Chapter 140- As expected from you
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Zhan Yue Chapter 140- As expected from you

After a full two fishes and after eating to our fill, Ah Fei paid and said, "Done. Battle of Luoyan Mountain is not over yet? Let's go online and continue to level?"

"Don't rush."

Little Black rolled his sleeves and smiled, "Ah Fei and Ah Li, head to our gym and take a look? Anyways we will see each other often so if you have gym needs then come find us. I will give you a free year card, haha~~~"


I nodded my head, "I am not in a rush to level so let's go take a look and then go home, anyways we are not too far away."

"En okay!"

Ah Fei smiled, his gaze crossed with that of the beautiful trainer Little Bell, "If I go and get a card, my trainer can only be Little Bell. If it is Little Black then I don't have any interest in gyming."

"Your sister..." Little Black facepalmed.

Little Bell smiled, "Great. When Ah Li and you come over, I can give all of you a discount."

I coughed, "Let's head over then."


A few minutes later, I arrived in the gym downstairs. It really wasn't far away and was just one to two minutes away from our district. After entering, Little Black and Luo Tiehan were like fish to water, introducing various equipment to Ah Fei and I. Especially Little Black who slapped my shoulder and smiled, "Ah Li, your body isn't strong enough. Come and train, I will train you for free!"

"Is that so?"

I glanced at him and smiled, "Little Black, you might not be stronger than me."


He stared, "Let's compare? Arm wrestle?"

"Come, who is afraid of who!"

The two of us sat down on a stool. Little Black revealed his arm and his biceps looked really terrifying. However, I didn't care. After all during this period of time I confirmed that my strength and muscles had increased. Moreover, my body had that energy that made me very different.

"Come on then!"

The two of us grabbed each other's hands. I nodded, "Let's begin!"

Many people crowded around. Some were trainers, some were gym-goers. Little Bell covered her mouth and smiled, "Good luck Ah Li, Little Black is one of the strongest here."

"Don't worry."

I looked at Little Black, "Begin!"


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Little Black used strength. Power surged up his wrist while I maintained my posture. Streaks of energy ran up my arm, it was as if steel was added to my body. All of a sudden, although Little Black used strength, but my palm didn't move at all.

"Little Black use strength!?" People around clamoured.


Little Black raised his head and looked at me in shock. He was using close to full strength and his body even started to shake but he was unable to shake my wrist. At that moment, I used strength and power exploded from my body like that of a volcano but I still added power carefully to not injure Little Black. I just strongly pressed his wrist onto the stool.


Ah Fei was shocked, "Ah Li, when did you become so strong?"

I stood up and laughed, "I am just low profile, don't think that I am weak..."

"Impossible.. Impossible..."

Little Black stood rooted to the spot, he even started to question life, "Ah Li's body is just like that and he doesn't look very muscular. How is he so strong, that is not possible..."

"What is not possible?"

Little Bell smiled, "Take the loss, don't tell me that you can't accept it~~"

Little Black scatched his head, "Okay then, I lose I lose, I admit it!"

I smiled, "Thanks for giving chance. Okay then, Ah Fei and I should go online. You guys should to, training is important."


we are going back too. Let's meet in Flame Bamboo Ridge!"

"Okay, see you in Flame Bamboo Ridge!"



I went online and appeared in Flame Bamboo Ridge once more. The moment I appeared online, a sword light slashed towards me. It was quick and vicious. I instantly used White Cloak and a large Miss appeared on my head. I sidestepped to the left and looked at the attacker. It was Wine and Poems!

"I... Will definitely kill you today!"

Wine and Poems's eyes were filled with killing intent. Once I moved right, I heard two Assaults slice through the air. Two For Dreams Paladins dashed over. I used Dark Shadow Jump and turned into a shadow, striking onto a mage behind Wine and Poems. I looked around and noticed that this entire forest was filled with a dense group of For Dreams members. There were at least 200 of them!

They actually sent so many people just to kill me!?


Three Warriors used Frost Slash and Double Hit on me from three directions and tried to protect Wine and Poems!

It was obvious that this person planned it. If I am right, their Assassin saw my coordinates so they waited here to ambush me. What a cunning person!

But, this wasn't a big problem!

Right when the three Warriors flew over, I sunk down and charged out, instantly dodging a bunch of skills. I also turned around and stabbed Frostfang towards Wine and Poems's throat.

"You are asking for death!"

Wine and Poems was definitely around first rate. The moment he treated, he stabbed his sword forwards too and used the range to open up the distance between us. I smiled. I knew that he would do that so I side stepped and attacked his left side instead of his right. Frostfang's close range attack couldn't be avoided!


I pierced through his armor instantly. Shortly after, the Frostfang effect was triggered and a wildboar tooth circled by frost rose up, piercing his body and dealing 200% damage. Right away, I didn't hesitate to use Hunter's Edge!

"Mother Hunter's Edge!"

A loud announcement spread through the air. Instantly, Wine and Poems's face turned white. Three blades pierced his body and his 10 thousand health was not enough. He knelt onto the ground. I killed him too quickly, not even giving Wang Siyu a chance to heal him.

"Pa ta!"

The moment he was killed, Wine and Poems dropped his sword. I fell forwards, picking it up before it fell to the ground. Dense arrows, spells, enchantments flew behind me. Since I couldn't run then I had to kill them, anyways I did gain experience!


Dark Shadow Jump's streak of light shone in the dark sky and I insta killed a Mage who didn't use Element Shield. I then used it again and killed a level 43 Archer!


Only Shooting God was furious, "Focus fire, don't let him jump around. Even if we all get killed we won't be able to kill him like that!"

Unfortunately, he could only scold but there was nothing else he could do.

In the next second, while skills shot towards me, I locked onto the next target. This was a Paladin who was done with 1/3 health after being stabbed by a Blood Dynasty spearman. I used Dark Shadow Jump nad killed him before locking onto and insta killing a level 44 Archer!

Great, Dark Shadow Jump was a godly skill to kill noobs. Basically I couldn't insta kill Archers, Mages with Element Shields, Enchanters and Fighters with my level 3 Dark Shadow Jump. but those players with low health and weak equipment could be killed!

Just like that, after killing 30 people, I spread my palm and a white cloak flashed behind me. I disappeared from their view and headed into the bamboo forest. The For Dreams players behind cursed but there was nothing they could do. They couldn't even chase me. After all, the level gap was too huge so they didn't even notice me.

Right at that moment, Ah Fei said, "Ah Li, you are fighting with For Dreams members again? Little Black told us to help you. What are the coordinates!"

"Don't come!"

I declined, "I can handle it alone, all of you just focus on levelling. I have insta killed Wine and Poems and no one in For Dreams can threaten me. If they don't leave then I will kill them all!"


He was speechless. He kept silent for a few seconds and then said, "As expected from you..."


Now I was finally free to take a look at the equipment. Wine and Poems dropped a level 45 Super Rare sword with decent stats, it even had a level 3 inscription. It was obvious that Ah Fei wouldn't do it for him so he must have asked someone else to complete the trade. This sword wasn't worth much but it was popular now so I should be able to gain two thousand for this.

A few minutes later, I returned and realised that the people in the west Flame Bamboo Ridge were already gone. It seemed like they knew that staying would only result in me wiping them out. Wine and Poems was the core of the guild and since he was dead, no one in For Dreams had the ability to kill me.

Great, now I could level in peace!


Continue. I summoned Orange Night and clashed with the Blood Dynasty units. At that moment, a Linchen County cavalry lead soldiers over. He glanced at me and frowned, "Why are people from Black Castle here..."

I pierced a Blood Dynasty infantry and then looked at him without saying anything.

The cavalry frowned, "Teen, although you are an undead from Black Castle but you are killing those Blood Dynasty theives. Forget it, I won't find trouble with you, be careful!"

I nodded and felt a little warm inside. There were still good people in Linchen County. It was great that he didn't end up attacking me.

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