Chapter 111- We want hotpot
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Zhan Yue Chapter 111- We want hotpot

"En, here are my three pieces of equipment."

Follow Heart passed her cape, staff and robe to Ah Fei and smiled carefully, "Thank you~~"

"There is no need to!"

Ah Fei's gaze landed on her chest and bum before reluctantly retracting it and starting to inscribe for her.

I observed Follow Heart and realised that she was the most gentle person in With You. Although she looked like a girl from next door but her body was the best. Under her robe, the buttons on her chest were unreasonably forced open. Her waist could easily be wrapped around by one's arms and her legs were really long. She was so beautiful. Lin Xi and Bright Moon were Cs and Follow Heart was really close to a D!


Not long later, Ah Fei passed the three completed Mage gears to Follow Heart. It was only then when Bright Moon and Follow Heart left Great Sage Hall. Ah Fei sighed, "This studio is like heaven, if only we could enter..."

I smiled lazily, "What do you want?"

He laughed out loud and hugged my shoulder, "I am a good brother, if we can settle them, Lin Xi is mine, the others... Forget it, Bright Moon has a good body. She is mine too. As for Follow Heart... Damn, she is so cute, she is mine too. The studio is yours, the three beauties are mine. How about that?"

I glanced at him, "Dogshit..."

"You just said that the three beauties are shit?"

"No, I didn't that, I just said that you are a dog!"

I opened my hand and said, "Stop talking about those useless things, just hand the skill book over."

"Okay okay."

Right away, the Trading interface was opened up and Ah Fei passed a shining gold skill book, "En, don't thank me too much!"

"Thank you for nothing..."

I laughed, "Okay, I am heading back now."

"En! Remember to get level 3 spiritual ink ingredients. I have sent them over to you. Let's try to reach level 4 and keep up with players' equipment!"

"Understood, leave it to me."



I was covered in the bright light of the City Return Scroll as I returned to Black Castle. I frowned. Ah Fei was right, the inscription technique had to keep up with players' equipment l

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