Chapter 108- Fighting Elements
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Zhan Yue Chapter 108- Fighting Elements

I looked into the distance where Feng Canghai, Lin Songyan, Mars River etc stood in a pentagon formation like a boulder. Even if I used Dragon Will I could only kill two of them and would be focused on by the rest. This wasn't a joke. There were also many Elements elites near them so once the sneak attack failed, I might be killed instantly.

En, time to avoid them!

In the next moment, I made a huge decision not to touch Feng Canghai and the others. I should kill their random teams first. No matter what I had to increase my contribution points!

Thus, half a minute later, I started to cause havoc on the left wing of Elements. I used Apprehension and Hunter's Edge etc AOE skills to sweep the crowd. Right when they pounced onto me, Dark Shadow Jump flashed and I teleported away. The left wing's few groups were sent into chaos and they were all passively blocking.

"Shua shua shua~~"

Contribution points bloomed and it filled my heart up with joy. After I fought for nearly two minutes, Feng Canghai appeared with his blade in hand, "Brothers near the boss don't panic. Use AOE skills to cover the land and don't let him go. The main force is arriving right away!"

All of a sudden, skills flew all around me, causing the air around me to rustle. This was the level 40 Mage skill-- Storm. It dealt 150% magic damage in a 6x6 range, the damage wasn't too high but the strength was in AOE. After they used that, I was in an awkward situation. Pretty much each second I would be covered by Storm. 


In the crowd, a dark blue shield flashed and Elements' top Cavalry Lin Songyan led the way and used Assault. Normal people would have been hit but I had been focusing on him. Right when he used Assault, I locked onto a mage in the distance.

Dark Shadow Jump!


My body flew forwards like that of a sharp arrow, leaving a light blue shadow afterimage. I passed through a few Paladin and Warriors and instantly smashed into a Mage. While insta killing him, I activated Blood Drawing Blade and attacked the bunch of ranged players.


On the side, a level 43 Fighter shouted in rage and charged. He used s spinning kick and instantly a blood colored dragon shaped energy spread from his legs. This was the Fighter's level 40 skill- Dragon Rage! It dealt 150% damage and also knocked back the target ahead. This was a knockup skill and it was the skill which made Fighters change from pure damage to damage and control.

I saw through it and sped up. I sidestepped and dodged the damage range of Dragon Rage and also silently arrived behind him.

"Damn... This is bad!"

This Fighter was someone that added Strength and he had low Agility. He wasn't even able to turn around before I used a basic attack+ Backstab to kill him.


A pair of shiny gloves landed on the ground. Unfortunately, I was not able to pick it up, what a waste!

"Hold the Boss!"

Mars River's voice spread forth, "Charge. Even if you stun him once that is enough already!"

However, why would I give them the chance? The moment Assault was used, I activated Dark Shadow Jump on an Archer 30 yards out. With a "peng", I smashed into him sharply and killed him right away. The Dark Shadow Jump in my skillbar also instantly went off cooldown.

"He is here!"

Elements players shouted out loud. Stun Arrow, Assault, Dragon Rage etc control skills flew towards me.


The rustling of air could be heard as I appeared 28 yards out. Once again I killed a Mage who didn't activate Element Shield.

Maybe he hadn't learnt that skill, anyways he was just instantly killed and Dark Shadow Jump was off cooldown. With Apprehension + Hunter's Edge I killed another huge bunch before using Dark Shadow Jump to change sides!

Just like that, although Feng Canghai and Mars River charged over but they were further and further away from me. Right after, I used Dark Shadow Jump to jump to the edge of the group, I used White Cloak and disappeared into the forest.


Lin Songyan was so furious that he tossed his shield onto the ground. His shoulders rose up and down as he panted. His eyes were about to turn totally red.

I retreated and searched for the next chance to attack.


"How is it, I heard that you have already started to clash with Elements?" Ah Fei asked.


I nodded, "I didn't fight them face first because I didn't have confidence in winning. So I just disturbed them and made them suffer."

"That's good, if we can survive then let's just try not to die."

"En right. Before this Wind Cloud Platform Trial a new Assassin skill dropped. It is really useful and I love it. You still have to level up in the future and then continue our plan until this skill drops."

"Ok, after this period of time I will level."


I frowned and smiled, "When I broke free from Elements, Lin Songyan looked so sad and dejected. What is going on, this person seems to always get tripped up by me."

"Tripped your head..."

Ah Fei was annoyed, "Lin Songyan is in an awkward spot. He is one of their kings but during the last battle with you, not only was he instantly killed, he even dropped the Bloodthirst Spear. Although Elements members returned it, but after that, Feng Canghai was disappointed in Lin Songyan."

"What do you mean? He thinks that Lin Songyan is not worthy?" I was shocked.

"About there."

Ah Fei said, "Especially since Lin Xi brought With You to work with Elements, because Lin Xi also has the word Lin in her ID so many people are spreading rumors that Feng Canghai invited her to Elements to reshape it. After all, be it strength and reputation, Lin Songyan can't be compared to Lin Xi at all. One could say that Lin Songyan is in a dangerous position. It is normal for him to be frustrated now.

I sucked in a deep breath, I totally didn't expect Ah Fei to have such a deep understanding of the situation, "Then do you think Lin Xi would join Elements?" Would Lin Songyan really get replaced?"

"Who knows. Lin Xi's position in the server is on Feng Canghai's level. Not to mention Elements, even Legend and Winds of Battle tried to recruit her but she rejected them. It seems like she doesn't like to join any guild."


I nodded my head, "Who cares, I will continue getting busy."



I looked at the time and there were 40 minutes until the end of Wind Cloud Platform trial. So I had enough time. I sucked in a deep breath and chose to attack Elements's right wing. All of a sudden, flames of war broke out once more. Ten minutes later, I changed directions and attacked from the middle.

Just like that, under my consistent attacks, within half an hour only 600 of their 2000 people remained. Feng Canghai and the others were frustrated. They tried to attack me but I was still full health while they were mostly killed.

"Sha sha..."

Moonlight scattered on the grass and reflected the trees on it. In the distance, Feng Canghai, Lin Songyan, Mars River, Old Mountain and also the beautiful With You Archer Bright Moon formed a pentagon formation. They didn't give up, they were naturally my hunting targets.

I had earned enough Contribution point and now it was time to see if I could challenge high-difficulty players.

I got closer and closer. Feng Canghai first.

This person was the biggest threat to me. He was really strong and his mechanics were at the top of the server.


White Cloak+Annihilation, wipe him out first!

Along with the dagger light shining, the world around started to twist and I attacked his throat.

Right at that moment, he didn't panic and his lips curled up instead, "He is here!"


Right when White Cloak+ Annihilation was about to complete, a green shield appeared in front of Feng Canghai. This giant shield was connected to Lin Songyan through a bright chain. Instantly, my Annihilation was like a mud cow entering water, most of the damage was shifted.

Moreover, I didn't crit!


Annihilation hit the green shield and there was the sound of metal clanging. Feng Canghai's health dropped to 37% while Lin Songyan reached 12%. Their attempt barely blocked White Cloak+ Annihilation.


Search Hosted Novel for the original.

Battle notification: Your skill Annihilation was shifted by Lin Songyan's skill Boulder Protection, moreover your overall attack was reduced by 50%!

No wonder he wasn't dead!

In the air, golden words flashed by Lin Songyan's side. It was Boulder Protect. He actually learned an S Grade skill. Elements were prepared this time!

On the sides, Old Mountain and Bright Moon used Stun Arrow at the same time. "Pu pu", the skills were too quick!

White Cloak+ Dragon Will to deal with Lin Songyan and Feng Canghai first?

Right when I was hesitating, something even more lethal was here. A silver light flashed and a mark appeared on my head. It was here, Lin Xi was here.

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