Chapter 111- We want hotpot
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Zhan Yue Chapter 111- We want hotpot

"En, here are my three pieces of equipment."

Follow Heart passed her cape, staff and robe to Ah Fei and smiled carefully, "Thank you~~"

"There is no need to!"

Ah Fei's gaze landed on her chest and bum before reluctantly retracting it and starting to inscribe for her.

I observed Follow Heart and realised that she was the most gentle person in With You. Although she looked like a girl from next door but her body was the best. Under her robe, the buttons on her chest were unreasonably forced open. Her waist could easily be wrapped around by one's arms and her legs were really long. She was so beautiful. Lin Xi and Bright Moon were Cs and Follow Heart was really close to a D!


Not long later, Ah Fei passed the three completed Mage gears to Follow Heart. It was only then when Bright Moon and Follow Heart left Great Sage Hall. Ah Fei sighed, "This studio is like heaven, if only we could enter..."

I smiled lazily, "What do you want?"

He laughed out loud and hugged my shoulder, "I am a good brother, if we can settle them, Lin Xi is mine, the others... Forget it, Bright Moon has a good body. She is mine too. As for Follow Heart... Damn, she is so cute, she is mine too. The studio is yours, the three beauties are mine. How about that?"

I glanced at him, "Dogshit..."

"You just said that the three beauties are shit?"

"No, I didn't that, I just said that you are a dog!"

I opened my hand and said, "Stop talking about those useless things, just hand the skill book over."

"Okay okay."

Right away, the Trading interface was opened up and Ah Fei passed a shining gold skill book, "En, don't thank me too much!"

"Thank you for nothing..."

I laughed, "Okay, I am heading back now."

"En! Remember to get level 3 spiritual ink ingredients. I have sent them over to you. Let's try to reach level 4 and keep up with players' equipment!"

"Understood, leave it to me."



I was covered in the bright light of the City Return Scroll as I returned to Black Castle. I frowned. Ah Fei was right, the inscription technique had to keep up with players' equipment levels. Based on the system rules, the level 3 inscription technique could at most be used on level 30+ equipment. Level 4 for 40+ ones. Current main players were getting closer to 40+ so level 4 inscription technique was badly needed and could increase our profits.

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I sucked in a deep breath and opened the recipe for the ink--

Fallen Spirit Ink (Lv-3): Moon Spirit Dust, Nine Fallen Bird Bone, Golden Leaf Sandalwood, Seven Star Soul Leaving Grass


The name sounded really amazing. Forget it, let's see if Precious Treasure Pavilion had any.

"Eh, Little Brother July Wildfire is here again~~"

A beautiful attendant walked forwards and hugged my arm, rubbing back and forth on my chest. I had seen such tricks many times. Precious Treasure Pavilion was just a business center and they basically had a few techniques to trick customers. After I had exchanged for the Inscriber Job Change certificate I was already a VIP and was treated really well.

"I won't fall for that!"

I lowered my head and looked at her chest before quickly rubbing off the blood on my nose.


I game to a VIP zone and sat down on a redwood chair. I shared the Fallen Spirit Ink ingredients to her and smiled, "Does Precious Treasure Pavilion have these?"

Her eyes glanced across the data and smiled, "Currently we only have two of the items you want, I will show them to you now."

She reached out and the two materials and their prices appeared in front of me--

Moon Spirit Dust: A super rare ingredient,

It is ground down from the essence of moon spirit stone, 1000 contribution points needed.

Golden Leaf Sandalwood: Grass that is grown in desolate regions, 1500 contribution points needed.


Temporarily these were the only two available and the contribution points needed exceeded that of the level 2 ingredients. I thought about it and decided to buy it. I bought 400 Moon Spirit Dust and spent 400 thousand contribution points. I also bought 400 Golden Leaf Sandalwood and spent 600 thousand. All of a sudden my contribution points went from 1.02 million to only 20 thousand.

En, I sent them to Ah Fei, and then I had to think of how to get the remaining two.

I teleported to Linchen County.

On the east square, after trading with Ah Fei, he stored them in storage before turning around, "It is about dinner time, what should we eat?"

"Lin Xi is heading for hotpot, should we get hotpot too?" I smiled, "Haidilao is good, the nearest one is just 5 kilometers away, it will take less than ten minutes."


He grinned, "Why, they are eating hotpot so you want to eat hotpot too? Ah Li, have you fallen for Lin Xi? Do you want to bump into her in Suzhou? I heard... With You is also in Suzhou~~"

"No, how can I be such a person?"

"If not for her, I wouldn't have been taken down by Elements."

"Scoff, if not for her you wouldn't have gotten Dark Shadow Jump!"

"Hahaha, that makes sense. Anyways she is still against us and is still our enemy okay? At least in terms of interests, we are conflicting. She will still hunt us down in the next Wind Cloud Platform trial. The reason is that I haven't eaten hotpot for a long time."

"Okay, you get the number, and then we shall head out?"



I didn't even have time to level up. After returning to Black Castle, I learned Dark Shadow Jump which was in my bag and instantly, the skill details appeared in my skill column--

Dark Shadow Jump Lv-1 (SS): Activate the power of darkness and jump 40 yards to the target and deal 160% damage to him. If the target dies, the cooldown immediately resets. If the target doesn't die, the cooldown is 6 seconds. 

As compared to the one in Wind Cloud Platform, the damage was lowered and it only dealt 160% instead of 200%. But that was okay, once the skill level increased the damage would increase also. Over at Ah Fei, my Azure Wave Ring provided 150 Attack so my damage numbers were made up. Even with Lvl-1 Dark Shadow Jump, I could still instakill squishies in the Wind Cloud Platform trial.

Forget it, I shall bother about it after dinner. It was best that I could collect equipment while leveling Dark Shadow Jump. Currently, my skills were all above level 4 and were a little away from level 5. Illusionary Moon's specialty was that one needed to be very familiar to level up skills and it took a longer time the later the game went on. Many players definitely had to "burn skills" to level them up.

Go downstairs for dinner!




After Ah Fei clicked on the key, his Audi which was already covered in a layer of dust lit up. When I reached for the door, I left a clear thumbprint and was speechless, "How long haven't you washed this?"

"Damn, you have shame to say that to me?"

After he got up, he grumbled, "Isn't it because of us? Since we entered Illusionary Moon, I have not headed out to get chicks so naturally, I haven't touched the car, haiz..."

He reached towards the steering wheel and looked like he was in pain, "The weapon I used to get chicks is now collecting dust, this really makes no sense!"

I put on my seatbelt lazily, "This Audi is a good weapon to get chicks?"


He turned on the car and glanced at me, "If you were a brother you should give me one of the cars in that garage you keep bragging about!"


I grinned, "Firstly I have fought with my dad so I won't go home so of course, I can't touch those cars. Secondly, I think that cars are a sign of strength so it is better you earn one with your hands."

"So did you get your car by yourself?"

"No, my dad and sister gave it to me for my birthday."

"Damn! ! !"

"Hahaha, drive. I want to eat Haidilao!"

"Go, you should die from all the food! Anyways we have been earning so much!"



Ah Fei had gotten a number in advance and we didn't have to queue for long. The two of us ordered a bunch of things like hungry ghosts. I didn't like many things, I just loved prawn paste, bamboo shoot tip and luncheon meat while Ah Fei loved meat. He ordered beef, lamb and many others. We also got one fried rice and started our fight.

When we were half full, Ah Fei looked around while eating.

"What are you looking at?"

I burped and smiled, "Did you really think that you would see With You here?"

"Men should have dreams when we live."

He smiled and lowered his voice, "Don't you want to see whether or not those three beautiful girls were as beautiful in real life? You dare say that you were not tempted at all?"

"No, I am a monk."

"You really are shameless~~"

"Hahaha, the egg fried rice is delicious. Eat more, if not you will get full from the meat."

"Okay, give me some."

In the end, we ate for 1.5 hours and through the process, customers came and went but we didn't see anyone from With You. How would things be so coincidental in real life?

After eating to our fill, Ah Fei drove his old Audi and returned back.

We lazily laid on the sofa, eating apples and drinking before preparing to head online.

"Time to go online, I am going to find the materials."

I placed down the can and glanced at Ah Fei like I was looking at my son.

"Damn, why are you looking at me like that?" 

I laughed, "Nothing, let's go online!"

Continue to work hard. My Inscriber raising plan was in progress and it did feel like I was raising a kid.

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