Chapter 107- Cooperation
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Zhan Yue Chapter 107- Cooperation

Not long later, For Dreams was completely wiped out and less than a hundred of them were left. They all retreated out of Despair Maple Forest. This time they were really in despair. From start until now they had no chance at all and were totally suppressed by me. Dark Shadow Jump was just too strong. Not only was I able to dodge their control skills, I was also able to teleport. This gave me full control over the battlefield.

Unfortunately, Dark Shadow Jump and Apprehension were the same and could only be selected on Wind Cloud Platform. They weren't mine and I wasn't able to get them in my own skill bar. This made me feel a real pity.


Not long later, another familiar voice rang out in Despair Maple Forest. They were people from Hidden Dragon Mountain! Man of Steel held a dark blue sword and walked at the front. This leveling maniac had already reached level 44 like Wine and Poems. It was hard to imagine that I had killed him several times.

"Those noobs from For Dreams have already lost, what a joke!"

Man of Steel laughed out loud, "Zhou Datong that rough and dumb mine owner actually dares to have a name like Wine and Poems, he really is shameless. Their skills are like the thickness of their face, not worth mentioning at all!"

Behind him, level 42 Warrior Wang Yaozu said, "We have confirmed that it is that guy, be careful, we are the people he always tries to insta kill, maybe it would be the same this time."

"You are such a coward."

Man of Steel laughed coldly, "Look at how cowardly you are, I just think you don't have the courage to kill that Boss. You should just listen to me!"

He turned around and raised his sword up, "Brothers, we must not repeat our mistakes. You saw how For Dreams lost. This Boss has a damaging teleportation skill and won't die when he jumps around the bodies of squishy people. All the heavy armored people stand at the front and surround him!"

"Leader Lu is smart!" Camel's Back shouted.

"Gather up, the battle is about to begin!"

Hidden Dragon Mountain all looked pumped up. I stood in mid air and pulled out my daggers. It felt like the two daggers had an unquenchable thirst. Right at that moment, Ah Fei said, "Ah Li, is Hidden Dragon Mountain preparing to enter Despair Maple Forest?"

"Yes, why?"

"Be careful."

He said seriously, "I heard my friends say that. Hidden Dragon Mountain is at the front and at the north of Despair Maple Forest, Breaking Dawn is already gathering up. I heard that if you dare to charge out and attack Hidden Dragon Mountain, they will surround you from behind and at the front and wipe you out."

"Breaking Dawn?"

I frowned and rage rose up in my heart, "Last time when I helped you to do the job change, Breaking Dawn interfered. This time, I will teach them a lesson!"

"What are you going to do?"

"Destroy Breaking Dawn!"

"Good luck..."

I turned around and left, giving up on my attack plan on Hidden Dragon Mountain. As compared to these bunch of weaklings, I hated Breaking Dawn more. Breaking Dawn's attacks previously nearly caused Ah Fei's job change to fail. One could say that what they did wasn't of any help to themselves. Since they were such a shameless guild, naturally I was going to teach them a lesson!


North of Despair Maple Forest.

On the empty land, a large group of people were gathering. Breaking Dawn were really going all out, over 1500 people had come. These 1500 were split into five squares, each of 300 people. Each one was split into several small squares. It was really detailed, it was made up of many heavy armored jobs and it was well planned.

However, such planning was worth nothing in my eyes.

In the crowd, Breaking Dawn Ash stood in front of the heavy armored players. Beside him were Breaking Dawn Dust and Breaking Dawn Destruction. Around 80% of these players had Breaking Dawn in front of their IDs. they were like a dark organisation in a certain game, but many people loved such a feeling.

Like so many people, they relied on their organisation to feel elite and act cool.

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Then... Let's attack Breaking Dawn Ash first. He was the one who gave the instructions to disturb Ah Fei's job chance. Breaking Dawn Destruction who was in charge definitely didn't have the courage to do that.


I charged towards Breaking Dawn Ash like a wind. When he reacted, it was already too late.


Breaking Dawn Ash's sensory ability far exceeded average players and he held his sword in front of his chest right away. But he was unable to block my attacks. Annihilation was invisible. Snow White just pierced through his sword and Annihilation hit his chest. His chestplate instantly collapsed and blood started to evaporate. He entered the Annihilation process like Wine and Poems and was insta killed right away!


Breaking Dawn Dust shouted in rage and then his shield landed on the ground. He hollered and activated the skill-- Ash Fortress. Instantly pale gold ash gathered and formed an energy shield around him. Ash Fortress was a Paladin's job change skill and without a doubt this job became tankier. Of course, there was no absolute tankiness. At least in front of me, this wasn't enough.

I retreated several steps and used the same combo. White Cloak+ Dragon Will!

"Not good!"

When the golden dragon form palm attack was used, Breaking Dawn Dust's face turned green and he couldn't even dodge. Both the shield and him were crushed by Dragon Will. His armor broke down like ice and in the end, he knelt down onto the ground. Right at that moment, a bright light shone and it came from Breaking Dawn Destruction's Backstab.

Without thinking, I reacted instantly and activated Dark Shadow Jump. I locked onto a mage near Breaking Dawn Destruction and insta killed him. Now the positions had changed and Breaking Dawn Destruction was in front while I was behind.


He shouted out loud but it was too late. Basic attack+ Backstab+ Basic attack were all used and instantly Breaking Dawn's top Assassin was insta killed.

Around me, skills shot forth from all directions!

In the past, such a situation would threaten my life but this time was different. With Dark Shadow Jump, I could deal with each much more easily. I locked onto an archer at the back and my body turned into that of a shadow to pass through the shield formation that moved towards me. While insta killing the archer, I opened my palm and used Apprehension in the crowd of heavy armored players to kill a bunch of them.

"We are finished..."

Breaking Dawn Fate lost all calmness. She retreated with the staff in her hands. In just a few seconds, Breaking Dawn Ash, Breaking Dawn Dust and Breaking Dawn Destruction were all killed. She was the only one of the four giants remaining. She was the only commander left too. She looked at me killing everyone and gritted her teeth, "Didn't they say that the Boss was near Hidden Dragon Mountain and would fight with them first? How... How did it appear here?"

"We don't know, he just suddenly appeared..."

"Fight back!"

Breaking Dawn Fate raised her staff and shouted, "Parties move close and focus fire!"



However, no matter how Breaking Dawn Fate tried to command them, they were destined to lose. My strength fully crushed that of Breaking Dawn. Moreover, the players who were of some threat like Breaking Dawn Ash were instantly killed. The remaining players weren't even able to target me who had Dark Shadow Jump. So what if they did, the chances of stunning me were too low.

Thus the battle was just one-sided.

After ten minutes, when Breaking Dawn was left with less than 700 people, Breaking Dawn Fate ordered for them to retreat. The truth proved that Breaking Dawn Fate was a smart girl. If they continued to fight, it would only cause them heavier losses and it was pointless. 

In terms of the big picture, Breaking Dawn Fate was much stronger than Wine and Poems.


"Be careful!"

Right at that moment, Ah Fei's voice spread, "Not long ago, Elements's main force has moved out. This time they will definitely be of threat to you."


I smiled, "Why do you say that, is it because you don't trust my ability?"

"I trust you..."

Ah Fei laughed out loud, "But this time Elements has a new partner. I saw Lin Xi and Feng Canghai side by side, really... I felt so unbearable. Was the top beauty of the server taken away by Feng Canghai? That is so infuriating..."

I frowned, "What is going on?"

"They are working together. "

Ah Fei said solemnly, "I heard rumors that Lin Xi brought With You to join Elements so you are not only facing Elements but also Lin Xi, Bright Moon and Follow Heart. Also, I heard that... Lin Xi can counter you and lock onto you."

"It is a mark."

I gritted my teeth, "She will use Dawn Vision to mark me and once it hits, my stealth will fail and I will be targeted."

"Then you really have to be careful brother..."

"It is fine, I will just die then, I also don't lose anything. But before I die, I will teach Elements a lesson."

"Hahaha, right, do that. Elements has been getting famous and they are just so arrogant now. You have to give them some setbacks!"

"I understand."


In a short while, after dealing with a few mid and small sized guilds, there was a dense sound of footsteps. Elements's emblem appeared outside the forest and there was a large number of them. It felt as if they were covering the entire forest. Elements had sent over 2000 people here, even more than Breaking Dawn.

But right at the front, Feng Canghai, Lin Songyan, Mars River all appeared. I even saw two high-level beauties Bright Moon and Follow Heart but not Lin Xi.

"This is bad..."

I felt a chill in my heart. Lin Xi was my counter so the time she appears would be when I was at my weakest!

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