Chapter 105- Dark Shadow Jump
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Zhan Yue Chapter 105- Dark Shadow Jump

Noon, after eating and drinking up, I went online.



I appeared near to Wind Cloud Platform and around me were many Black Castle experts. They were people who were here for the trial. Wind Cloud Platform was getting more and more competitive each time.

I glanced at my equipment. Heaven Thief Chestplate and Azure Wave Ring both shone a different purple color from the rest. It was really eye catching. Purple equipment were all different, giving one a really high class feel. Unfortunately these two were just original items and didn't have inscriptions. I asked, "Ah Fei, when is your inscription technique reaching level 3?"


He was speechless, "You don't know how tough it is to level it. Each inscription only adds a little. I think I will only reach level 3 at around 5pm. It is just so tough. I think it would be even tougher to reach level 4."

"No rush, have some patience, even if you take a month to reach level 4, it would be worth it."

"En, that's right!"

It seemed like I wouldn't be able to inscribe on the two purple equipment before Wind Cloud Platform. So be it, anyways I had enough stats. Right at that moment, a bell rang in my ears--


System notification: Please pay attention, due to your stats exceeding the upper limit, the boss stats buff is now 3 times!


It was still three times. It seemed like the Wind Cloud Platform stats upper limit increased as the game passed. My stats still crushed all players including Feng Canghai and Lin Xi. They stats couldn't be compared to mine at all. In the next second, my eyes lit up. There were new skills that I could choose--

<Godslaying Blade> (A): Ignore 30% of target defence, deal 165% of damage to target. If selected, will consume 15 contribulation points.

<Apprehension> (SSS): Activate the power of darkness, causing a shadow attack within a 40x40 range, dealing damage to targets in the area. Damage is related to the user's agility. Race needed to learn it: Shura, requires 500 contribulation points.

<Dark Shadow Jump> (SS): Activate the power of darkness and jump 40 yards to the target and deal 200% damage to him. If the target dies, the cooldown immediately resets. If target doesn't die, cooldown is 6 seconds. Requires 2000 contribution points.


"Dark Shadow Jump?"

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