Chapter 139- Downstairs Little Black
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Zhan Yue Chapter 139- Downstairs Little Black

"We can't let this brother fight alone, all of you rise up!"

Black Barbarian waved his sword and killed a For Dreams Paladin before roaring towards the corpses behind him. Instantly, those corpses were wrapped in light and they all stood up. Even Ah Fei stood up. The bunch of them were half health and half mana and weren't in a good state. However, the Priest healed Black Barbarian right away.

"Very good!"

Black Barbarian hollered, charging forwards with his sword while cursing, "For Dreams? Bunch of bullies are actually worth to be called that?"


I turned into a dark lightning and pierced the body of an archer. With Blood Drawing Blade, my health was instantly full. I instantly killed the bunch of For Dreams squishies left on the ridge. Only the heavy armored ones were left but these ones lacked ranged support and they were all defeated right away.

This time, For Dreams had sent close to 50 elites but how would Wine and Poems expect them to be crushed by the six of us!



After I killed the last Warrior, For Dreams's mainforce in Flame Bamboo Ridge was wiped out. At that moment, I entered White Cloak state and disappeared into the wind.


Black Barbarian looked towards my direction and frowned, "Ah Fei, he... Is he a player or Boss?"

"If he was a Boss then For Dreams wouldn't even be able to fight back at all." Ah Fei said calmly.


Black Barbarian gritted his teeth, "Is he your friend?"

Ah Fei laughed, "Stop asking, anyways I wouldn't tell you anything. You just need to know that he won't mean any harm towards us. Moreover, if we get killed once more, he will still come to save us."


Black Barbarian was such a direct person and he smiled, "Let's quickly kill monsters and regain our lost levels. Should I call a few more brothers over?"

"Sure, the more the merrier, if not once they revive then they might attack us again."


I looked at them and didn't know what to say. I turned around but didn't head too far. I appeared on the west of Flame Bamboo Ridge and attacked the bunch of Blood Dynasty troops there. Since I was here so I decided to train. Once Ah Fei get attacked, I will appear once more.

Fortunately, there weren't many Blood Dynasty troops here. They headed up the mountain in pairs to launch attacks on the human troops above. I could just kill them and gain levels. I even summoned Orange Night to help me and instantly the killing speed increased!

Not long later, I saw that Orange Night's stats had a red progress bar. After he killed two Blood Dynasty troops, that bar flashed. My eyes lit up and saw that it read 2%. This meant that Orange Night was Grade Four 2%. As long as he reached 100%, could he get to Grade Five? At that time, his stats would definitely increase by a bunch!

That was great!

I couldn't help but laugh to myself. Heaven and Earth Pavilion's Battle Puppet system gave me such a huge surprise. This Orange Night did cost 10 thousand which was tens of thousands of RMB but the rewards were far from what that could compare to. Moreover I would gain even more in the future. I just had to protect him and not let it get destroyed. Each time I shall bring him out to level, not only increasing my leveling speed but also letting him gain experience.

Anyways, it felt great!

Ah Fei's voice spread into my ears, "Ah Li are you nearby?"


I nodded, "I am at the west side. I am afraid that once I leave, For Dreams will return and crush all of you."

"Hahaha~~~" He smiled awkwardly and said, "That probably won't happen. But most of the For Dreams people didn't respawn here, I think they respawned in the Luoyan Fortress. They shouldn't be coming here."

"Tough to say, it is better to be careful."

I said seriously,"Wine and Poems and Wang Siyu aren't nice people, especially Wine and Poems. I feel like he is really extreme and he spawned in Luoyan Fortress so as to gather more men. You must know that For Dreams have at least 500 people."

"That does make sense..."

He sucked in a breath, "Then what should I do?"

"Tell Black Barbarian to bring you away from the original spot. Shift west and find another location. Anyways Flame Bamboo Ridge is so huge, they might not find you right away."

"Understood, I will do that right away!"

He smiled, "Oh right, I forgot something important."


"It is about Black Barbarian, you might not expect it but he is staying in the same region and he says that he is the gym coach downstairs. Since we are so close he is asking us to have dinner."

"Black Barbarian..." I thought about it.

I was stunned, "Why, do you think he is a problem?"


I smiled, "I can tell that he is really direct and straight, but... Forget it, if you want to know him then let's meet him. But we can't let him treat us, we have to be the ones to treat. After all he is our customer. Moreover he even brought you to level and even got killed because of you."

"Okay I will tell him that, it should be okay."


A few seconds later, Ah Fei smiled, "We have agreed to eat barbecue fish opposite our home, we will treat him. He is bringing two guys who he says are colleagues from the gym."

"Okay, tell me when you are going offline."



The event was a skill activity and also a stamina one. Based on Destiny Corporation's design, it was normal for an event to last for 48 hours. So there was no need to rush. Around 6pm, Ah Fei went offline, "Let's head for dinner. I told them 6pm so let's meet at the barbecue fish shop!"


I entered White Cloak state and backed out of combat, heading offline in the forest behind me.

After taking off my helmet, I sucked in a deep breath. For some reason, although I was online for so long, but I felt rejuvenated and filled with energy. When I clenched my fists I felt energy surging around it, it was as if a layer of sharp sand was covering my fist.

I changed into a nice shirt and followed Ah Fei out.


Opposite, Barbecue Fish Stall.

When we pushed the door open, what we smelled was not only the smell of fish but also the coldness of the aircon. It wasn't a weekend so there weren't many people here. Near the window, someone raised his hand and shouted towards me, "Ah Fei? Is it Ah Fei?"

"Little Black?" Ah Fei smiled and asked.

"En right, come over!" Little Black laughed.

I followed Ah Fei over and saw three others sitting in a row. Ah Fei and I sat opposite them and now I finally had time to observe. The Black Barbarian in game was also strong in real life. His muscles were huge and what was worse waas that the muscles on his neck were also protruding.

"You can call me Little Black."

He smiled, "Ah Fei, introduce your friend?"


Ah Fei punched my shoulder and smiled, "Oh, he is my brother Lu Li, people who are close call him Ah Li, you can call him that too."


Little Black looked at me and then glanced back at Ah Fei, "Is Ah Li the legendary... that guy?"

"En." Ah Fei nodded.

I smiled awkwardly, "Thank you for helping Ah Fei today on Flame Bamboo Ridge, if not for all of you saving him, he would be beaten up like a fool by Wine and Poems."

"Ahahaha~~~" Little Black laughed, "Since we agreed to bring him to level then we will definitely help. Not to mention Wine and Poems, even if Feng Canghai wants to kill him we will help. It is game, at most we lose a level but we can't be dogs just because of our levels."

I nodded. I started to feel that Little Black was a nice person and one of morals.

Ah Fei looked towards the other two, like Little Black one was really muscular while the other was a beauty. This should be the legendary beautiful female trainer. Ah Fei smiled, "Little Black you should introduce your two other friends right?"

Little Shu held the menu, "I shall order, let them introduce themselves, anyways we risked our lives together in the afternoon."


The muscular man smiled awkwardly, "I am that Paladin, I am called Luo Tiehan (steel man)


I broke into a laugh, "I remember that Linchen County has another guy called Man of Steel, I killed him many times..."


He smiled awkwardly, "I can't compare to him, he is the leader of a second string guild Hidden Dragon Mountain, as for me... I am just a little brother trying to survive."


At this point, the female trainer beside him said, "I am the Priest, I am Little Bell, brothers Ah Fei and Ah Li please take care of me!"

"We should, we should." Ah Fei was nearly about to drool.

Little Bell was a beauty, she had the aura and body. Her face was pretty too. Ah Fei was definitely attracted to her.

I said, "Due to my faction, I am unable to bring Ah Fei to level. All of you know that his level is so low, in the future I have to depend on all of you. As for payment, Ah Fei will definitely create enough inscriptions for all of you."

Little Black waved, "Haiya, there is no need to be so polite. We are eating together and are friends from now onwards. It is normal to train together. As for inscriptions, we will help with the materials, we definitely won't give all of you too much pressure."

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Ah Fei laughed out loud, "Let's talk about such details in the future. I need to level up if not I don't deal much damage at all..."


Everyone looked at him like they were looking at a noob.

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