materials."

"Ok, wait for me, I am about to level."


I looked around and there were many Breaking Dawn players looking for me probably to make me drop Lord Slayer again. But they didn't have the chance. I crushed the black City Return Scroll and returned back to the castle. I sat there in my cave for a few minutes and reached level 47 before heading to Linchen County.


East square, when I passed Lord Slayer to Ah Fei, he was even about to drool onto the dagger. He smiled, "Damn, this dagger is even stronger than Azure Wave Ring and Heaven Thief Chestplate!"

"Of course. Its level is high and its a weapon so of course its value is higher. Quick, get to work!"


A few minutes later, Ah Fei's eyes lit up. A golden light shot up from Lord Slayer and gave rise to an aurora. This was the effect of the inscription succeeding. In the next second, the dagger returned to my hands and there was one more line of stats-

Inscription: Attack +150


Another +150, this was also the stat that I needed the most, "Ah Fei well done, hehehe~ Right, take these Nine Fallen Bird Bones and store them."


A total of 400+ of them were all given to Ah Fei.

I swithced Lord Slayer and took off Blade of the Beastrider. My Attack jumped by a huge grade. I also wore the Super Rare Fallen Helmet and my Defence increased by a large amount too. My personal interface looked really nice now--

July Wildfire (Blade of Chaos)

Level: 47

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Attack: 1032- 1347 (+84%)

Defence: 758 (+72%)

Health: 11740

Critical Strike: 10.38%

Lifesteal: 8%

Comprehension: 97

Charm: 22

Soul Star: 20

Contribution point: 162870

Combat strength: 2650


My overall stats greatly increased and my Combat strength even broke through 2600! I opened the combat strength board and realised that the highest was Lin Xi with only 1908. The second was Feng Canghai with 1800+. The others were even lower. If my account belonged to Linchen County, these players would all be frightened.

I also dealt with the equipment in my bag. Some I tossed in the auction house while some I just directly sold them. Anyways I had to keep space. After all I needed more materials so space was important to me.

Ah Fei once again knelt in front of Great Sage Hall and started his business. Many people found him for level 3 inscriptions and some wanted level 3. Ah Fei shook his head, "No, I don't have anymore materials so I can't do level 3 inscriptions. I am sorry~~"

On his stall, the top screenshot was that of Lord Slayer!

I touched my nose, this guy was asking for trouble.

As expected, in less than a minute, a bunch of Breaking Dawn people rushed over aggressively. The leader was Breaking Dawn Destruction. Not only did Lord Slayer get dropped, I also got his Super Rare boots. His expression was really ugly and when he glanced at the screenshot, he shouted in rage, "August End where did you get this? !"

"You still need to ask?"

Ah Fei looked at him lazily, "A customer told me to inscribe for him so I took a photo, do you even need to ask this?"


Breaking Dawn Destruction cursed, "What customer can get Lord Slayer? I dropped it in Silver Almond Forest to the system Boss, where did you get this? If it is a customer then who gave it to you?"

Ah Fei rolled his eyes, "I have the responsibility to keep secrets for my customer. If you don't have anything else then scram and don't disturb my business."


Breaking Dawn Destruction frowned, "You really are shameless?"

"You are the shameless one!"

Ah Fei was furious and stared at Breaking Dawn Destruction, "When I was doing my job change you tried to spoil it. You could even do such a shameless thing. Now that your equipment was dropped why are you coming here to shout at me? If you have the ability then find the person that dropped it, why are you finding me? What Breaking Dawn top Assassin, what Breaking Dawn Elder, dogshit. You are just trash!"

"What are you saying!"

Breaking Dawn Destruction's embarrassment turned to rage, "You wait... Unless you don't head out of Linchen County for your entire life, if not you should just stay in the safety zone forever!"

Ah Fei's gaze was cold, "I am a production type player, I can just sit here and earn money. If I want to head to other cities I can just teleport so why should I walk out of the city?"


Breaking Dawn Destruction was speechless.

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