Chapter 141- Baby you really look good
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Zhan Yue Chapter 141- Baby you really look good

The night was long and I spent it leveling.

Late at night, there was a ring. When I used Dark Shadow Jump once more, my skill column lit up. Level 4 Dark Shadow Jump, the damage also increased to 190%. One had to say that this skill was so difficult to train! But, even if it was hard I had to train it as it was a trump card skill. level 4's damage was 190%, level 5 was 200%. If I calculated it that way, level 10 Dark Shadow Jump would be 250%. With my Attack, this was the nightmare of squishy players.

At the same time, Orange Night's progression bar increased by a lot too. It was already 4% now. one had to say that the event monsters gave a lot of experience and there should be an added buff. Once Orange Night leveled up, he would go through a rebirth. The only uncertainty would be whether or not his quality would change? Did I have to head to Heaven and Earth Pavilion to find Senior Uncle Lin to refine him when he went from Grade Four to Grade Five? If that was the case then I probably needed to spend a large amount.

Forget it, I didn't bother to think so much!

Orange Night was basically the nightmare of players now. Most players didn't have any pets but I had a puppet. I was just so overpowered, no matter how much it cost, it was worth it!


Right at that moment, two bells rang in the sky and reverberated all around!


System Notification: Congratulations player Feng Canghai for successfully killing Blood Commander (Unique Grade), obtaining the first Unique Grade Boss kill, gaining rewards: Level +2, Charm +4, Reputation +16000, Gold +12000, party members obtained rewards: Level +1, Charm +2, Reputation +8000, Gold +4000!


System Notification: Congratulations player Feng Canghai for obtaining the first Guild Creation Token in the server!



Ah Fei was shocked, "A Guild Creation Token dropped?"

I was a little shocked too, "I saw people from Elements in Blood Dynasty's camp. I didn't expect that after a few hours they would actually kill a Unique Grade Boss. Moreover this Boss even dropped a Guild Creation Token."


Ah Fei said, "Dark Purple Bosses have started to drop Guild Creation Token, but logically speaking the drop rate shouldn't be high. This Feng Canghai actually got it from the first kill, how lucky must he be?"


I smiled, "Who cares, it has nothing to do with us."

"Elements would probably be the biggest in Linchen County." Ah Fei was worried, "They did have a great name before, now they would become the first in server to create a guild. Many experts would definitely join them and in the future, they would be in charge of Linchen County."

"Does that have anything to do with us?"

I laughed, "You are doing your Inscriber business while I am doing my Darkness Faction business. Elements has nothing to do with us. If they offend us, we will fight them then."

"Right, hehe~~"

"Go and level, after getting to level 40, try to get level 4 inscription technique."



Along with Orange Night, I spent the time at the border, hunting down Blood Dynasty units. I trained until 12 and when I looked at the rankings, it seemed like I had risen--

1. Lin Xi Level 53 Warrior (Dawn Camp)

2. July Wildfire Level 51 Assassin (Darkness Faction)

3. Feng Canghai Level 52 Warrior

4. Old Mountain Level 51 Archer

5. Bright Moon Level 50 Archer

6. Follow Heart Level 50 Mage

7. Breaking Dawn Ash Level 50 Warrior

8. Mars River Level 51 Mage

9. Breaking Dawn Destruction Level 50 Assassin

10. Dragonheart Level 49 Mage


I went from third,

up to second. Feng Canghai who had just killed the Unique Grade Boss dropped to third. As for the others, there weren't many changes. Wine and Poems who was tenth dropped out because he was killed twice by me and was replaced by someone called Dragonheart.

Linchen County was just a county and in the entire server, there were dozens of such. Above the counties were the four secondary cities, they were the four cities of the four provinces of Xuanyuan Empire: Wannan City, Winter Sun City, Linan City, Bright Lake City. Above them were the two main cities, Fan Shu City and Ba Huang City. They were cities that lasted since ancient tmes and were the two main cities of Destiny.

Now, just one Linchen County had such intense competition. In the future when we reached province level, it would definitely be more intense!

En, Ah Fei and I were like two fat fishes in the huge wave of the game, we called ourselves Legends of the Lake, trying our best to swim and fight back against the current. If we weren't careful we would get swallowed. Even if I was slightly famous now, but I had to continue if not I would be eliminated. The game was just so cruel.

Right at that moment, a bell rang in the sky. Finally, the reaosn why Feng Canghai dropped from second to third in the rankings was revealed--


System Notification: Congratulations player Feng Canghai for establishing the guild Elements!


Elements was an official guild now and it wasn't an organisation like before made up of many parties. With a guild, not only would they have guild quests, guild buffs and guild experience, members would have many benefits. The game and social life would be connected and this was the charm of an online game.

Seconds later, there was another bell which came from Feng Canghai's open broadcast--


System Notification (Player Feng Canghai): Brothers and sisters, Elements has officially been created! I think that people who are familiar with Elements should know what kind of team we are. Right, we are a wolf legion, a team that can't be won and conquered. We are swift like the wind, luscious like the forest, invade like fire and immovable like mountains. This is Elements's spirit, it is our indominable will! From now onwards, Elements is open to the entire Linchen County. Anyone interested can join us! We don't discriminate job or background. We don't care what job you are or where you come from, as long as you are above level 47 and Combat strength is above 1800, you can contact any management level player! Come, join us, become a true king!


"As expected..."

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Ah Fei added, "Feng Canghai is best not because of his skill but his charm. Many people are willing to follow him because he is direct and is fair, giving him a good reputation in the server. Moreover in terms of managing players, he is an expert. He took over from Q-Sword and is really strong and has good eq. Many girls say that he is the perfect god. Haiz, to be born at the same time as such a person... I am so disgusted! ! !"


I nearly cried, "If you are jealous then just say it, stop launching personal attacks! I think that Feng Canghai... He is not bad and he is indeed strong. He caused fatal threats to me many times and is worth his position as becoming one of the strongest players."


Ah Fei was speechless, "Brother, are you just going to watch as he gets the top goddess Lin Xi? You have seen her before, can you let that happen? Damn, such a beauty is about to get taken by Feng Canghai, how can you allow that?"

"Why not?"

I said, "I am not someone that likes someone based on looks. Lin Xi is pretty but she is my enemy. Truthfully, I don't have any other thoughts about her, I just want to defeat her to take revenge!"

"Damn, you really are weird."

Ah Fei gave a weird smile, "What do you mean by not such a person. You make Lin Xi sound like she is worthless now but if you had a chance to get her, you will still take her into your arms right? Hahaha~~~"


I laughed too, "I am not such a pervert like you, I am a person with goals!"



I said seriously, "Ah Fei, I am not unhappy that Lin Xi got taken by someone else. But Old Han disappearing just like that, as his brother, can you take it?"

Ah Fei was stunned, "Damn... Why did you suddenly say that? Are you playing Illusionary Moon because..."


I nodded my head and said word by word, "I can't take it, I... I will do anything to find Old Han!"


Ah Fei was rarely so serious, "Although I am a small character but if you want to find him, I shall do so alongside you. Even if I get crushed to pieces I won't regret it!"

"Good brother!"

"Good brother should eat supper together. I want to eat little lobsters again."

"Hahaha your sister~~ Sure, let's eat together later and then sleep for 6 hours and then continue. I need to ensure that I am third and maybe try to defeat Lin Xi and get first!"

"Sure, good luck!"


In just a moment, we went offline. We went to the same place and ate an expensive meal before returning. It was already 2pm. We adjusted the clock before falling asleep.

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