Chapter 106- Absolute strength
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Zhan Yue Chapter 106- Absolute strength

I opened the forums and there was a red post at the top--

<Hot> He, is here! Level 50 Precious Grade purple Boss! The system Boss has spawned in Despair Maple Forest, do you dare challenge him? Teens? Poster- Xianyang Snake Tamer

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1st (Player Mother Hunter): I don't dare! I don't dare!

2nd (Player Breaking Dawn Dragon Lady): It might not be the system boss, I heard that other cities also have the Exiled One as their boss, it might just be a type of boss. Everyone all seems terrified.

3rd (Player I love durians): First level 50 Precious Grade Boss, so amazing!

4th (Player Xiaoyao Banshen): The spawning of level 50 Purple Grade Boss is for the various guilds. There are just one or two level 45 players, mid-sized guilds don't have the ability to fight Bosses. Damn, those people get purple equipment and have such a great time while normal players like us don't even get anything.


After reading the post, I took in a deep breath. After closing the forums, I entered White Cloak state and looked around. Although Despair Maple Forest was covered in red maple leaves but it was still filled with death energy. There were graves all around and under the influence of the death energy, many skeletons climbed out and moaned.

Zombies, level 50 Super Rare monsters, strong Attack, weak Health, typical training partners.

"Oi, the few of you!"

I walked up and pointed at them.

However, they didn't look like they cared at all. Their eyes were empty and they just walked around. It seemed like I had no control here. Forget it, I had to depend on myself!

Not long later, the first group came to the scene. I actually knew them. The one at the front was a level 44 Warrior. He was wearing dark blue equipment and it was all Super Rare gear. On his head was the ID "Wine and Poems". This person was quite famous in Linchen County now. Tenth in the Linchen County Level Board, tenth in the Combat Strength Board, players on both boards would naturally be target of attention.

"For Dreams..."

I smiled, great timing!

"Line up."

Wine and Poems walked at the front and held up his sword, "We don't know whether or not it is the same system Boss but no matter what, For Dreams has the ability to take it down. All attack teams prepare to fight, spread out into attack formation and charge. Even if the Boss appears don't panic. Archers use Stun Arrow, Fighters use Dragon Rage and control him. Aim accurately before using your skills."

"Yes boss!"

All of a sudden, the roughly 400 players of For Dreams entered the forest and lined up. Wine and Poems smiled like he was filled with a sense of achievement. If normal players could be in charge of a 400 person guild, their sense of achievement would swell.

"This time we will definitely win!"

On the side, Only Shooting God held a Super Rare bow and smiled, "More than half of us are above level 40, only a few haven't learnt level 40 skills. There are 6 Mages with Element Shield."

"That is still too little."

Wine and Poems frowned, "Unfortunately Element Shield drop rate is too low. We have bought most of the Element Shields on the market, if not we would be more confident this time."

"It is enough!"

Fenghua Sizhan held his staff and smiled, "With this formation, not to mention Purple Bosses, even Orange Bosses will kneel down to us!"

"You are bragging!"

Wang Siyu smiled.

Wine and Poems was delighted and rubbed her round bottom, "You are naughty again. Don't expose my brother for acting cool okay? Hahaha~~"

Wang Siyu's face flushed red,

She said, "Oh right, when I was heading out, I saw that Shi Shangfei. He is actually the Inscriber Master August End. He knelt at the square for a day and I heard many people went over to him to do inscriptions. His price is really high too."


Wine and Poems frowned, "They will be in trouble in the next few days. Xiang Zi said that he faced something and needed to deal with it. If not, Shi Shangfei would automatically apologise to us."

"Also Lu Li."

Venom flashed in Wang Siyu's eyes, "Shi Shangfei and him scolded me last time, they are so vicious. Stupid guys with no skill at all, I am so angry. You have to help me!"

"I know baby~~"

Wine and Poems hugged her waist and lowered his laughter, "Once Xiang Zi goes over, I will let Shi Shangfei and Lu Li kneel in front of you to admit mistakes, but... How are you going to reward me?"

Wang Siyu smiled, "I will listen to you."

"Okay, I will pick you up later. Stay at my house tonight, Hahaha~~~"


"These dogs..."

I scolded and then glanced at Dark Shadow Jump's details. Each use will spend 10 energy, that was a small amount, a skill that I could pretty much use at an unlimited rate. But before this, I should deal with Wine and Poems, Wang Siyu and Fenghua Sizhan one after another. Since they dare to come, naturally I should welcome them well!

"Sha sha..."

The maple leaves crackled but they were drowned out by the sound of the wind. In a blink of an eye, I was in front of Wine and Poems and used White cloak+ Annihilation, my strongest strike!


Critical Strike! Ten times true damage, insta kill! At this moment, my attack damage was too high and normal people couldn't handle it at all!


Fenghua Sizhan was shocked, "He is here, Boss was actually insta killed!"

"Stun Arrow!"

Only Shooting God pulled the arrow and true qi was injected into the bowstring. "Weng weng", white energy waves wrapped around the arrows. This was the level 40 skill for Archers. Once one was hit, one had a high chance of being stunned. Moreover, apart from Only Shooting God, there were a few other level 40 Archers that used Stun Arrow!

White Cloak!

Under forced stealth state, I was able to dodge everything within these 2 seconds. "Xiu xiu xiu", the arrows were all like dirt cows entering an ocean as they disappeared in front of me. At that moment, I opened my right hand and a golden light shone. I used Dragon Will on the crowd!


A dragon roar sounded throughout the sky. This palm was quick and vicious. Wang Siyu and Only Shooting God didn't dodge it and they were all instantly killed. Fenghua Sizhan had Element Shield and was further outside. He was just brushed by Dragon Will but even then, Element Shield was broken and he lost close to half of his health.


Fenghua Sizhan retreated and shouted, "Shield formation protect me, Fighter and Warriors charge and block him. Quickly, control skills lock him and kill him! I don't believe that an Assassin Boss can be so invincible? All of you are people with level 40 skills, attack, wipe the boss out..."

Before he finished, I used my new skill-- Dark Shadow Jump!


The energy in my body exploded like that of a furnace and I charged out right away. My body turned into a shadow which passed through the shield formation, smashing onto Fenghua Sizhan. 200% damage and he was instantly killed!


A level 43 Mage had at most 6000 Health and he was easily killed.

"Damn... Again!?"

A party level Archer turned around and shouted, "Lock onto him. As long as we stun him we can kill him!"

I laughed and my daggers spun. I instantly used Hunter's Edge and killed three people. Then I used Dark Shadow Jump and locked onto another level 41 Mage 30 yards out. "Peng", my body turned into a shadow and killed that Mage right away. At the same time I heard dense splattering sounds as their Shock Arrows and Dragon Rage all missed.

"Damn, what skill is that!?"

A Mage that used level 40 skill Storm was stunned, "Teleportation, our skills can't lock onto him at all. How can we even play like this..."

The slaughter began.

I raised my hand and used Apprehension. Right when they were about to focus fire on me, I used Dark Shadow Jump on a level 40 Archer to instantly deal 8000+ damage instantly killing him again. As long as it was an instant kill, the cooldown would reset and I would be able to use it again!

Moreover, even if it didn't insta kill, it was fine. After all I had White Cloak. So with these two insurance skills, as long as I didn't mess up too much, they had no chance at all.

"Pu pu pu---"

Blood splattered all around and I waved my daggers to spin around the crowd like a human lawnmower. At this moment, my opponents were of a high enough level and each kill of a level 40 and above player could give me above 50 thousand experience. This was much faster than killing monsters. At the current stage, a level 50 Super Rare at most gave me 7-8 thousand experience. The two were like night and day. Moreover they also gave a lot of contribution points but unfortunately I was unable to pick up any of the items they dropped. 

Apart from that, there was also something that I had to be wary about. After I joined into the battle with players, Spiritual Ruin skills like Soul Star Explosion were all dark. Even if I tried to use it, the system will tell me that couldn't use it. It was obvious that Soul Star Explosion could only be used in background storylines.

That sounded normal. If I was able to use Soul Star Explosion in the battle with players and my stats increased by five times then other players could just quit. The amount of complain letters could crush the entire Destiny.

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