Chapter 144- Cant you just order properly
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Zhan Yue Chapter 144- Cant you just order properly

I was delighted and rushed to open my bag. I noticed that there was an exquisite necklace laying at the corner. The necklance was wrapped in purple death energy and it looked quite scary. At the end was a shining gold crystal skull which looked like it came from a beast. I held it in my hands and it gave a warm feeling. I reached out and its stats appeared--

Burning Bone Necklace (Precious Grade)

Strength: +110

Agility: +102

Stamina: +90

Effect: Critical Strike +0.5%

Effect: Lifesteal +2.5%

Effect: Burning Bone, blood and bone burns to raise one's Attack by 300.

Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 28%

Bonus: Raise user's Defence by 26%

Required level: 54


A super good necklace had been produced just like that!

It added both Strength and Agility while also giving Critical Strike and lifesteal. Just these four stats were enough. in the end, there was even a burning bone effect which raised my Attack by 300. This was what made it the most overpowered thing. One could say that just one necklace could raise my Attack to a whole new level. Perfect!

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I sucked in a deep breath and was extremely excited. I wore it right away and switched it for the Blood Grievance Necklace. My stats increased nad I instantly became the happiest person in the world. Of the top three rewards, I got a necklace, Lin Xi got a purple bracers, Feng Canghai got a purple armor. Although I was second but I was the biggest winner. After all, necklaces and rings had the lowest drop rate and the chances of a top quality one was even lower. THe price of Burning Bone Necklace was probably higher than both of their equipments added together!

This event went absolutely perfect for me!

"Ah Li!"

Ah Fei laughed out loud, "I didn't expect you to get second, damn! How are the Burning Bone Necklace stats like?"

"I will send it to you."

I screenshotted the equipment to him and he was stunned right away, "Damn.. The stats are so good? The burning bone effect is something all physical attack players crave for! Damn, a necklace actually provides so many stats, it is so overpowered, tsk tsk... You really got dogshit lucky!"

I was speechless, "The heavens love me, I am not dogshit lucky."

"You really are shameless... Do you want me to inscribe your necklace?"

"Of course, one more line of stats and it would be even more overpowered."

"No no no..."

He said solemnly, "I recommend you wait. I am about to reach level 4 and my inscription skill level is actually at level 4 already. I shall inscribe it for you once I reached level 4, let's not waste it."


I agreed, "You are right. Only a level 4 inscription is worthy of such a perfect necklace. So can we go have dinner now? I am about to die from hunger."

"Me too, let's go offline and eat!"



I turned around and looked at the battlefield. Humans and Black Castle troops were clearing up the battlefield. It was as if both sides had an understanding not to clash with each other. Black Castle didn't have many troops, the right camp only had 10 thousand here while Bahuang Marquis led over 100 thousand. In truth, the humans were far stronger. However, Bai Jian killing Chen Xing shocked everyone from Linchen County such that they didn't dare to do anything towards the Black Castle troops.

There was no need for me here. Time to return to the city!


I tore a City Return Scroll and in the next moment, my body was wrapped up in a golden light. I teleported back to Black Castle and went offline.

I took off my helmet and sucked in a breath of fresh air. Ah Fei took his helmet off too and smiled, "So amazing. I thought you were just lucky at first, I didn't expect your achievements points to exceed Feng Canghai and actually get so close to Lin Xi.

You brat... You are a god who is able to battle against those players who are frontrunners to being the next strongest player!"

"I aren't a god, I am just trying my best."

"Eh, you are acting cool aren't you?"

"Hahaha, let's go eat. What should we eat?"

"Chaoshan Beef Hotpot?"

"Let's go!"

Ten minutes later, Chaoshan Beef Hotpot.

The boss had a fujian accent and smiled, "Ah Fei you haven't visited my small store in a long time, what have you been busy with?"

"I have been gaming."

Ah Fei ordered while smiling, "Illusionary Moon. Boss you should have heard of it right?"

"I have heard about it, there are posters of it on the walls too so how would I have not heard about it. Two days ago I bought a helmet for my daughter but I am also afraid it would affect her studies, haiz...."

"Affect studies?"

Ah Fei was stunned, "Didn't I last hear that she graduated from university?"

"Right, she is studying for her masters."

"Then it won't affect anything..."

"It will still." The boss was a little worried and said, "She wasn't at a great university and her studies were so-so. I am afraid she won't be able to find a job and won't be able to do anything when the time comes."

Ah Fei laughed, "Boss I am going to change your views. Studies have nothing to do with success. Someone from MIT returned and in the end he is still gaming with me every night and then after playing he is eating hotpot with me. Do you think such a person is successful?"

I touched my nose and said, "F** your mother, can't you just order the dishes?"

The boss was shocked and looked at me, "Handsome brother, you... You studied at MIT?"

"Ah... En..."

I nodded my head and didn't know what to say.

But the way the uncle looked at me was different.


After eating, I returned home with my body smelling like hotpot. It was 7pm and I felt like I could still work a little more. After drinking a can of coke I went online.


I appeared in the Heaven and Earth Pavilion teleportation formation and my equipment were pretty much all red. My durability was all empty. I said towards the repair short nearby. With a "keng", I lost 35 gold and repaired all my equipment! Assassins were a little better. Leather and daggers didn't cost much to repair. If I had heavy armor and swords, the repair costs would be no less than 100 gold.

So to the various factions, the most important matter was the upkeep of heavy armored jobs. As the game goes on, the mount system would be released. Paladins and Warriors will become legendary cavalry jobs. Be it the upkeep of horses or repairing of equipment, one had to spend a lot of money to raise a bunch of iron cavalry.

After which, I brought Orange Night into Lin Fengnian's hall. After I stepped in, I smiled, "Senior Uncle Lin, good afternoon~~"

Lin Fengnian's mouth twitched, "You brat, what do you want to do?"

"I am taking care of your business, what else!"

I summoned Orange Night whose health was nearly empty, "Senior Uncle Lin my Battle Puppet is spoilt once more, take a look... How much does it cost for you to help me repair it?"


He pointed at Orange Night's body and said, "You kid! This Grade Four battle puppet is really strong and even Heaven Realm expert's full strike wouldn't spoil it. But each time you come it is nearly destroyed. What are you doing with it, robbing people?"

"No no no..."

I shook my head, "I am using it to uphold justice."

"I am stupid if I believe you."

He continued to knock, "To completely repair it, you need 1521 gold, hand me the money."

It was actually more expensive than last time. Maybe a core part was spoiled but it didn't matter, I just took out the money, "Great, keep the money well Senior Uncle!"

Hua la, a heavy bag of money fell into Lin Fengnian's hands. He gave a satisfied smile, "Eh, I can buy a batch of resources from the god hall, great~~"

As he said that, he took dozens of materials and merged them. In the end with a "shua", Orange Night was brand new. As expected from the refining master of Black Castle, his skills were so much better than that of Ah Fei!

I walked out of Heaven and Earth Pavilion.

My equipment were all brand new and Orange Night was at 100% health. Along with the Burning Bone Necklace that I just got, I was back to peak combat strength. Unfortunately, if I went to challenge Sealed God Temple level 81, I probably didn't have much chance at all. I needed to get a little stronger.

En, let's look at the material problem. I said towards Ah Fei, "Send the level 4 inscription technique recipe to me."


Not long later, he sent the list over--

True Essence Ink (Lv-4): True Essence Stone, Wind Flame Cinnabar, Essence Nurturing Grass, Moon Essence Bee Sting


"I have actually not heard of a single one of them."

I frowned, "Ah Fei, how many can you buy at Linchen County?"

"Wind Flame Cinnabar and Essence Nurturing Grass." He smiled, "I saw it a long time ago. Both Wind Flame Cinnabar and Essence Nurturing Grass are quite expensive. Just Wind Flame Cinnabar and Essence Nurturing Grass would cost 50G for one level 4 inscription. If we fail too many times, we might even lose money. But once gold devaluates, it should be much better."

"Right, it is really important to level the skill up." I nodded, "Since you are the only Inscriber now, you have to level up and make yourself famous. Spending money for that isn't a problem."

"Okay, go and collect your material. I will go level, I am about to reach level 40 soon."


I sucked in a deep breath. Time to find True Essence Stone first. Who knew where I could get this thing from. I opened the Illusionary Moon forums and keyed in the words True Essence Stone. In the end, there was no data at all. When I keyed in True Essence, what I got were a bunch of player IDs. It seemed like I would get no help from the forums.

Thus, I came to Wind Cloud Platform. Asking my Master was the best solution!

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