Chapter 138- Battle of Flame Bamboo Ridge
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Zhan Yue Chapter 138- Battle of Flame Bamboo Ridge

Not long later, when I used a double dagger attack to lsay one Blood Dynasty spearman, Ah Fei cursed, "Damn, Wine and Poems I am not finished with you!"

"What happened?" I asked.

"I was player killed!" His voice was filled with rage.

"For Dreams again?"



"Why, Ah Li you are coming over?" He was shocked, "Don't, your identity is too sensitive. Once your blood red name appears, people will really attack you."

"Don't worry, haven't I been attacked many times?"

I smiled, "Wine and Poems is specifically targeting us. We definitely can't swallow this. Even if we lose levels, I will have fun with them. Give me the coordinates, don't revive first."


He said solemnly, "I am in Flame Bamboo Ridge to the northwest of Luoyan Fortress, the coordinates are (1229, 308), this map is a small battlefield with dozens of Linchen County NPCs here. We are now fighting against Blood Dynasty. I died while fighting monsters, my other party members were wiped out too."

"Your party?"

"En, I agreed to make them a level 3 inscription as a trade for them bringing me here to level. Unfortunately, there were too many For Dreams members so all five of us died."

"Understood, I will be there right away!"


I activated White Cloak and right away I disappeared in the forest with my daggers. I dashed quickly towards where Ah Fei was at, passing a large group of Blood Dynasty troops. The closest spearman cavalry was just five yards from me and the war horse was about to breathe into my face. I just carefully snuck over and fortunately my level was high enough so that they didn't notice me. If I was below level 50, they would have seen through me and killed me!

I travelled for ten minutes across a chaotic battlefield where groups of Blood Dynasty archers fired towards the mountains. That place was Flame Bamboo Ridge, a mountainous hill that was covered in fire red bamboo.

"Sha sha..."

I snuck past the gaps of Blood Dynasty and when I stepped onto Flame Bamboo Ridge, I felt that the surroundings were much calmer. Flame Bamboo Ridge was filled with red bamboo and although they branches were dark green, but their leaves were all red which made the entire forest look red.

On Flame Bamboo Ridge, a bunch of human soldiers holding shields stood tall. Linchen County emblems floated above their heads. One of the NPC cavalry holding a sword said coldly, "Although we are outnumbered but we have to defend this place. Once we lose Flame Bamboo Ridge, our entire defence line will be affected. Do you understand? !"

"Understood sir!"

The bunch of shield soldiers nodded their heads.

The backline were a bunch of archers who used their height advantage to rain down on the enemy. Further back were many slaves who pushed arrows and stone up the mountain. On the wide bamboo forest, corpses laid all around. One of them was the level 33 Ah Fei. The other four were players around level 47-48 who should be his party members. They did seem decently strong but couldn't compare to people from For Dreams.

Beside the corpse, Wine and Poems, Only Shooting God, Wang Siyu etc were there. Wine and Poems looked down while ordering, "Half of you kill Blood Dynasty, the other half defend the bodies!"

"Yes boss!"

A high level cavalry brought men to charge to the edge of the ridge and started to deal damage to those Blood Dynasty troops charging up.

Wine and Poems sat on a rock in front of Ah Fei's corpse and lazily held his sword beneath his crotch. He smiled, "August End didn't you have a mysterious friend? Why hasn't he came to save you? Hahaha~~ I know that your soul is still here,

I am saying all this for you to here. What Linchen County top Inscriber, I warned you not to walk out of Linchen County but you didn't believe me. Look at it now, you dropped a level and even dropped your staff!"

He reached out and a flame wrapped staff flew over. It was Ah Fei's Firestone Staff!

I was furious.

Wang Siyu laughed, "Shi Shangfei, you chose to be enemies with us so now that your equipment got dropped, you can't blame others. You can blame yourself for being too blind. How can For Dreams be offended by a level 30 Mage like you? Look in the mirror, hehehe~~"

At this moment, Ah Fei was furious and was already hurling out all sorts of vulgarities.

On the side, Only Shooting God held his bow and looked at the other corpses. He laughed coldly, "Black Barbarian, you are someone of statue in Linchen County, why didn't you listen? Do you know how many people this August End offended? Not only For Dreams, he even offended people from Breaking Dawn. Why are you walking together with such a person, aren't you asking to get buried?"

The forest was silent.

While walking, I focused and there was actually a corpse called Black Barbarian. He was a level 47 Warrior, right, before he died he was 48. In Linchen County, although many reached level 48, but there weren't too many of them. He could be regarded as first rate.

Right at that moment, "Shua", Black Barbarian stood up but he only had half health and energy. His gaze was sharp and he used Assault, stunning Only Shooting God. He then used Double Hit+Frost Slash to insta kill him. His eyes were filled with rage, "When did I allow people like you to comment on who I make friends with!?"

"You are asking for death!"

Wine and Poems hollered and swept with his sword. With a "peng", he forced Black Barbarian back. A golden light slashed from his sword and he was about to use Double Hit. Wine and Poems was an expert Warrior and with his Strength, this Double Hit would be hard to dodge.

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But since I was here, I dashed by Wine and Poems's side and slashed with Frostfang. I used Annihilation, slashing from his neck down to his waist such that he couldn't move at all.


He turned around and 30 thousand damage appeared above his head. He was instantly killed. White Cloak+ Annihilation, even without Wind Cloud Platform's Boss stats I could still easily insta kill people.


On the side, a few For Dreams players were shocked. I turned around like lightning and used Hunter's Edge on them, directly breaking Fenghua Sizhan's Magic Shield!

"Be careful, he is that system player!"

Someone from the backrow shouted.

I smiled and used Dark Shadow Jump to smash onto Fenghua Sizhan. Instantly 5000 damage jumped up and he was insta killed. It was obvious that Fenghua Sizhan focused too much on damge such that he only had 4900 Health. Normally speaking, level 48 Mages should have close to 6000 Health if their equipment were slightly better.

"He has a teleportation skill, avoid him!"

In the crowd, Wang Siyu shouted.

Could they avoid me? !

In the next moment, I used Dark Shadow Jump and smashed into one Assassin that had low health due to Hunter's Edge. He was still insta killed. At the same time, I turned towards Wang Siyu.

"You... What are you doing!?"

She was shocked, raising her staff. Streaks of light wrapped around her body as she used Light Shield to protect herself. But her speed was much slower and right before the shield appeared, I activated Dark Shadow Jump. With a "pu", I pierced through her body like lightning and instantly ripped her body into shreds.

"Damn, I don't belive!"

On the side, a Paladin headed forwards and smashed his shield onto my back. I frowned, turning around and successfully using Gouge. At the same tie I charged forwards to use Backstab on him while dodging two spells. Instantly half his health was gone.


I was really calm. Without Boss stats, my basic skills couldn't insta kill anyone, especially against tanky Paladins. He had 15 thousand health and each one of my attacks did 2000 damage. Unless I triggered Frostfang, if not my small skills couldn't insta kill him.

"Peng peng!"

Two Flame Arrows landed on my shoulder and shortly after, a person dashed across. A level 47 Warrior used Assault and actually stunned me!

"Now, focus fire!" A For Dreams party leader shouted. With Wine and Poems, Fenghua Sizhan, Only Shooting God etc dead, he was the one in charge.

All of a sudden, arrows, spells etc landed on my body. 1000 damage numbers flew above my head and brought me from 19 thousand to 7 thousand health!


A Warrior waved his sword and his eyes were filled with shock, "Isn't he an Assassin? How does he have so much health. After we took down 10 thousand he is still left with one third!"

"Focus fire and insta kill him!" Someone charged forwards.

I saw through everything. Right when the Stun Arrow duration ended, I used Warrior and instantly, dense Miss words appeared on my head. I activated Blood Drawing Blade, slipping to the side and after finding the right angle, I used Dragon Will. A golden light lit up half of Flame Bamboo Ridge!


Dense damage numbers appeared. 6 times true damage instantly killed many people. Apart from the Warrior in front, dozens of Archers, Assassins, Mages, Priests, Enchanters etc were all insta killed!

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