Chapter 148- Successfully comprehended
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Zhan Yue Chapter 148- Successfully comprehended

Late night, the district was really silent and one could hear the bugs in the bushes.

Ah Fei and I walked through the greenary and headed towards the parking lot. A short walk later, I actually sensed that there were people following us. A small and thin person that adjusted his pace to us. I lowered my voice and said towards Ah Fei, "Someone is following us."

"Ah?" He was shocked.

"Don't turn your head, continue to walk forwards."

I frowned, "I want to see what he is planning on doing."


Ah Fei nodded his head and smiled.

In the end, when we passed the square where old aunties danced at night, we saw four people appear ahead of us. The one at the front looked really fierce and had a bald head. He didn't smile as he said, "Brother, you are the only Inscriber in Illusionary Moon, August End right?"

Behind us, the weak teen that followed us appeared and smiled, "Boss it is definitely them. I followed them from their appartment."

Ah Fei frowned, "Follow us? What do you mean friend"

The bald head guy laughed, "Brother don't misunderstand, we don't have any bad intentions, we just want to get to know you. Let me introduce myself. I am Brother Hai and I am playing the game with a few of my friends. Today we came to find you because we want to work together."

"Work together?"

Ah Fei laughed, "Friends, how would you like to work together?"

The bald dude said, "The few of us will give you funds and we will work together. You will give us 50% of profits and we will be in charge of finding ingredients and also introducing new customers?"

"Is this working together?"

I smiled, "Why do I feel that this is more like a robbery? What money do you have to work with us? Scram!"

"We are trying to be nice and you want us to be rude?"

The guy took out a baseball bat out of nowhere while the other punks took out similar weapons. All of them laughed coldly.

"You are trying to take advantage of us?" Ah Fei raged.

I pressed his shoulder and smiled, "Don't get angry, let me handle this."


The guy laughed coldly, "You? One stick and I will make you listen to me."

"Is that so?"

I smiled and charged forwards. The energy in my body was like that of a volcano which surged through my limbs. My speed was far faster than I imagined and I almost arrived in front of Brother Hai instantly. Before he was even able to use the baseball stick I had already punched him.


A very soft sound and his body became like a sandbag which was flung into the flowers at the side. In that instance, I heard the sound of wind being broken. It was as if I had sensory ability and I retreated, using my back to knock into the chest of another punk.


The thin teen was shocked, "This person is so strong, attack him together!"

I smiled and charged in front of him. I slapped him twice and that stunned him.

"Ah Li be careful!" Ah Fei shouted.

With a thought, I could sense all of their aura. Although they were weak but I was certain of their movement. I turned around and kicked the teen holding the wooden stick. Then I opened myleft hand and slapped the person at the front. From the start to now, I didn't take more than 10 seconds to injure all five of them!

I walked forwards and tossed Brother Hai onto the ground. They chose a good place as this was the only area in the district with no cameras. It was really dark here. Thus, I stepped onto his chest.

I pressed down and made him scream, "Pain... Pain pain pain..."

"Good that you know."

I kicked him and said calmly, "Scram, don't come back, if not... I will show you how cruel and heartless I can be, hehehe~~"

The few of them crawled and fumbled away towards the subway.



Ah Fei crossed his arms and stood beneath the lights, "It seems like I won't need to fight in the future. Ah Li did you go for special training behind me back? Why are you so strong now?"

"I was this strong all along."

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"You are so shameless?"

"Go, let's go eat the lobster and not get disturbed by this bunch."



We walked towards the car and I said, "Ah Fei, we have to be low profile in the future. Your Inscriber job is earning money too quickly, these people want our money which is why they did that. If we were slightly weaker, we might have just agreed."

"Right, there are so many of such people."

Ah Fei frowned, "Let's go, we need to be careful in the future."


Not long later, secret sauce lobster, thirteen spice lobster, garlic lobster, stir fried lobster, beer etc. After finishing, we went back home to sleep.


The next morning, after breakfast, we went online.


I appeared in Linchen County as A Little Brother and my level was set at level 45 which was a level that wasn't too low but wasn't too outstanding too. The square in the morning was already really busy. Players came to and fro, buying potions, fixing equipment etc... At a side, there were many players recruiting party members. After all, most players were groups of 3-5 and it was hard to find a ten men party so when they went out to level, they would often form parties.

I looked at the crowd and suddenly felt sour. I envied people that formed parties and levelled, as for me... I had been alone for too long in Black Castle... Moreover, this seemed like it was going to continue.

I crushed the City Return Scroll to head back!


I stepped into my private cave. In front of it was a lotus pond that had thick spiritual energy. Ahead of the green hall was a tripod that had green smoke emanating from it which made one relaxed. The moment I walked into my hall, I saw Orange Night and White Bird standing straight there, no different from when I left. The only difference was that after a night of recovery, Orange Night's health had already returned to full.


I walked forwards and looked at White Bird, "Morning White Bird!"

She looked forwards without bothering about me at all.

I was speechless and looked at Orange Night, "Morning Orange Night."

"Morning Master!"

Although Orange Night's voice was mechanical but at least he replied. I sat on the mattress and said, "Okay I am going to cultivate, help pay attention to me."

"Yes Master!"

Orange Night walked to the entrance and this time White Bird moved. She stumbled to my bedside, holding a burnt black sword in her hands. She sat down and looked at me with her empty eyes.

My head felt numb and I tilted my head to look at her, "Why are you looking at me like that? Is your Master very handsome? Extremely handsome?"


White Bird was speechless, the only thing was that the heart location on her chest gave out a gentle light. I didn't know what was going on and I also didn't want to bring her to Lin Fengnian if not he might not return her.

Thus, I didn't bother about her weird posture. I just took out the Spirit Crane Bone and instantly it floated in front of me, giving out a small light.

"Come, let me see what secrets you are hiding!"

In the next moment, I started to comprehend it. All my attention was immersed into this bone. My heart started to beat heavily and the ancient runes on it started to move. They appeared in front of my eyes and this entire process lasted for around half an hour.

At this moment, my head was starting to go dizzy. Too much of the technique was lost and it was too difficult to comprehend. I even had 97 Comprehension, as for people like Ah Fei, they probably wouldn't understand anything at all.

"It is not complete!"

I tried to predict and did it until 50% but that was the max. I was really tired, especially in terms of my mental state.

Right at that moment, as expected, the ancient pendant glowed and seeped into the bone. A loud buzz started to spread out from it and when I opened my eyes, it turned pitch back. There was the sound of cranes screeching in the air. When I looked at it closely, I realised I was standing in a chaotic world. Ahead of me were scenes from years ago. Cranes and a storm, the sounds were so loud that I was about to faint.

Who knew how long passed but the chaotic scenses around disappeared one by one and what replaced it were that of the room. Drawings hung on the pure white walls and plants were placed nicely on the side. In front of me, apart from those golden words were other lines of words that were slowly appearing and being produced!

It was complete!

All of a sudden, my heartbeat quickened. This ancient bracelet was so godlike. Previously it helped me deduce the complete Dragon Will technique and now it helped me with Apprehension!



System notification: Congratulations, you have comprehended the technique Apprehension Lv-1 (SSS Grade)!

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