Chapter 147- Spirit Crane Bone
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Zhan Yue Chapter 147- Spirit Crane Bone

I opened the treasure list and the first thing I saw was an orange blade, a Unique Grade equipment. The conditions were 30 million contribution point! Damn, even if I killed things until I die I wouldn't be able to afford such equipment!

Thus, I just opened the materals section. Suddenly, a line of words entered my eyes and made me really excited--

Moon Essence Bee Sting (Lv-4): Mid tier ingredient, 3000 contribution points required to exchange.


The 4th item needed for the level 4 spirit ink could actually be found in Precious Treasure Pavilion. I was just so lucky and didn't need to busy myself for it! However, it was slightly expensive. Fortunately I had enough contribution points and exchanged for 600 at once, spending 1.8 million of the contribution points that I had. It directly brought me back to the beginning.

I glanced and I had 680 thousand contribution points left. I continued to look if there were things that I wanted.

The equipment were basically too expensive and normal purple ones cost 2 million. As for materials, I had no idea what the use for most of them were so buying them would just be a waste. Potions etc were normal so there was no need to look at them.

In the end, my gaze landed on a tab. This tab was called "Incomplete Secret Techniques", I clicked and saw that there were only four items--

Undying Race Skull: Records the secret technique Undying Body, 1200000 contribution points required, job needed: Warrior

Spirit Crane Bone: Records the secret technique Apprehension, 800000 contribution points required, job needed: Assassin

Old Bai's Pardon Token: Records the secret technique Sunflower Acupuncture, 400000 contribution points required, job needed: Nil

Lord's hand bone: Records the secret technique God Dragon Bloodline, 50000000 contribution points needed, job needed: Nil


Right when I saw the second line, my eyes lit up. It had finally appeared-- Apprehension!

During Wind Cloud Platform, I was unable to cause this short CD AOE skill to drop. Now it had finally appeared in front of me. Although it was incomplete but it still did appear, only... I had spent too many contribution points and didn't have enough.


I turned around and held onto her shoulder, "I want this Spirit Crane Bone! But I don't have enough contribution points, can I reserve it until I have enough?"

Her face flushed red, "Little Brother, Precious Treasure Pavilion doesn't have such a rule. We deal straight up, why not... You go earn contribution points and once you have enough then you come back?"

"No, what if someone buys it?"

"Then... Then there is no choice?"

"I want to meet Senior Uncle Pang!"

"Okay, follow me."


Thus, I followed her to the back courtyard and after walking into the hall, I saw that the plumb-looking Pang Dalong was drinking tea. The moment he saw me enter, he placed the tea cup down and smiled, "Nephew is here, you have not came to our Precious Treasure Pavilion in a long time. What matter do you have today?"

I smiled, "Senior Uncle Pang is looking better and better, your face is red and lucious and it locks the water in really well!"

He was speechless, "Speak you brat, what do you want me to help you with?"

"Things are like this."

I coughed, "I saw an incomplete secret technique in Precious Treasure Pavilion but I lack a bit of contribution points. I hope that Senior Uncle can leave it for me and once I earn enough I will exchange for it. Can I do it that way?"


Pang Dalong's eyes opened wide, "Brat, you want to exchange for the Lord's hand bone? That thing records the Xuanyuan Empire's secret technique Dragon Bloodline.

You want to be a king?"


I was speechless, "What king, I want another one."

"You want Old Bai's Pardon Token?"

He touched his beard, "You kid, you really... Speak, which girl do you want to stun and then do that thing with? Logically speaking, you shouldn't. You are the hope of the young generation and along with your looks, wouldn't you get any girl easily? Or... You want the last generation... Yun Yue? !"

"Shut up!"

The moment he finished, Yun Yue scoffed, "You fatty, do you want to get beaten up!?"

"Cough cough cough..."

Pang Dalong and I shivered and looked at each other in fear. Who knew that Yun Yue's sensory ability was so strong and she could actually hear us from Blood Pond. Only when that terrifying aura disappeared did we heave a sigh of relief.

"Can't offend her... Can't offend her..." He touched his head and smiled, "Let's continue. Which one do you want exactly?"


I was afraid he made random guesses again so I directly said its name.

"Oh, Apprehension..."

He took in a deep breath and said, "This is a top technique created by a war god of the last generation. Once it is used, the entire sky will turn dark, it is really strong. But as your Senior Uncle, I have to remind you that the Spirit Crane Bone only records 30% of it. Unless one is really talented, if not one can't get the entire manual. Even if you exchange for it there is only a small chance that you grasp the technique. Are you sure you want it?"


I nodded, "Senior Uncle I want it!"


He slapped the handle of the chair, "Since you entered Black Castle I have not given you anything. Since that is the case, use up all your contribution points and this Spirit Crane Bone is yours!"

"Great, thank you Senior Uncle!"

I was surprised. In the next second, my contribution points went to zero and with a slap, a light gold bone dropped into my bag. It was the size of a finger and ancient words could be seen on it. I couldn't understand it and probably needed to look at it for some time.

Thus, I happily said goodbye to Pang Dalong and returned to my cave.


"Ah Li!"

The moment I entered, I released White Bird and Orange Night from within. I could hear Ah Fei's voice, "I have reached level 40, let's eat little lobster tonight?"

"Of course, of course!"

I nodded. From his words I could tell that he really liked it, "Let's meet in Linchen County. I will pass you the level 4 ingredients and you can start your level 4 journeu."

"Ok! Let's meet at the old spot."

I nodded my head and turned to look at the two puppets behind me. I realised that Orange Night was the same as usual, standing straight at the corner like that of a spear. White Bird was the same, her eyes looked like empty holes, but her chest... It seemed to be different from before, that hole seemed... Smaller? Within it, complicated inscriptions started to spread like they were healing bit by bit.

"What happened?"

I bent down and looked straight at her chest. I frowned and then looked at her again. I had a feeling that at that moment, she had looked at me. But then she raised her proud head and looked forwards with those empty eyes of hers.

"White Bird..."

I stood straight and I had no idea whether or not there was any change at all. I sighed helplessly, "Although I don't know who you are, but even Senior Uncle Lin cares about you. You should be different from Orange Night right?"

She still looked forwards like she didn't bother about my words at all.


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I tapped her shoulders and smiled, "Orange Night and you can remain here for your date, I am returning to my world. See you tomorrow!"


Suddenly a small sound spread from below. I lowered my head, it seemed like... In that instance, White Bird's remaining arm moved. The black sword also moved, but... I was not so sure.

"Was it the wind?"

I frowned and didn't say anything more. I just crushed the City Return Scroll to head to Heaven and Earth Pavilion and then teleport back to Linchen County!


Linchen County square, the usual spot.

Ah Fei was still at his stall. I sat at the side and traded with him without making much of a noise. I sent the 600+ True Essence Stones over and then another 600 Moon Essence Bee Sting. All of a sudden, Ah Fei was stunned, "Damn you are a god, just half a day and you got both of them?"

I glanced at him, "You don't know how much it took to exchange for these, damn, you need to work hard. Fail less please. All of these are my hardwork!"

"Hahaha, I know..."

He nodded his head, "Boss, please hand me your new necklace, the first level 4 inscription is yours."

"Now this is more like it."

I traded the Burning Bone Necklace over and instantly Ah Fei was tongue tied, "Your sister... These stats are just too shaemeless!"



After failing twice, Burning Bone Necklace started to shine bright and the light surged up into the sky. Success! After which, Ah Fei traded it back and on it was one more line of very decent stats--

Inscription effect: Attack +250


Not bad, it instantly brought the Attack up to a whole new level. As expected from level 4 inscription! Now the Attack in the interface was 2092-2526 (163%), I was so overpowered!

"How is it?" He smiled and asked.

"Relatively ok."

I laughed out loud, "Level 4 inscriptions, it can start our money goldmine! What now, continue to work or little lobster?"

"What work!"

He smiled, "Let's go and talk about this again tomorrow!"

"Hahaha, not bad not bad!"

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