Chapter 113- Scum
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Zhan Yue Chapter 113- Scum

Late at night, 10pm.


Annihilation flashed and killed the Nine Fallen Bird for the ninth time. Right when I collected it, I raised my head and noticed that there were skills flashing in the distance. I frowned. Apart from me, there were players who could kill these type of level 50 purple monsters? So amazing!

Walk over to take a look to confirm whether it was a friend or foe!


White Cloak!

The white cape behind my back flashed and I entered forced stealth state. I turned into a spectre in the wind and followed a small path to near to the silver almond trees ahead.

From afar I saw that the land was empty and a bunch of people were fighting one Nine Fallen Bird. Moreover they were all familiar people, each one of them had the mark "Dawn", they were people from Breaking Dawn! Moreover, in the crowd, both Breaking Dawn Dust and Breaking Dawn Destruction were here. Breaking Dawn Dust was in charge of tanking while Breaking Dawn Destruction was in charge of the damage. Apart from that, there were eight other players which formed a 10 men party.

No wonder they had strength to kill Nine Fallen Birds, so they were the main force Breaking Dawn!


Breaking Dawn Destruction used Backstab and Gouge while smiling, "They revive eight times in a row, this Nine Fallen Bird is such a great leveling tool! Let's form a few parties to head over to train!"

"Don't get too ahead of ourselves!"

Breaking Dawn Dust slashed while forming the Ash Fortress, "Nine Fallen Bird are Precious Grade monsters and have really high attack. Normal squads won't be able to kill them. Yang Zi heal me, my health already dropped to below 70%, I don't feel safe at all okay?"


The level 43 Priest laughed out loud, "Boss Dust don't panic, health is coming!"

He raised his staff and streaks of healing light landed. In a blink of an eye his health recovered to above 90%. The remaining people used their spells and arrows to kill the monsters quickly. After the Nine Fallen Bird revived, in less than five seconds it fell again. Their speed was twice as fast as mine!

But their leveling was about to end.

My gaze turned cold. Last time Breaking Dawn Destruction spoilt Ah Fei's job change and this was a debt that was eternal. Breaking Dawn treated us so badly and that is an insult to the weak. I hated their attitude. Since the gautlet had been set, I was going to have a good game with them!


"Sha sha..."

Right when Breaking Dawn were having fun, had already got close. Snow Moon slashed Breaking Dawn Dust's throat with Annihilation and instantly the White Cloak+Annihilation damage numbers flew up--


He was killed instantly. When Annihilation crit, no one could block it!


Breaking Dawn Destruction body shook and he watched as Breaking Dawn Dust was insta killed but there was nothing he could do. I brushed past his corpse and got close to their ranged players, activating Hunter's Edge!

"Pu pu pu~~"

Three consecutive strikes sent the Mage with Element Shield and the two Archers down to low health. At the same time the dagger swept and took away a bit of the Priest's health.


The Priest retreated but it was too late. I activated Dark Shadow Jump and turned into a cold light which smashed into his body. While I insta killed him, Dark Shadow Jump went off cooldown and was usable once more. At that instance, a cold breeze struck from behind me from Breaking Dawn Destruction!

"Die you jerk!"

He shouted out loud. His daggers were covered in flames as he attacked me.

I retreated and looked at him coldly. I raised my right hand and a golden colored glow surged from my five fingers. The power caused the space to twist and for the scenes around to fold. There were the sounds of dragons in the sky as my Dragon Will smashed onto Breaking Dawn Destruction's body. Not only did I insta kill him, I also took down most of the health of the Warrior behind him!

"Not good!"

Warrior held a shining sword,

he had charged Double Hit but he had no chance to use it. He retreated but how was he going to flee?


Dark Shadow Jump was used once more in the forest as a blue storm smashed the Warrior's body. Right at that moment, the remaining few people were shocked. One of the low health Mages trembled, "Damn... It is the system Boss, how did he appear in Silver Almond Forest?"

"Why are you thinking so much, flee, we can't fight him!"

The Archer tried to flee but I didn't give him the chance too. I used Dark Shadow Jump to get close and insta kill him while my daggers slashed+ Backstab+ Basic attack to kill one Fighter. I then used Dark Shadow Jump on another target and killed the person beside him too. Then I used two Dark Shadow Jumps to end the battle.

This battle was short and sweat and from the start, Breaking Dawn people couldn't even fight back at all. From the start Breaking Dawn Dust was wiped out and then I used Hunter's Edge to damage their three ranged players. I killed the Priest right away too so that the low health people couldn't get healed. I was able to use Dark Shadow Jump easily too. My strategy was simple and Breaking Dawn Destruction and the others were in a mess too with no strategy. It was expected that they were going to get wiped.


Clear up the battlefield.

On the ground was a level 35 Super Rare armor that Breaking Dawn Dust dropped. There was also a Mage bracers, level 39 Super Rare equipment, both of which could be sold for some money. The rest were useless items. There were also 40+ bird bones. It seemed like they had been training on the other side of Silver Almond Forest for a long time.

I took it all!

Not only could I hurt Breaking Dawn, I also sped up my material collection speed. My mood felt so much better all of a sudden.


After clearing the battlefield, I entered White Cloak state and left the area. I passed two patches of forests before continuing to train.

"Ah Li?"

On the outside, Ah Fei's voice sounded out, "You are in Silver Almond Forest?"

"Right, did Breaking Dawn say it?"


He said seriously, "They are gathering people on the east gate and telling other guilds to hunt you down. They even invited Elements."

"In the end?"

"No one bothered about them." He laughed, "Feng Canghai said that since you weren't a real Boss and just an NPC, Elements wasn't interested. The other guilds basically said the same. With no rewards, who would be willing to do such a thing!"

"So Breaking Dawn is the only one, great."

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Ah Fei smiled, "Moreover Silver Almond Forest's monster levels are too high so not everyone from Breaking Dawn can go. At most there are just a hundred of them. If you are careful you should be fine."

"I understand."


I continued to level at a corner of Silver Almond Forest, turning Nine Fallen Birds into experience and contribution points. I didn't find Breaking Dawn people and they were lazy to find me too. All of a sudden it became really peaceful and there was nothing going on in Silver Almond Forest.

Late at night, 12:30.


Ah Fei's furious voice spread out in the hall, "Ah Fei guess what happened?"



He was furious, "A minute ago someone from Breaking Dawn got a purple equipment in Silver Almond Forest. I heard that they killed a Precious Grade monster and it actually dropped a level 47 purple dagger Lord Slayer! Damn!"

"Lord Slayer? Purple equipment?

My head buzzed and went blank. I said, "Who took it?"

"Breaking Dawn Destruction!"

He gritted his teeth, "He was the one who posted on the forums and said that it was the top purple dagger in game. Damn, so infuriating, how is such a trash person so lucky?"


I was silent.

"Ah Li, why not you say your thoughts?"

"Your head, continue to level."

"Haiz, it is so infuriating..."


I said that I would continue to level but I didn't. I entered White Cloak state and started to search the forest. Based on what I knew on Illusionary Moon's rules and system, equipment that was just gotten had a high chance of dropping in the first hour. Moreover, Breaking Dawn Destruction wasn't high level enough so the dagger was definitely in his bag. So the chance of it dropping was even higher.

In the end, I was gambling on how greedy he was. After all it was the first Purple equipment. He might not return back to the city and would use their numbers advantage to try to get another. Then he could get a pair of them and at such a stage he would sweep everyone.

"Peng peng peng!"

Ahead, skill sounds exploded. A bunch of Breaking Dawn members surrounded a Nine Fallen Bird. There were 20 of them but they were led by Breaking Dawn Ash and Breaking Dawn Fate. Breaking Dawn Destruction was nowhere to be seen. I didn't bother about them and continued to search for Breaking Dawn Destruction.

After strolling for 30 minutes I still didn't see him and was a little anxious.

I opened the forums and as expected his post was at the top. I saw a purple dagger screenshot and then the proud Breaking Dawn Destruction as well as his followers. Those people were saying stuff like "Breaking Dawn Destruction can probbaly challenge for the top Assassin in the server with this dagger?", "Congratulations Breaking Dawn Destruction" etc.

Of course there were others. There was an Assassin known as Yun Jian that replied, "A dagger is not enough for a grandmaster level player to become a king right? You are thinking too much."

This Yun Jian was actually Elements's top Assassin and was one of the famous people in the server.

All of a sudden, Breaking Dawn Destruction was unhappy and replied, "Brother Yun why are you unhappy? I didn't say that the Lord Slayer can do much to me but in two days my damage will be far above you, hahaha~ Moreover if we are fighting one on one, do you think you are my match?"

Yun Jian replied, "Breaking Dawn Destruction don't be a scum. Truthfully, in terms of Assassins, you might not even be in the top ten."

Breaking Dawn Destruction was furious and replied, "Elements' top Assassin is a coward, why does your eyes seem so red today? Go to the hospital for some eyedrops, it would be bad if it gets infected, hahaha~~"

Yun Jian, "Scum intoxicated by success, let's wait and see!"

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