Chapter 104- Decision to kill
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Zhan Yue Chapter 104- Decision to kill

"What explanation?"

I strolled up with big strides and arrived beside Master Ding Heng. I turned around and looked at Zhuang Huai Shui and said, "Ghost Axe is weak and was killed by a Blood Dynasty expert. Now you actually want to blame me?"


Ding Heng waved his sleeves and his body gave off a celestial aura to it as he smiled, "My disciple is right. Ghost Axe is not strong enough and died to a strong enemy. How can you blame Wind Cloud Platform for that?"


Zhuang Huai Shui's face turned black as he said, "I am very clear how his strength is like. Based on what the disciples said, during the Qilin Valley battle, Blood Dynasty's top expert Jin Gang was already heavily injured by the Blood Curse Talisman. He didn't have the ability to kill Ghost Axe. At that time, only July Wildfire had the strength to kill him. Moreover after Ghost Axe left, July Wildfire left too. All signs showed that he is the killer!"

"That is just your conjecture."

I waved my hands and said, "I have the strength to kill him so does that mean I did?" Based on what you said, you have the strength to kill Ghost Axe too so you were definitely the one."

"Preposterous, why should I kill my disciple?" He fumed.

I crossed my arms, "I don't know about that. After all why would outsiders know what is going on between the two of you? I am just making a conjecture like you, I have no evidence at all."

Instantly, the Wind Cloud Platform disciples laughed out loud. Even the two Wind Cloud Platform elders smiled.

"You can be as slippery as you want but the truth won't be changed."

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Zhuang Huai Shui said with a cold gaze, "July Wildfire don't think about hiding from everyone, Land of Reincarnation will stop at nothing."


I smiled, "You must have proof. You said that I killed Ghost Axe but you have no witnesses or proof. But I have something here. In the Qilin Valley Trial, your disciple Ghost Axe attacked my Wind Cloud Platform disciples several times. Doesn't that go against Black Castle rules? I have witnesses. The disciples present, not only Wind Cloud Platform ones, even your Land of Reincarnation disciples can prove that. Ghost Axe attacked me several times, even surrounding me with the Blood Dynasty people. All the disciples that returned can prove it, am I right?"



"Right, Ghost Axe did attack July Wildfire and want to kill him!"

The disciples all replied. Some Land of Reincarnation ones even nodded their heads to express that this was true.

Zhuang Huai Shui was furious and stared at those Land of Reincarnation disciples that agreed. His eyes were ice cold, "July Wildfire even then, what do you want?"

"If the disciple does something wrong, doesn't the Master have to take responsibility?"


He rolled his eyes, "He is already dead so what do you want now?"

"Nothing, I just feel like Black Castle's rules can't be treated as invisible." I stared at him, "I even think that Ghost Axe killed me because you instructed him too. So many disciples can prove that too. I think this need to be raised to the next level. Master do you think I am right?"

Ding Heng brushed his moustache and smiled, "That makes sense. Men, go call the Judgement Hall Elder over. We do need to ask Land of Reincarnation for an answer."


Zhuang Huai Shui was furious and his neck turned so red that he couldn't say a word.

Elder Lun whispered some things to Zhuang Huai Shui and then he smiled "Senior Brother Ding, I don't think we need to make this matter big. The five outer locations are connected and it is normal for disciples to mess about. After all they are all rash young kids. It won't be good for us if we bring this up to the Judgement Hall. It would waste their cultivation time don't you think?"


Ding Heng said calmly, "My Wind Cloud Platform has never been such despicable people,

naturally we know that the five outer locations are connected. Since that is the case then I won't bother about Ghost Axe killing my disciple, anyways he is already dead. All grievances have disappeared, what do you think Junior Brother Zhuang?"

Zhuang Huai Shui swallowed his rage, "Let that be it!"

"Then... Can you all go back?"


Zhuang Huai Shui gritted his teeth, "I nearly forgot about another important matter. July Wildfire, I want an artifact from you?"

My heart jumped, "What artifact?"

"Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map!"

His lips curled and he laughed coldly, "Did you think that I forgot where this artifact came from? Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map, it is the treasure that is sealed within our Soul Refining Furnace. It belongs to Land of Reincarnation but when you cleaned the furnace you took it for yourself. Some disciples saw that you have it so don't try to argue!"

I frowned, this was problematic.

On the side, Master Ding Heng spread his voice into my ears, "You really have it?"

"Yes Master."

"This is huge great fortune."

He smiled, "Don't worry, Master will help you."

He said, "Let's not talk about whether or not my disciple has it. Even if he took it, clearing Soul Refining Furnace naturally has its own laws. 100 years ago, City Lord said that anything one gets belongs to them. So how can you say that the treasure in Soul Refining Furnace belongs to Land of Reincarnation?"


Zhuang Huai Shui was furious.

Elder Feng smiled, "If Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map is his good fortune from cleaning the furnace then it doesn't belong to Land of Reincarnation. Senior Brother Zhuang shouldn't be unreasonable. No matter or not it is in his hands, we have no reason to return it. Even if you head to the City Lord, we are still in the right."

"Good.... Very good!"

Zhuang Huai Shui laughed coldly, "Since that is the case and Wind Cloud Platform is not willing to be reasonable, let's wait and see. Hope you all know what you are doing!"

Ding Heng smiled, "Junior Brother should know what you are doing too, don't ask for trouble."


Land of Reincarnation came aggressively but they left with their heads hung low.

"Okay, all of you leave and go cultivate." Ding Heng said.

"Yes elder!"

The bunch of them left.

I was alone on Wind Cloud Platform and said, "Master, Zhuang Huai Shui will definitely play tricks in the future."

"I know."

He smiled and suddenly lowered his voice, "Little fellow, I only want to ask you something, that Ghost Axe... Did you kill him?"


I admitted right away, "I killed him."

He was shocked, "Why?"

I didn't hide anything, "He hates our Wind Cloud Platform and tried to kill Lodan and I. To avoid him killing more Wind Cloud Platform disciples, I chose to strike first. Also, in Qilin Valley, Ghost Axe was badly injured by the Blood Curse Talisman. That was a great chance to kill him and if I didn't do it, it would be tough in the future so I decided to do it."


He smiled, "As expected from my disciple, you are decisive. You are supposed to have such a character. Okay, Wind Cloud Platform trial will begin soon, go prepare for it!"

"Yes Master!"


I had no more quests to do so I returned to my cave and started cultivating to earn some experience. Actually, I was looking forwards to this Wind Cloud Platform trial. After all I had two purple equipment and along with Wind Cloud Platform's buff, I could give Linchen County's players a surprise.

I even thought about changing a city. To always kill Linchen County players made me feel bad. However when I thought about it, Linchen County did have a high standard. Moreover when Ah Fei changed his job, For Dreams and Breaking Dawn became enemies with us. I should use this chance to take revenge!

Not long later, Ah Fei's voice spread from the outside.


"What you laughing at, speak!" I was speechless.

He continued to laugh, "Guess how much I made in the morning?"

"10 thousand?"

"too little."

"20 thousand?"

"Nearly." He laughed out loud, "I crafted 14 inscription equipments and got a full 21000. Hahaha, this job earns so much, hahahaha~~"

He laughed out loud, "En, like what I thought. Your reputation and fame has been built?"


He smiled, "Many people even preordered with me. Just now guess who came to find me?"


"Bright Moon."

"Oh?" I had some impression of her but I couldn't recall, "Who is she?"

"Damn, you don't even know her?"

Ah Fei was speechless, "You haven't forgotten about Lin Xi right?"


"Lin Xi created a With You studio, a total of three members. Apart from Lin Xi, there is Bright Moon and Follow Heart. They are both beauties with huge chests~~~"

"Oh~~~ I remember!"

I smiled, "Previously on the east bridge that Bright Moon even scolded me and said that if I continued to look at them she would blind my eyes.."

"Damn, were you staring at their chests?"

"No, am I such a person?"

"You are, you will sneak looks!"

"Damn, you really understand me... Hahahha~~~"

"Right, the delivery is here. Shall we eat first?"

"Ok, go offline to eat."


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