Chapter 142- Right General Bai Jian
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Zhan Yue Chapter 142- Right General Bai Jian

Next morning, I woke up early.

After eating a breakfast of soybean milk and egg pancake, Ah Fei and I sat next to each other on the sofa and went online. Moreover I also chose a comfortable pillow and placed my helmet on. Data covered my screen and under the system elf Little Shu's leadership, I read it. With a bright light, I appeared in Flame Bamboo Ridge.

"Du du du~~~"

Beneath the mountain, one could hear dense horse hooves thumping the ground. The humans of Luoyan Fortress were about to counter attack. A guy in red armor held a sword and rode on a war horse. He led a sea of cavalry and launched his attacks on the Blood Dynasty army ahead!

Was the war starting?

I used White Cloak to go invisible and walked forwards. I saw that the human NPCs on the ridge were all stunned. An Archer holding a bow trembled, "Great, it is the Marquis's Bahuang Iron Cavalry, hehehe... The county's most elite cavalry, they will definitely teach those bastards from Blood Dynasty a good lesson!"


The NPC clenched his fist excitedly, "The one at the front is the Marquis's trusted cavalry captain Lin Hong, hahaha... Since Sir Lin Hong is personally leading the expedition, Blood Dynasty is in trouble."

"Hahaha, how can our Xuanyuan Empire's Yuandong Province be offended and attacked by Blood Dynasty?"

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The bunch of people discussed excitedly as I went down the hill. The Bahuang Iron Cavalry led by Lin Hong were smashing into the Blood Dynasty's shields. These cavalry were really strong and the impact was really terrifying. After smashing past the shields, their swords and spears pierced forth. "Pu pu pu" as they stabbed into their bodies, drawing streaks of blood. Within a short time, Blood Dynasty's troops were being totally surpressed.

"Human race army, you really are arrogant! !"

In the Blood Dynasty crowd, a man in long robe jumped up. His body was like a leopard in the air, blood waves wrapped around his palms and energy surged. It was actually a Blood Dynasty Elder Level expert. He slapped down with his palms and shouted, "What Bahuang Cavalry Legion, all of you get crushed!"


His palm strength turned into a blood colored flood which descended from above. Instantly, dozens of cavalry and horses were crushed into meat pate. He stood in mid air and with a giant "peng", he released a blood colored whirlpool in the crowd, causing a bunch of cavalry to spit out blood. Those slightly weaker ones lost all their health, falling off their horses and dying just like that.

"Monster, prepare to die!"

The moment he attacked, a person appeared on his left. It was Lin Hong who was dressed in fire red war armor. He slashed down heavily and shouted, "This is our Yuandong Province border, who allows you to behave like this here!?"

"Nice timing!"

The Blood Dynasty elder laughed and pushed forwards. Sword energy and palm energy clashed and gave out a deafening roar. But in the next moment, Lin Hong disappeared from the wind. So quick! In the next second, he appeared behind the Blood Dynasty elder. His sword pierced his body protecting blood energy and came out of his chest!


The elder whose aura was really strong felt like a deflated ballon. He wanted to say something but Lin Hong's gaze turned cold, "Die!"


Sword energy exploded and his entire sword handle was shaking, shattering the elder's body!

"So brutal..."

I frowned. The battle was too intense, it was as if a real war was occuring in front of me. The momentum from the cavalry, the blood energy from the Blood Dynasty expert, all of them could be seen right in front of me!

"Counter attack!"

Lin Hong jumped up,

he landed on horseback like a leaf and pointed his sword forwards, "Infantry, Archer, pincer them from the sides and clear them out, wipe out all these Blood Dynasty scum!"

"Yes sir!"

After this regimental commander appeared, it seemed like the entire situation had changed.


But right at that moment, blood clouds rolled in the night sky. An aura that made one feel suppressed suddenly appeared. A teen holding a sword could be seen and each step he took, a blood cloud would appear beneath his feet. His body was filled with sharp killing intent as he stared at Lin Hong and laughed coldly, "I was wondering who it was, so it was the dog that Marquis Lin Huang raised! Lin Hong, you should have died in Blood Ocean four years ago. I didn't expect you to still be alive!"

"En? !"

Lin Hong looked up and gritted his teeth. He shouted in rage, "Chen Xing, you animal. If not for your sneak attack, the Marquis wouldn't have lost his deputy. Today I will take revenge!"

"Is that so?"

Chen Xing's introduction said that he was one of Dust Country's Blood Cloak Elders. Blood energy surged around him and he laughed coldly, "Lin Hong, you are just at max Heaven Realm, who gives you the right to behave arrogantly in front of a Spiritual Ruin Realm expert? Scram, tell your Marquis to come, you have no right to challenge me!"

"Is that so? How would you know if I don't try?"

Lin Hong shouted and jumped up from horseback. An eye-catching light exploded from his sword and in a blink of an eye, that sword was dozens of meters longer. It was like a sun in the night sky, merging with heaven and earth and becoming extremely strong. He slashed forwards, "Give me your life!"

"Scoff, although you can control the power of heaven and earth, but it still isn't enough."

Chen Xing's eyes were filled with killing intent and sword light flashed across, passing through Lin Hong's sword veil. At the same time, Xin Cheng's body started to buzz. Spiritual Ruins appeared within his body, this was why Spiritual Ruin Realm experts were strong, they could use the power of the Spiritual Ruin!


A sword pierced through the armor. In just one round, Lin Hong's chest was bleeding. He spat out fresh blood and flew backwards.

"Take a look."

Chen Xing still stood proudly like he had won and smiled, "The gap between us is huge. Lin Huang actually sent you to die, so heartless!"

"Shut up!"

Lin Hong stumbled from the ground and his body was covered in dirt. He shook himself, using the sword to help himself up, "The marquis has helped me so much, how can I allow you to insult him!"

"Loyal dimwit, there is no point in such a person living. Just die!"

Chen Xing shouted in rage and his sword swept through the air. On the tip wasn't sword erergy but blood colored annihilatin energy. It was like a wave sweeping the crowd. All of a sudden human soldiers cried. Archers and infantry knelt onto the ground. Xin Cheng's strike evaporated their blood and they instantly turned into dry corpses.

Streaks of blood energy gathered and was sucked into his mouth. He laughed out loud, "Human race's blood energy and souls, they really are... Delicious! Delicious! Hahaha~~~~"

My head felt so numb from all of this. Blood Dynasty's cultivation method was just unacceptable.

in the crowd, Lin Hong gritted his teeth as he held his sword. He used his douqi to prevent the invasion of blood energy but his body's energy was still being absorbed. He would probably end up like those normal soldiers in a while.

At that moment, a noble voice spread from the sky--

"If you don't know death, you won't respect the heavens."

"You only know how to steal the cultivation rewards from others. Stupid blood cultivation, all of you are just vampires!"

"Since that is the case then there is no need for Blood Dynasty to exist!"


On the ground, a streak of red dashed out from the forest. It was a burning bone horse and on it was a general holding a blood colored spear. His body was covered in black armor and he wore an iron face shield such that one couldn't see his face. But the death energy told everyone of his strength. Right at that moment, the words above his head appeared into my field of sight--

Nether Right General Bai Jian (Legendary Boss)


Black Castle's Right Camp Commander was here!


Instantly, Bai Jian jumped up, his body wrapped in black colored death laws. He charged above Xin Cheng and pointed with his spear, "Bring your useless soldiers and scram, if not you will die!"

"Bai... Bai Jian!"

Chen Xing's voice was trembling but he still laughed with a cold gaze, "Just a Black Castle commander, what rights do you have to order me around. Who are you?"

"It seems like you have chosen death."

Bai Jian swept with his spear and opened up a death domain which locked up all life force. A simple spear just landed onto Chen Xing's sword!


This strike caused Chen Xing to fall ten meters down!


In the wind, Chen Xing's Spiritual Ruin started to tremble and his blood energy started to get chaotic. He shouted in rage, "This battle is between Blood Dynasty and Xuanyuan Empire, what does it have to do with Black Castle? !"

"Because we are enemies too!"

Bai Jian shouted and waved his spear once more. It felt as if everything was swallowed by the spear. Even if I was weak, but I could still feel that this move was really hard to defend against. It was totally impossible to defend.


This strike forced Chen Xing's sword back and the sharp spear sliced into Chen Xing's shoulder.


Under the iron mask, Bai Jian's gaze was cold, "You have just stepped into Spiritual Ruin Realm and haven't even comprehended its essence. You are just in a hurry to die. If Blood Dynasty's Blood Cloak Elders only have this bit of skill then you blood cultivators are finished."


Chen Xing shouted in rage, "Bai Jian you are too arrogant!"


Bai Jian pressed his halberd down and instantly there were loud rumbling sounds. He used his Spiritual Ruin power and directly split Chen Xing into two!


His body exploded into many pieces.


I was stunned, an orange Boss was ended just like that? A battle between NPCs was truly far more bloody than those of human battles!

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