Chapter 145- Taste my Orange Night
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Zhan Yue Chapter 145- Taste my Orange Night


In the air, the clouds circled and formed into Ding Heng's spiritual body. His white robe danced in the wind and it made him look very celestial-like. He touched his beard and smiled, "Little fellow, what would you like to ask?"

"True Essence Stone."

I laughed out loud, "I need such materials badly. Does Master know here to find True Essence Stones?"

"As for this..."

He thought about it and said, "True Essence Stone is a stone that contains spiritual energy from heaven and earth and will only be born in a place with thick spiritual energy. I travelled the world when I was young and passed many areas and have seen many True Essence Stones. But... I have forgotten about most of the locations."

As he said that, he touched his forehead, "Master is old."

I was speechless, "That is okay, even if Master is old, I will take care of you. That's fine..."

He laughed out loud, "Right, I recall it. The place I saw it most recently is in Lightning Forest in the east of Qilin Mountain. However, that place is a chaotic land and is located between Dimension legion, Blood Dynasty and Black Castle. Once you go there, you might meet Blood Dynasty cultivators and even meet those demons. You must be prepared."

I said, "I am Ding Heng's disciple, do I need to fear them?"

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Ding Heng laughed and stroked his moustache, "Go, Lightning Forest might be a great cultivation place and you can practice your skills and fighting ability."


I nodded my head, "Right Master. I heard some rumors that said that Black Castle and the Dimension Legion has came to an agreement and that our Soul Refining Furnaces are for them. Have we formed an alliance with them? So if I meet those demons in Lightning Forest, can I kill them?"

"You have to kill them!"

I had never seen Ding Heng so serious before, "Kid, you must remember that they are the source of all evil and are our enemy. Due to the situation, we had no choice but to compromise. But if you head out of Black Castle, those demons would hunt you down. So if you see them, don't hesitate and just kill them!"


I nodded my head and smiled, "Master then I shall be going now!"




I stepped into the teleportation and paid 10 gold. In the next moment, I appeared near to Qilin Mountain Battlefield. The map in front of me was a patch of red and there were large amounts of troops here. On close look, their flags had a bone dragon pattern on it. This was Black Castle's left camp and they seem to be in battle with an enemy. However, Qilin Mountain wasn't the place that I wanted to go. I entered White Cloak and opened the map. Lightning Forest was near to the east so I just walked there.

Ten minutes later, I passed through several shrubs and maple trees. Further ahead, a dense forest appeared in front of me. Clouds covered the sky above and from afar, many precious flowers covered the area around. As expected, this was a place with thick spiritual energy. But at this time, the Spiritual Ruin in my body started to buzz. Did it sense danger?

Forget it, head in first!

"Sha sha..."

I bent down and pushed aside the leaves as I entered Lightning Forest. Ahead of me was a ground covered in white wild flowers. A stone piece that protruded from the ground had a plant tangled around it and at the top of it was a stone that was wrapped with pure white essence energy. Without thinking, I knew that this was the legendary True Essence Stone!

"Is it that easy?"

I licked my lips and got close with my daggers. When I was ten yards from it, I could confirm that it was it. When I locked onto it, the words "True Essence Stone Lv-4" appeared above the stone. It was a refining material and anyone could collect it as long as they didn't get killed afterwards.

It was there!

I walked forwards and raised my Frostfang. With a "keng", I took the True Essence Stone from the stone piece.


System notification: Congratulations, you have obtained True Essence Stone x3!


I actually got three at once? Not bad not bad!

Right at that moment, my body shook and I felt like my aura was locked onto. A dark voice spread out from the air, "Friend, this True Essence Stone does not belong to you. Hand it out and I will let you live!"

I raised my head and noticed a teen dressed in blood colored robe and held an iron trident. He smiled coldly like he had seen through my stealth, "Put down the True Essence Stone and scram out of Lightning Forest. This is not a place that you should come to. Put it down quickly and stop making mistakes!"

"Is that so?"

I smiled and looked at him. At that moment, I confirmed his identity--

Chen Qian (Quasi Precious Grade Boss)

Level: 55

Attack: 1650-2250

Defence: 1400

Health: 200000

Skill: Health Burn, Drill Attack, Arrogance

Introduction: Chen Qian, Blood Dynasty Dust Country's young cultivator, he is really talented.


Level 55 quasi Boss?

I laughed, I was really getting lucky. Quasi Bosses had much weaker stats than Bosses, especially in terms of health. Level 55 quasi bosses had less than 1/7 of a normal boss which made them much easier to kill. Moreover, their experience exceeded that of normal monsters. Since he was so arrogant, then it was time for him to turn into my experience and contribution points!

I looked at him and played around with the True Essence Stone in my hands. My smile was filled with provocation, "True Essence Stone is with me, if you have skill then come take it. If you have no skill then scram, this True Essence Stone doens't have your name on it!"

"You are asking for death!"

His gaze turned cold and he jumped off the tree. He held his steel trident with his hands and blood energy exploded. Instantly the trident spun around and he used Drill Attack. I activated Soul Star Explosion and jumped forwards. I used White Cloak+ Annihilation on his body and with a loud "Peng", one Annihilation took out 50 thousand health. That was 25% of his health.


It was obvious that he didn't expect my attacks to be so vicious. He spun around and opened his arms, spinning the trident in front of his chest, "Taste my Arrogance!"


I stepped onto a tree branch and looked down on him from above. A puppet appeared in my hands and tossed it down coldly, "Taste my Orange Night!"


An orange light shone in the night sky. With a "peng", Orange Night appeared in front of Chen Qian and I. He pulled out his spear and the light surged into a sky. With a loud "peng", he smashed downwards and as Orange Night's attacks were too strong, he hit both of them into the ground. I even suspected that Orange Night could deal with this quasi Boss alone!

But my damage was still really important. I had to let Orange Night take less damage as after all, all that damage was money!

Hunter's Edge!

Separated by water!


Dragon Will!

All sorts of skills were used. Along with Orange Night's attacks, in less than a minute his health bar was emptied. The moment Frostfang effect was triggered, there was a "puchi" as I stabbed into his body, taking away his last bit of health!


Battle notification: Congratulations for killing Chen Qian (Quasi Precious Grade Boss), obtained 200000 experience points, 4000 contribution points! Your Orange Night (Grade Four), obtained 99999 experience points!


Orange Night took a portion of the experience but that was okay as his level was important too. It was even more important than mine as I had to rely on him as a tank in the future

"huala", Chen Qian fell to the ground and dropped a few gold as well as a dark green equipment. This was an Excellent Grade equipment and could only be sold for a few cents. But I had a big bag space so I just tossed it in. Continue to search for True Essence Stone!

I walked forwards a short distance and beneath an old vine, two stone pieces stood. Each one of them had a True Essence Stone chiselled to it.

This was great!

This place was pretty much a playground! But this time no one disturbed me. I think Chen Qian was depending on the True Essence Stone to cultivate. He didn't take them maybe because the connection of the True Essence Stone with the stone pieces could suck out spiritual energy from the earth.

I didn't mind as I was here to collect materials!


Just like that, after collecting dozens of True Essence Stone, suddenly a blood red light descended from above. A vicious voice spread through the wind, "How can Black Castle people come to Lightning Forest, die!"

I raised my head and saw a Blood Dynasty teen flying down from above. He opened his palms and streaks of blood energy surged. He formed a giant blood whirlpool and smashed it down onto me.

Good timing!

I laughed out loud. Experience and contribution points were here. I jumped up right into the air and used White Cloak. I dodged his palm and used Annihilation into his chest. Before I even ordered him to do anything, Orange Night thrusted his spear into his back, forming a front and back pincer.

"Wu wa~~~"

This teen spat out blood. He turned around, his palms hitting towards both Orange Night and me as he hollered, "I am the pride of the blood race how can I allow trash like you to bully me?"

"Trash? !"

I raised my dagger and slashed towards his palm. I used Separated by water to force his attacks away and laughed, "You want to fight two against one? Are you too greedy? !"

Just like that, we took him down not long later.

Although the quasi Boss gave a lot of experience and contribution points, but the drops weren't any good. Apart from a few gold, there were just some random green and blue equipment. So basically the equipments were just useless.

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