Chapter 109- A huge deal
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Zhan Yue Chapter 109- A huge deal


Assault which came from Elements's level 43 Paladin!

I retreated and side stepped while using Hunter's Edge towards the incoming Lin Xi.


Lin Xi's reaction was really quick. The moment Hunter's Edge was used she dodged the first strike but was hit with the second and third ones. There were two marks on her dark blue armor and her health dropped by 71%.

In terms of stats, I fully surpressed them.

However, right at that moment, the level 43 Paladin that I dind't care about stunned me. Feng Canghai's eyes lit up and he laughed, "Priests heal, add health to Lin Songyan and Lin Xi. Heavy armored players pushed forawrds and keep this Boss here!"

All of a sudden, I was being focused on!

"Pi pi papa", my body shook. Bright Moon's Stun Arrow stunned me and then Old Mountain's one attacked and successfully stunned me too. Right when I was about to get out of the stun, Feng Canghai got close and his sword was wrapped up in red light, "Brothers we win this time!"


A golden light flew up and two huge words appeared beside him- Silence Slash!


Right after it hit, all my skills turned dark, it was actually a silencing skill? ! Moreover, it was actually 5 seconds long!


At this moment, I felt the treat of death. Was I going to lose? !

I didn't even have time to think at all. I couldn't move at all and my health just fell like that, from 100% to 4%. I tried to use White Cloak and Dark Shadow Jump but the silence effect was still there. Moreover, Elements's top players were too strong.

Finally, right when my Health reached 1%, Silence Slash disappeared and I used Dark Shadow Jump!

I had locked on and a short channel begun!

However, at that blink of an eye, a golden light shone behind me!

Combo- Gale!

Under its strike, the skill channel was interrupted and entered a 6 second cooldown. Finished, I had no time to use White Cloak. The quick attacks of Combo could be heard and I was insta killed. My body disappeared. Lin Xi passed me and her face was filled with excitement, "I finally killed him? Great..."


My body exploded. As a boss, I exploded!

There was a bunch of equipment. Fortunately there were no purple ones, just a bunch of blue ones!



In the items, there was a book, on it were the words- Dark Shadow Jump!

Dark Shadow Jump actually dropped?



My soul flew back to Wind Cloud Platform and Master Ding Heng appeaered. "Little fellow you have completed the trial and gave those adventurers a fatal blow. Not bad, as expected from my disciple!"

I was a little awkward, "Master, I was killed this time."

"That is okay, winning and losing is normal, this is just a trial. What it trains is your will. As for victory, it is not so important!"

"Master is..."

I then said towards Ah Fei, "Ah Fei, this is not good!"

"Why, I heard that you were killed by Elements, is that true?"

"It is true.

I was a little speechless, "You might not believe it but I was just hit by one Assault and was stunned for 10 seconds with my 30 thousand health being cleared out."

"Damn... Are Elements so strong? We really can't offend them... Can't..." He repeated.

I smiled, "The key is that there is another problem. Didn't I tell you just now? There is a new Assassin skill called Dark Shadow Jump. I wanted you to get it but when I died, it really did drop. I am worried it won't appear again which would mean that I missed out on it."


Ah Fei took in a deep breath, "Who did it fall to?"

"I don't know, the person who killed me was Lin Xi."


He said seriously, "Why not I private message Bright Moon and tell Lin Xi to get it. Then we will give conditions to exchange for it."

"That is an SS skill, it won't be so easy, we would have to pay a huge price..."

"I know."

Ah Fei smiled, "I am preparing to promise Bright Moon to give them three level 3 inscription equipments each. We will pay the materials and help them for free. The only request is for them to give us Dark Shadow Jump."

My eyes lit up, "Why didn't I think about that... But it won't be so easy. Such a skillbook is priceless now."

"Don't worry, hand this to me."

He smiled confidnetly, "I told you to focus on fighting and I will focus on support. If I don't get this Dark Shadow Jump, I won't be able to say that I am your brother!"

"Okay I will leave it to you and wait for your news!"

"You can just come to Linchen County. My inscription skill is already level 3, I will help your strong equipment write inscriptions later."



I glanced and my contribution points were at a million. This meant that I got 300 thousand contribution points this time. But I wasn't ina rush. Ah Fei had reached level 3 inscription skill so I needed to help him get materials. To our small party, each contribution point is a treasure!


Linchen County, there had just been a rain outside the city and the fragrance of the earth was in the air which made one feel relaxed. In terms of scenary, human territory was much better than Black Castle. Although Black Castle didn't lack places with strong spiritual energy, but it still couldn't be compared to this.

After turning into my human character, I held my inscribed wooden sword and walked into the city. There were many people standing in front of Ah Fei's stall but he wasn't free to botehr with them. He just carved equipment after equipment. I traded with him from at least 5 yards away, handing my Heaven Thief Chestplate and Azure Wave Ring to him.


He smiled, "If we weren't brothers, I really want to go offline with these, hahaha~~~"

"Have some shame, go offline just for two purple? You are the only inscriber in game, you don't lack the money. Go work."

"En, okay."

He immediately lowered his head to write inscriptions and in a few minutes, he passed the Heaven Thief Chestplate to me. Instantly, one more inscription appeared on it-

Inscription: Magic Resistance +80%


It added Magic Resistance? I laughed. Not bad, with this, those Mages and Enchanters won't be so painful!

Shortly after, Azure Wave Ring was traded too and this time the stats were even more shocking-

Inscription: Attack +150


150 Attack, what kind of concept was that? ! As expected from level 3 inscriptions, level 2 only added 80, this was a whole new level!

"How is it, does it feel good? !" Ah Fei smiled in delight.

"Ya yea..."

I nodded my head, "Right, how did you get the level 3 equipment?"

"My Master gave me a portion, the other was rewarded by the system when I reached level 3 Inscription technique." He laughed, "These are enough for me to craft 10 of them. As for the rest, I probably have to rely on you."

"En, what about Lin Xi's side?"

"I have contacted Bright Moon to discuss in Great Sage Hall, do you want to listen in?"

"Sure, then you head over first. Southeast corner of Great Sage Hall."



Great Sage Hall, southeast corner, there weren't any combat players. On the chair, there were over ten crafting players. Some were rubbing the glow in their hands, turning herbs into potions. Some were hitting armor. They were all crafting jobs and collector type players.

Thus, I too walked over and sat down. My white equipment did make me look like a collector.

Five minutes later.

Ah Fei's voice spread from outside, "This is the place, let's go."


Not long later, Ah Fei and Bright Moon came to a chair near me and just sat down. One had to say that Bright Moon had a good body. She was tall and her snow legs were in Archer boots. She seemed both beautiful and heroic and she held a dark blue bow in her hands. She smiled, "I didn't expect that the top Inscriber in Linchen County would contact me and even have a request~~"

Ah Fei rubbed his head, "Of course, beautiful Bright Moon is making me embarrassed."

Bright Moon glanced at him and said, "You... You really can inscribe level 3 inscriptions? Or you called me over to flirt?"

"No... No..."

Ah Fei looked like his plans were spoilt and smiled, "I can craft level 3 inscriptions. This is a screenshot, take a look."


Bright Moon's mouth opened wide and her eyes were filled with shock, "Purple ring? Oh my... Who got a purple ring? This... Impossible, who is it?"

Ah Fei touched his nose and smiled, "I am sorry, I need to keep it a secret. I showed you this just to prove that I could draw level 3 inscriptions. As for you... Can you get the Dark Shadow Jump?"

"Of course."

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Bright Moon smiled, "For these 9 level 3 inscriptions, For you gave up on all gains on this deal just for the Dark Shadow Jump. Feng Canghai has already agreed!"

"That's great!"

Ah Fei clapped, "When will you get it?"

"What is the rush, naturally it will be delivered soon."


! !

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