Chapter 105- Dark Shadow Jump
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Zhan Yue Chapter 105- Dark Shadow Jump

Noon, after eating and drinking up, I went online.



I appeared near to Wind Cloud Platform and around me were many Black Castle experts. They were people who were here for the trial. Wind Cloud Platform was getting more and more competitive each time.

I glanced at my equipment. Heaven Thief Chestplate and Azure Wave Ring both shone a different purple color from the rest. It was really eye catching. Purple equipment were all different, giving one a really high class feel. Unfortunately these two were just original items and didn't have inscriptions. I asked, "Ah Fei, when is your inscription technique reaching level 3?"


He was speechless, "You don't know how tough it is to level it. Each inscription only adds a little. I think I will only reach level 3 at around 5pm. It is just so tough. I think it would be even tougher to reach level 4."

"No rush, have some patience, even if you take a month to reach level 4, it would be worth it."

"En, that's right!"

It seemed like I wouldn't be able to inscribe on the two purple equipment before Wind Cloud Platform. So be it, anyways I had enough stats. Right at that moment, a bell rang in my ears--


System notification: Please pay attention, due to your stats exceeding the upper limit, the boss stats buff is now 3 times!


It was still three times. It seemed like the Wind Cloud Platform stats upper limit increased as the game passed. My stats still crushed all players including Feng Canghai and Lin Xi. They stats couldn't be compared to mine at all. In the next second, my eyes lit up. There were new skills that I could choose--

<Godslaying Blade> (A): Ignore 30% of target defence, deal 165% of damage to target. If selected, will consume 15 contribulation points.

<Apprehension> (SSS): Activate the power of darkness, causing a shadow attack within a 40x40 range, dealing damage to targets in the area. Damage is related to the user's agility. Race needed to learn it: Shura, requires 500 contribulation points.

<Dark Shadow Jump> (SS): Activate the power of darkness and jump 40 yards to the target and deal 200% damage to him. If the target dies, the cooldown immediately resets. If target doesn't die, cooldown is 6 seconds. Requires 2000 contribution points.


"Dark Shadow Jump?"

When I looked at the skill name, my heart started to accelerate. Although it was an SS skill, but to an Assassin, this was far stronger than the SSS Apprehension. It allowed me to instantly teleport, when I killed low health targets it would also reset. This was a true Assassin skill!

I didn't care, no matter what I had to get this!

I sucked in a deep breath and exchanged for it all. I brought all three skills. Right when Dark Shadow Jump appeared in my skill bar, I was pumped up. I didn't have confidence at first but now it was different. With this, no one could trap me.

After all, my Attack was really terrifying now. Along with three times of Boss stats, when I used Dark Shadow Jump on current players, they would all die in one hit.

Of course, I had to be careful. Most players were basically over level 40. This meant that Mages had Element Shield and weren't so easy to kill. Warriors had Frost Slash and Flame Slash while Paladin's Ash Fortress made them more tanky. Archer's Stun Arrow gave the job some control. Along with Fighter's Dragon Rage and Musician's Autumn Palace Song, anyways, both sides got stronger!


"July Wildfire,

you are here again!"

In the crowd, Lei Ling held a light blue inscription blade and frowned, "I didn't expect you to have face to come to Wind Cloud Platform?"

"I am Wind Cloud Platform's top disciple so why can't I come?"

I glanced at him and said, "Give me a reason."


His face was filled with disdain, "If not for Senior Brother Ghost Axe dying on Qilin Mountain Battlefield do you think you would have a chance?"

"Even if he comes it would be the same."

I looked at my Dark Shadow Jump and was filled with confidence, "I would defeat him easily."


Lei Ling said, "This time, even if Senior Brother Ghost Axe is not here, I will still challenge you on behalf of Land of Reincarnation. Land of Reincarnation will not admit defeat!"


The bunch of undead cultivators pulled out their blades and pointed it at the sky, "Land of Reincarnation will not admit defeat!"

I rubbed my nose lazily.

Master Ding Heng's face appeared in the air and he stroked his beard, "Are you ready? Then let the challenge begin."

Instantly, Purgatory Lion Lodan charged up and hugged his fists, "I will take the lead. Come, let me see how strong Land of Reincarnation are!"


A Land of Reincarnation Late Spirit Astral Realm fresh face charged up and hollered. His blade energy swept towards Lodan, "Wind Cloud Platform, who allows a beast like you on the edge of extinction to be arrogant here!"

"Let me see who is the arrogant one here!"

Lodan shouted. This time he didn't charge forwards like before. His legs sunk down and his aura changed. He opened his right hand and a green light wrapped around it. A green Qilin image appeaerd above him and it roared. Shortly after, he punched and it turned into the claw of a Qilin!

Qilin Fist!

The legendary Qilin skill? Two Balls had already grasped it so no wonder he was so confident.


After Two Balls attacked, there was no more surprises. That Land of Reincarnation new face was sent flying and he spat out blood. In a blink of an eye he was swept away by wind.


Lodan continued to stand up there to challenge all the Wind Cloud Platform discipes.

This time he was just so strong!

Although Qilin Fist was just a portion of the legendary Qilin skill but it was still really strong. Along with Two Ball's Purgatory Lion bloodline, it was shockingly strong. He was the biggest winner of Qilin Mountain Trial. Just this alone would make him top rate out of the younger generation.

In the end, even Lei Ling was not his match and Lodan sent him flying with two fists.

The other disciples failed and only Lodan and I remained.


He stood above and jumped right off. He then rubbed his head and smiled, "I know I am not your match so I won't ask to get humiliated. I admit defeat, you are still first this time!"

I was speechless, I got first even without pulling out my dagger? But in truth, Two Balls wasn't my match at all. Although his Green Qilin Fist was strong but I could use White Cloak to block. Along with Dark Shadow Jump's teleportation effect, he had no chance of winning at all.

In a blink of an eye, Two Balls returned to the back mountain while bouncing. He seemed happy to get second.


Master Ding Heng appeared once more, "It seems like you are well respected, this makes Master happy. Wind Cloud Platform Trial will begin, choose the place you would like to head to!"


I nodded my head and still chose Linchen County.

In a blink of an eye, my body started to change. My Shura aura retracted and was replaced with death energy. Heaven Thief Chestplate's purple light turned dark red and black energy wrapped around me. I looked like an Assassin that came from hell. I looked more handsome and cool than before but my name didn't change, I was still the Exiled One.

"Exiled One?"

I frowned, "Master, what is Exiled One?"

"It is just a title."

Ding Heng smiled, "Pitiful people that come from the undead region, someone exiled by the real world. Some become evil people and jerks, some search for what they want. What about you, what do you want?"

"I want... Truth..." I muttered.

"You will find it."

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He waved his sleeves and smiled, "Go, the trial that belongs to you has already begun!"



I was wrapped up in a red light and flew up from Wind Cloud Platform. I shot through the air and landed towards Linchen County. In a short few seconds, I landed in a red maple forest. The system bell rang out in my ears--


System Notification: Players please pay attention, Exiled One Lv-50 (Precious Grade Boss), has landed in Despair Maple Forest in Linchen County, warriors please head over to kill him and remove a demon for Xuanyuan Empire!


Level 50? Precious Grade Boss?

I lifted my head and looked at my name. Purple name, damn.. I really descended as a Purple Grade Boss! I had been paying attention to the news on the forums and till date there weren't any Purple colored Bosses. I didn't expect that I would actually be the first Precious Grade Boss that players met.

Hehe, that was so embarrassing...



Ah Fei's voice spread from the outside, "This time you are a Precious Grade Boss?"


I smiled, "I am amazing right?"

"A large number of people would be attacking you, wait and see."

"No worries, they are just experience points to me."

"Scoff, I like how you act cool so shamelessly, hahaha~~~"


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