Chapter 112- Nine Fallen Birds
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Zhan Yue Chapter 112- Nine Fallen Birds


I successfully logged on. Tonight was definitely a night for grinding.

Wind Cloud Platform.

I stood proudly on the platform and looked towards the sky, "Master are you there?"


Ding Heng's body appeared. Although it was just a spiritual body but it was no different from the main one. He smiled, "Little fellow why are you looking for me?"


I nodded, "I badly need Nine Fallen Bird Bone and Seven Star Soul Leaving Grass but I don't know where I can get them. Does Master know about them?"

"As for this..."

He rubbed his beard and smiled, "Seven Star Soul Leaving Grass is a rare herb and is places with strong spiritual energy. As for Nine Fallen Bird Bone, I heard that these birds appear near to Linchen County's forests. You can head over to take a look."

"Okay, thank you Master!"



"Linchen County..."

After leaving Wind Cloud Platform, I spent on my effort on materials. After opening the forums, I searched it for Nine Fallen Bird. After a few seconds, I found a thread--

<Search> damn! Silver Almond Forest is too terrifying, I was careless to walk in. There were Yellow Mantis on the ground and a bird called Nine Fallen Bird in the sky that nearly insta killed me! Poster- Guide to Hell.


This was a post buy a level 44 player. His level was considerably high in Linchen County and was still a Warrior but was still nearly insta killed. It seemed like this map wasn't simple, but.. Because it was not simple, so that showed why level 3 spiritual inks were precious. I didn't think anymore, buying some potions and teleporting over.


I turned into a red light that appeared on the ancient teleportation formation. The moment I appeared I entered White Cloak mode and summoned the system elf. Right away, the beautiful and petite elf flew out. She looked at me and smiled, "Master, why did you summon Little Shu?"

I asked right away, "Little Shu, do you know the coordinates of Silver Almond Forest?"

"I know, but I can't tell Master."

She smiled, "That goes against the rules, but... Little Shu can't tell you the exact coordinates but I can reveal it to you. Silver Almond Forest is in the north of Cangnan Mountain Range."

"Cangnan Mountain Range?"

I opened the map and found it. A snaking mountain range to the south of Linchen County. As for the north of the mountain range, most of it was a mountainous region but only a small piece was a forest. I locked onto it and walked over. I waved and smiled, "Thank you Little Shu, I found it!"

"Master you are too polite!"

She turned into a white light and flew into my chest before disappearing.


I went around Linchen County and along the way, I could see Linchen County players all around. This county had players from Suzhou, Jiangnan and Anwei. Many monsters would be taken down right after they were formed. Leveling resources were sparce and many people needed to kill monsters to level.

Of course, due to the levels, level 45+ monster regions weren't fully occupied so my trip wasn't too much of a problem.

I passed through many forests, streams, grassland and roughly 30 minutes later I came to the specified coordinates. Right ahead of me was Silver Almond Forest. The silver almond leaves were yellow and there was a thick layer on the ground which dyed it all gold. I saw many golden yellow bodies at the edge.

Yellow Mantis, insect type monsters, level 48, Super Rare Grade, an insect that was transformed by magic. their blades were extremely sharp.

They collected the leaves in the forest as food and chewed happily.

There was no point in killing these monsters and was a little waste of time.

I carefully moved past the bunch of them and tried to be at least 5 yards away. I entered right into the forest and inside, it was much wider and spacious. Silver Almond trees were spread out and between them were bushes and grassland.

"Chirp chirp~~"

When I was walking, there were sharp chirps above me. I raised my head and saw a dark green bird flapping its wings. This was the Nine Fallen Bird that Master mentioned. When I was ten yards away, its stats appeared in front of me--

Nine Fallen Bird (Precious Grade Monster)

Level: 50

Attack: 1000-1350

Defence: 1000

Health: 15000

Skills: Flame Beak, Frost Claw, Revive

Introduction: Nine Fallen Bird, a bird that lives between the mountains and the forests. It is said to be one of the branches of the phoenix but its bloodline was too tainted and its strength is far weaker than its ancestor. It is a slightly stronger bird race. But these Nine Fallen Birds have some bloodline specialties such that after being killed, they could revive in a short time.


"Can revive?"

I was slightly stunned but it didn't matter. If it dared to revive then I would kill it again. Although Nine Fallen Birds were rare purple monsters but their stats were far from mine. They were great for levelling!


Search Hosted Novel for the original.

My body flashed forwards and before Nine Fallen Bird flew up, I activated White Cloak+ Annihilation!


Critical Strike, ten times true damage, it actually insta killed a level 50 Nine Fallen Bird!


Battle notification: Congratulations for killing Nine Fallen Bird, experience +12000, contribution points +200!


It actually gave contribution points? In that instance, I was delighted.

But although the Nine Fallen Bird fell to the ground but it didn't drop anything. Instead, ancient runes appeared from it and its body was instantly covered in flames. It flapped and flew into the air with full health. It revived from its ashes!


Basic attack+ Gouge+ Basic attack + Backstab+ basic attack. Under these five attacks, Nine Fallen Bird's healthbar was removed again. It chirped and its sharp claws were covered in a layer of frost. It slapped onto my shoulder and instantly my shoulder felt numb. I lost 1200+ health but it wasn't a big issue.

Hunter's Edge!

Nine Fallen Bird died again and gave me experience and contribution points again. Its body was swallowed by flames and an image of a phoenix spreading its wings appeared above it. It revived once more!


I beat it up once more. I killed the Nine Fallen Bird for the third time but it revived once more. It was as if it couldn't be killed.

At this point, I had an idea. Nine Fallen Bird, it probably had to be killed nine times to be fully killed. Its name already gave an answer so there was no point in guessing.

I slashed it wit my dagger and the moment its healthbar emptied, I used Dark Shadow Jump. I turned into a light blue light and jumped onto it, successfully killing it. Moreover the familiarity level jumped. Right, I had to slowly train up the skill.

Thus, I used Dark Shadow Jump every 6 seconds to try to level while raising the skill familiarity.

Just like that, I killed it nine times. The instance where the Nine Fallen Bird was slain nine times, it cried and its body exploded!

"Pa ta~~"

Dozens of silver along with a golden bird bone and a light blue armor. The first Nine Fallen Bird actually dropped an equipment?

I couldn't help but laugh out loud as I picked the bone and silver up and then the armor. It was a heavy armor, level 47 Rare equipment. Currently it wasn't worth much but since it was of a higher level so it might be of some value. I didn't think much and just tossed it into my bag.

I continued to search for more. Actually, I had high single damage while Nine Fallen Bird could revive quickly. They were best for me to gain experience. One Nine Fallen Bird could be killed in less than a minute and I gained 108000 experience and 1800 contribution points. Moreover it could drop spiritual ink and equipment so training here was a huge win!

Not long later, I found a second Nine Fallen Bird and happily started to kill it.


Time passed really quickly and it was nine. I had spent 2 hours here and along with one Nine Fallen Bird being slain, a golden light descended from above. This Nine Fallen Bird spread its wings and dropped a bird bone. It also dropped a round leather hat.

It looked like leather!

My eyes lit up and when I reached out, its stats appeared--

Fallen Helmet (Super Rare)

Type: Leather Armor

Defence: 100

Agility: +60

Stamina: +48

Effect: Accuracy, Precision +8%

Effect: Toughness, increase user's Health by 900

Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 9%

Bonus: Raise user's Defence by 8%

Required level: 47


Double bonus!

It added both precision and Health. It was obvious that this dark blue leather helmet was a top item. It also added Agility, this was the top Super Rare equipment!

Not bad not bad, only that its level was a bit high and I was a level away. I wasn't in a rush so I tossed it into my bag. Its stats were far better than the Elf Helmet that I was wearing now.

Right when I collected the Fallen Helmet, I glanced at my bag. I had 120 Nine Fallen Bird Bone. If I did this until I logged off, I could get 500 of them!

I continued. Nine Fallen Bird was a Precious Grade monster and had a small chance to drop purple equipment. What if I was lucky and got one or two, that was indeed possible.

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