Chapter 110- Really sour
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Zhan Yue Chapter 110- Really sour

"Then can we test the goods now?"

Bright Moon smiled, "Inscriber, help me inscribe my three Super Rare equipment first?"


Ah Fei grinned, "How can I do that. Are you trying to con me?"


Bright Moon smiled, "Are you worried that I would go offline with the three pieces of equipment? I am the one worried that you run away with mine! No matter what, we are With You, will we scam you of a few inscriptions?"

"But..." Ah Fei wanted to argue.

I coughed and said from the outside world, "Ah Fei just do it for her. She won't lie to us, let's show them some sincerity."

Ah Fei coughed too, "Damn, it seems like this Dark Shadow Jump is really important to you if not you definitely won't speak for them."

"I told you that this is a god technique, it will change everything and its importance is no lower than Stealth."

"So that is the case, I understand."

Ah Fei raised his hand and a bright smile appeared on his face, "Beautiful Bright Moon, take out your equipment. I have decided to do the inscriptions first to show my sincerity."


Bright Moon smiled and took off her bow before passing it to Ah Fei. Her eyes were filled with wariness.

"Just one?"

Ah Fei didn't know whether to laugh or cry, "You really think that I am going to run?"

"It is better to be careful."


Ah Fei took out his seal brush and touched some silver-colored ink before starting to inscribe on the bow. His movement was really exquisite and I didn't even know how he managed to control it but I could see that his skills were far above a few days ago. Once this fellow focused, he would definitely be good at anything.

Not long later, with a "shua", a silver light shot up from her bow and reflected down onto the inscriptions on the bow before disappearing. Ah Fei's bow was covered in a light silver glow, that was the effect of level 3 inscription.

"Success, take it."

In the next second, Bright Moon held her bow and her eyes opened wide, "Oh my god, 120 Attack, that exceeds the bow's attack itself, this... It is too much?"

Ah Fei slapped his chest and smiled confidently, "Of course, if not did you think Inscribers did nothing?"

I dissed, "Scoff, I got the job change for you and helped you complete it but in the end, you are the only one acting cool..."


Ah Fei smiled in the outside world, "Next time, next time. Once your identity is exposed, you will be the advertiser of my job. You will be in charge of all diplomacy and marketing and you can act cool all you want. Let me act cool this time, after all this girl... She is so good, I like her..."

I was speechless. When I raised my head and looked at Bright Moon, she was indeed really beautiful. Her leather armor wrapped around her body and she looked really beautiful. She was like a whirlpool, guys that saw her couldn't help but fall right in, unable to look away. Girls with such looks and body shapes were really attractive to guys. Such that the moment she walked into Great Sage Hall, none of the production job players looked away from her.

That could really give rise to many misunderstandings!

Not long later, the three pieces of equipment were all done. Ah Fei smiled, "Okay, I have already done up your three pieces of equipment. If you go offline now, this is the chance, if not... I want to see Dark Shadow Jump."

"Don't be too anxious!"

Bright Moon crossed her arms and rested on the chair lazily. She smiled, "It will be here right away.



As expected, in less than five minutes, a really beautiful figure appeared in Great Sage Hall. Lin Xi was here!

Her body was covered by a silver cape and on it were many exquisite gold flower patterns. As she walked, her figure was on full display. Her snow-white legs wearing a pair of flame-wrapped war boots. The bit of her stomach that was revealed was all white and totally flat, above it was two peaks wrapped in silver armor. Although one could only take a glance, it was enough to make one impressed and for one to be star struck.

Her mantle was removed and her dense hair landed on her shoulders like that of a waterfall. Her doll-like face just appeared in front of everyone. Her eyes were like gems, her nose was like jade and her lips were like a flower. She was so beautiful, like a fairy that descended from above. Moreover, this was the first time I saw her face so carefully and I finally understood what everyone was talking about. Her looks were enough to top the entire country.

"Damn, Lin Xi..."

"Right, look quickly, is it Lin Xi!"

"So beautiful... Screenshot quick. Damn, how did I screenshot myself in the same picture as Lin Xi?"


A teen that was making potions exclaimed, "We can only look. Girls like Lin Xi are not prepared by the heavens for us. I heard that she has been really close to Feng Canghai. Both of them are top picks to be the strongest players, probably only geniuses like Feng Canghai are good enough for her. As for us... we can only look."

"It really makes me feel sour..."

I retracted my gaze and felt my heart buzz. I only heard people talk about her before but I had personally witnessed her looks now. I tried my best to control myself. People who were easily charmed weren't good people, I even dissed the other brothers who were producing items.

In the end, the other people laughed awkwardly. They didn't say anything and just lowered their heads to work. Some stared at Lin Xi while some started to act cool. They produced two potions at once or tried to craft two bows together in hopes of attracting her attention. They were like male chickens in the mating season trying to attract the female's attention.

But Lin Xi didn't even bother about them. She just walked in front of Ah Fei and Bright Moon. Her eyes stared right at Ah Fei and smiled, "As expected, it is you..."


Probably Ah Fei's goosebumps were standing on their ends. He was stunned for a few seconds before smiling awkwardly, "Hello Lin Xi..."


Her lips curled up and smiled, "I am here to deliver the goods, shall we trade? I hope that you can keep your promise."

"Of course, of course!"

Ah Fei nodded.

A few seconds later, the trade was done. Ah Fei laughed towards the outside world, "Done. Dark Shadow Jump is obtained, shall we go offline now? HAHAHHA~~"

"You really have no class..."

I was speechless, "We are people that are going to do big things, help them inscribe their pieces of equipment first."

"En, I will trade it to you later."


On the side, Bright Moon passed the stats of her bow to Lin Xi, "How is it? Are the effects of a level 3 inscription good?"


Lin Xi's mouth opened slightly and her eyes opened wide. She was both pretty and a little cute, "After blue equipments have inscriptions, their stats can be compared to purple equipment. This is... This is too much?"

"Scoff, aren't you taking your level 45 sword off to inscribe?"

"En, okay!"

In the next moment, Lin Xi took off her sword and passed it to Ah Fei. She smiled, "Thank you for your help."

"En, no need."

Ah Fei's voice was trembling. He had the name of "Scum", "Playboy" etc but in front of super beauties like Lin Xi, he was actually shivering. I couldn't help but curse him for being useless.

Not long later, the inscriptions were done.

The moment she got her sword back, she was shocked. Her eyes turned totally round and her red lips opened slightly, "Wa... It added 125 Attack, it is 5 more than yours..."

"Right, right, it might be because your sword had a higher Attack overall." Bright Moon smiled and then looked at Lin Xi's armor, "Come come, let's inscribe the chestplate next. Take it off, let me see whether or not you have developed recently?"

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"You brat, what do you want!"

Lin Xi burst into a laugh and started to fight with Bright Moon. With a "pa ta", she changed into a Rare armor and passed the Super Rare armor over to Ah Fei.

Ah Fei's eyes opened wide. He didn't see anything and was slightly disappointed. He sighed.

I facepalmed. Hopeless, he revealed his true nature just like that!

Not long later, the chest plate inscriptions were completed. Lin Xi also inscribed her flame-wrapped war boots and after Ah Fei completed all three and smiled, "I screenshotted your few equipments, can I use them for my shop? So that customers can look at them and I can attract more people?"

"En, up to you."

Lin Xi smiled, "It is just transition equipment and I would still have to change it anyway."

"En en." Ah Fei nodded his head.

Lin Xi tilted her head and smiled, "Inscriber?"


Ah Fei was shocked, "You... Are calling me?"

"Of course, are there any other Inscribers in the server?"

"Haha, no, what is the matter Lin Xi?"

"In the future..." Lin Xi pursed her lips and said, "In the future With You will need more. After this cooperation, can you give us a discount?"

"Sure sure, in the future for With You, we will give you a 20% discount."

"Okay, thank you!"

Lin Xi stood up and her snow-white legs seemed even longer. She smiled, "I am leaving, I am about to level so I am planning to level before dinner."

"Go quickly." Bright Moon crossed her legs.

Lin Xi bent down and whispered to her buddy, "Ming Xuan why not we eat hotpot with Ruyi tonight?"

"Great, okay go and level up."



Not long later, the third person from With You appeared.

Follow Heart, level 44 Mage, at this current stage she was a first-rate Mage. As compared to level 30+ Mages like Ah Fei, she was so much stronger.

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