Chapter 146- Heartbroken Ghost
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Zhan Yue Chapter 146- Heartbroken Ghost

Lightning Forest, 10pm at night.



Along with Frostfang's effect being triggered, another Blood Dynasty expert died under my dagger. The True Essence Stone chiselled on the stone naturally belonged to me. I picked at it and two True Essence Stones landed into my palm. I took a look and there were over 240 of them. These two hours were so fruitful!

Moreover, True Essence Stone collecting was just one aspect. The other was that the experience from Quasi Bosses were so generous. In just 2 hours, my experience bar went all the way to 97%. I was just a step away from level 55. Apart from that, Orange Night was progressing quickly too. His progress bar was at 22% already, far exceeding my expectations!

If I continued cultivating here, I would be able to obtain a significant change!


"Sha sha..."

Under White Cloak state, I headed forwards carefully. 50 meters ahead within a small valley, clouds spread. Many stone pieces stood tall ad on them were True Essence Stones. There were dozens of them. My heartbeat started to speed up, this is... Did I bump into the True Essence Stone treasure throve?

But right when I was excited, I also sniffed a smell that made me uneasy. I looked around the clouds and saw something waltzing over. This was a living being that was crouching on the ground. It body was oily green and its claws were really sharp. Its head was quite flat like that of a lizard and evil energy wrapped around it. It just stared at me and it stuck out its tongue.

This thing definitely wasn't from Blood Dynasty. Although Blood Dynasty were evil blood cultivators but they were human. This thing looked like a monster. As expected, when it was 20 meters away from me, I saw its stats--

Heartbroken Ghost (Quasi Precious Grade Boss)

Level: 58

Attack: 1850-2450

Defence: 1500

Health: 400000

Skill: Tongue Wrap, Lost Heart, Sharp Claw, Death Will

Introduction: Heartbroken Ghost, they were humans but after falling, they became really cruel and bloodthirsty. Their bodies started to change and they became neither humans nor ghost. They became violent and love to swallow hearts and consume human flesh. They are a branch of the Dimension Legion that people dislike the most.


As expected, the Dimension Legion had started to infiltrate into Lightning Forest!

This was the first time I saw a Dimension Legion monster in Illusionary Moon. One must know that be it Black Castle or Blood Dynasty, they weren't the true evil of Illusionary Moon. The evil faction was the Dimension Legion. They were the biggest threat to humans, elves, dwarves etc light faction!

Of course, based on what Master said, Dimension Legion was also Black Castle's enemy. They always wanted to enslave us but have just failed to do so.

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Heartbroken Ghost shouted. It was like a leopard that noticed a prey, pouncing right on me. Its body was covered in a thin layer of blood light, it was as if it had entered a certain state.


Battle notification: Please note, Heartbroken Ghost (Quasi Precious Grade Boss) has activated brokenheart, immune to any stun, moreover his attack is increased by 15% for 15 seconds!

This was an active skill!

"Orange Night attack!"

I shouted and pincered the Heartbroken Ghost with Orange Night. When Orange Night swept with his spear, I used White Cloak+ Annihilation on Heartbroken Ghost's head, dealing 50 thousand damage. Heartbroken Ghost's healthbar was much thicker than those Blood Dynasty cultivators and my strongest combo could only deal 12% of his health.


Heartbroken Ghost shouted in rage. It turned its giant body and opened its mouth. Its tongue shot out like a spear and pierced into my left arm. Pain spread through my body and its tongue started to wrap around and pull me towards its mouth. Was it trying to eat me?

I was stunned, using my combo without any hesitation!

Separated by water!

Four golden words rose into the air and interrupted Heartbroken Ghost's tongue wrap skill. At the same time a series of fierce attacks struck and with my double dagger hit, it was stunned. I used Dark Shadow Jump and appeared behind it. I used Basic attack+ Backstab+ Basic attack and that triggered two Frostfang effects, piercing right through his body.


Heartbroken Ghost suddenly turned around and slapped me with its claw, causing me to lose 7000+ Health. Although it only had 2000+ Attack in its introduction, but the damage was quite shocking. After using one claw, it turned its body and its iron-like tail smacked towards me.

Not good!

I held my daggers in front of me and it felt as if I had hit into a mountain. I was forced at least five meters back and lost another 8000+ Health. This thing was just too strong!


I activated Blood Drawing Blade and brushed past Orange Night. I used Mist Slash+Hunter's Edge+ Annihilation while Orange Night shone bright orange as he thrust his spear forwards time after time. With man and puppet working together, in less than two minutes we emptied Heartbroken Ghost's health!


A frostfang effect pierced Heartbroken Ghost's head and also took away his last bit of health. We had successfully killed it!


Battle notification: Congratulations for killing Heartbroken Ghost (Quasi Precious Grade Boss), obtained 500000 experience, 10000 contribution points! Your Orange Night (Grade Four) obtained 249998 experience!


"Pa ta!"

Along with Heartbroken Ghost falling to the ground, it dropped dozens of gold too along with a silver boots. I picked it up and it was a level 55 Super Rare heavy armor boots. Its level was high and its stats were quite common. It could roughly be sold for tens of dollars. I didn't care and just tossed it into my bag.

I looked at Heartbroken Ghost's corpse and frowned. Dimension Legion's monsters were different. Although Blood Dynasty was annoying and unreasonable, but they would at least talk to you. Dimension Legion was different, they were enemies and would charge at me instantly. As compared to those from Blood Dynasty, those from Dimension Legion were really wild beasts, heartless and cold.


I sucked in a deep breath and started to collect my spoils of war. I took off each piece of True Essence Stone and in a short while, I had one more pile of True Essence Stones. However, it wasn't enough, this was not enough for Ah Fei to get to level 5.

I continued forwards deep into Lightning Forest. Before I walked out of the valley, I heard crying sounds from ahead. In a forest, a bunch of people were walking about. They were level 58 Super Rare monsters, Decomposing Zombies, roughly 100 of them.

Since I was here then I shall help them move on!

Thus, I activated Quickness and charged over with my dagger. I moved amongst the zombies and attracted a whole bunch of them. A few seconds later, when they were all bunched up, I knew it was time!

I turned around and used White Cloak! Dragon Will!


Golden dragon palm power instantly wiped out half of these zombies. Orange Night's and my experience bar started to shine as I left the rest to him. Orange Night started to dance around in the crowd with this spear, using all his AOE skills and in a blink of an eye all these zombies were down to half health.

It was my time to shine!

After drinking an energy potion, I started to use Dark Shadow Jump among the crowd. With my stats and Soul Star Explosion, a Dark Shadow Jump did at least 15 thousand damage. So Dark Shadow Jump wped them all out. When I had enough energy, I would be able to fly about the crowd and in just ten seconds, all of them were killed.


After the battle ended, Orange Night returned to his spot and held onto his spear. He was really calm and looked like he was a calm expert.

The ground was covered in silver. Pick it up, money was still money.


Just like this, I passed through the forest like lightning. Not only did I fight against Blood Dynasty's cultivators, I also bumped into those from Dimension Legion. I turned all of the monsters and quasi Bosses into experience and contribution points. It really did look like I was going to sweep Lightning Forest. With Orange Night's help, none of these Quasi Bosses were on my level.

Just like that, I trained until 1am, my experience reached 27%. Orange Night's progression bar is at 41%, based on this speed, in three days I could let Orange Night advance. Who knew how strong a Grade Five Orange Night would be!

I looked at my bag and I had enough True Essence Stones, around 600+ of them. As long as Ah Fei's success rate was decent, this True Essence Stone could last him for some time.

I looked at my durability, half of it was already broken. It was time to return back to the city!



I was covered in the City Return Scroll light and appeared in the Heaven and Earth Pavilion square. I dashed towards Precious Treasure Pavilion. I had 2.48 million contribution points so it was time to splurge!

"Little Brother July Wildfire, you are here!"

The warm attendant smiled, "What would you like to see at Precious Treasure Pavilion today? We have taken in a bunch of great things recently. Please pick to your fill!"

I was speechless, "En, I shall take a look myself."

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