Chapter 143- Last minute overtake
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Zhan Yue Chapter 143- Last minute overtake


Lin Hong held his sword and looked at Bai Jian who had just killed Chen Xing with a complicated expression. The current him was filled with reluctance and humiliation. A Linchen County commander was actually saved by a Black Castle death cultivator. This time Linchen County definitely lost their face.

"No need to look at me."

Bai Jan glanced at Lin Hong and said, "Tell your men to launch their strongest attack. Our Black Castle troops will assist you from the west. You and I-- Will have a battle sooner or later, culivate well, at least you will be able to fight back then!"


Lin Hong continued to support his body while the human race generals helped him up the horse. He pointed his sword forwards and shouted, "Continue to attack, chase Blood Dynasty out from our land!"


The human race army as well as a dense group of players started to attack. From my own point of view, I saw that there were a bunch of Elements emblems connected as one. Feng Canghai and the others had returned and rejoined hte battle. At this moment, Elements had became the brightest player faction in the battlefield.

Between the Elements and Breaking Dawn camps, a few familiar people appeared. At the front was a beautiful Warrior who was charging all about. She tossed skills into the Blood Dynasty crowd. This was Lin Xi. Her team was made up of Archer Bright Moon as well as the gentle and cute Mage Follow Heart. Although there was just a few of them, but they were able to hold onto a five meter long defence line. They were really strong!

Forget about it, it was time for my all out attack. I was going to get some achievement points at the final moments of this event.


I glanced and realised that I had fallen to 4th in the rankings. Lin Xi was still first, Feng Canghai was second and Elements's top Archer Old Mountain was third. They were all monsters. So whether or not I could reenter top three before the event ended depended on my performance!

I headed to the left wing of Blood Dynasty and used Orange Night to attack. I activated Blood Drawing Blade and Soul Star Explosion and started the grind. Especially after Soul Star Explosion was used, I was killing monsters as easy as cutting vegetables. I felt no pressure at all and danced with Frostfang. Frostfang effect triggered multiple times as I destroyed Blood Dynasty troops.

A short while into the fight, I heard a roar from beside me. A familiar person appeared. He scratched the crowd with his claws. Right when a bunch of Blood Dynasty spearman charged forwards, he turned around and the saint-like energy of his body peaked. He formed a green qilin body around him and with a Qilin Fist, he caused the bunch of them to disappear!

Amazing. Two Balls had improved by so much and was starting to look like an expert!

"July Wildfire!"

He laughed out loud, "You have been killing Blood Dynasty noobs here?"

"Right, what about you?" I asked.

He smiled, "Not long ago, I joined the Wind Cloud Platform challenge and got first. I represented Wind Cloud Platform for the first time, hehe!"

"And then you were killed?" I smiled as I asked.

His face flushed red, "En, although I killed many people but those adventurers were so problematic. In the end, I was not strong enough and lost!"

"Scoff, that was expected."

I smiled, "Good luck!"


Thus, Orange Night and I continued to slay them. Not long later, Orange Night gained Black Castle members' attention. After Dong Yuanbai used Wind Cloud Palm, he stared at Orange Night solemnly and said, "Senior Brother, this puppet... Is it the legendary Grade Four puppet? It is so strong!"

"Of course, it is amazing right?" I smiled and asked.


He added, "How did Senior Brother get him?"

"From Heaven and Earth Pavilion's Senior Uncle Lin. Aren't you his disciple?"


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Dong Yuanbai was troubled, "Although I am his disciple,

but Heaven and Earth Pavilion has rules. One can't give Battle Puppets to normal disciples unless one was really strong. I asked several times but Master rejected me."


I was speechless. It seemed like I was able to buy Orange Night because of my great fortune. This also showed how precious Battle Puppets were and that there were only a handful of people who had them in Black Castle.

"But, I have something else!"

Dong Yuanbai laughed and opened his palm, "Come my cutie, let Blood Dynasty see how strong you are!"


A blood colored star exploded and in the next moment, a middle aged man appeared. He held a blade and his body was covered in a blood red color. he charged into the crowd and started to wave his blade around. Blood Dynasty's troops were caught off guard. As for me, I frowned. Although this guy's blade techniques were sharp and nimble but I actually sensed that he wasn't a living being!

"Zombie?" I asked.


Dong Yuanbai was proud and smiled, "Battle Puppets cost too much precious materials so they are hard to get. As for Battle Zombies they are much simpler. A strong corpse, a Soul Returning Talisman and also a formation and one can form a zombie. Although I don't have a puppet but Master gave me this one. It is strong right?"


My mouth twitched, "Go help him, your zombie is being shot at!"


Dong Yuanbai raised his head. As expected, this zombie was riddled in holes by their archers. Its health had dropped to 30%. This Battle Zombie was strong but its lifeforce couldn't compare to that of the Battle Puppet. Conservatively speaking, Orange Night could fight 100 of such!

As for White Bird...

I lowered my head and looked at my bag. White Bird had turned into a beautiful tall laying in the corner. She gave off no aura at all but I actually sensed that she moved slightly. This puppet was too mysterious. From her broken arm and damaged heart, one could tell that she was different.. Compared to her, Orange Night was a proper Battle Puppet. As for White Bird, she was like a teen that had fallen into deep sleep. Who knew what she went through... No one knew what she was, at least I didn't.

Who cared, levelling was more important!

Continue to kill!

Not long later, "Shua", a golden rain bathed my body and I levelled up. I was level 52!

I battled until 11am and squeezed Old Mountain back to 4th. I was third, just lower than Feng Canghai. However, to exceed him was still a little tough.

There was nothing I could do but ask Orange Night to work harder!


He swept his spear forwards. Orange Night's strikes were often AOE attacks and he was great at killing monsters. Since the event started, when I was online he was fighting so his health wasn't full. From 100% to the current 24%. He looked like he could fight for a while longer. Once the event ended, I will just head to Senior Uncle Lin to repair him.

But when I thought about the repair fees, my head felt numb. It cost over a thousand gold to repair Orange Night previously. Based on current gold prices, that was 4000 RMB per repair. In other words, just keeping Orange Night healthy was a huge expenditure. Fortunately my ranking was high and the gold rewards from the event should be enough. If it wasn't, at least I had Ah Fei who was earning endless amounts of money.

Speaking of money, since Ah Fei started level 3 inscriptions, we hadn't lacked money anymore. As a result, Ah Fei was getting arrogant. He acted like he was rich, making me grind my teeth!


Continue to attack!

I didn't even bother about lunch. Ah Fei brought some lunch boxes back which I wolved down before going back online. I had to get back to 2nd spot before the event ended!

Just like that, my daggers ended up with only 20% durability. As for my equipment, they were all red. Unfortunately, Black Castle didn't have any repair shops in the frontlines. The good thing was that Blood Dynasty was being forced back and both Black Castle and the humans were in their camp. Once they get forced out, this event should end.


Along with the sounds of cannons, Blood Dynasty's final camp was turned into a sea of flames. The remaining troops escaped. Just at that moment, a loud bell rang in the sky. The event was finally over!


System Notification: Congratulations everyone, Battle of Luoyan Mountain has ended because of all your heroics! Congratulations player Lin Xi for getting first place, obtaining rewards: Level +2, Charm +3, Reputation +30000, Gold +10000. She also obtained extra rewards Pheonix Bracers (Precious Grade). Congratulations player July Wildfire for getting second place, obtained rewards: Level +2, Charm +3, Contribution points +500000, Gold +8000. He also obtained extra rewards, Burning Bone Necklace (Precious Grade). Congratulations player Feng Canghai for getting third, obtained rewards: Level +2, Charm +3, Reputation +18000, Gold +5000. He also obtained rewards, Burning Flame Armor (Precious Grade). Other players in the top ten are: Old Mountain, Breaking Dawn Destruction, Breaking Dawn Ash, Follow Heart, Mars River, Breaking Dawn Destruction, Dragonheart. All players will obtain rewards. Please continue to work hard and fight for light and hope!


I was actually second!

My mind went blank. I was third a few seconds ago, did I overtake him during the last moment? Not bad not bad, I had 8000 more gold that could be used for Orange Night's upkeep. This was a huge win! Moreover, Burning Bone Necklace should be better than Burning Flame ARmor. The gap in rewards between second and third did seem quite obvious.

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