Chapter 149- Trying to monopolise
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Zhan Yue Chapter 149- Trying to monopolise

I finally got it, Apprehension!



A golden skill diagram formed in my skill column, it was that of Apprehension. It was a few cranes circling a storm. With that, I could use Apprehension+ Dark Shadow Jump to kill people. This super training skill combo had been born. When facing strong monsters and players, Apprehension would take away most of their health while Dark Shadow Jump would allow me to finish them. It was perfect!

I clicked onto it and instantly the introduction of Apprehension appeared in front of my eyes--

Apprehension Lv-1 (SSS Grade): Consume 50 energy to activate the power of darkness, activating Apprehension in a 40x40 area, dealing multiple hits to targets in the range. The damage is directly related to the user's Agility and the cooldown is 25 seconds.


Right, the cooldown was only 25 seconds, this was what made Apprehension terrifying. As a large AOE skill, it was an ultimate but the cooldown was only 25 seconds. Be it levelling or player killing, it was a great weapon. As compared to Dragon Will which lasted for five minutes, Apprehension was perfect!

Although Dragon Will's CD was long but there was something that made it irreplaceable which is that its damage couldn't be deduced. In other words, when I battled NPCs, Dragon Will would often be able to do high amounts of damage. This skill seemed to breakthrough defences of NPCs, this was something that Apprehension couldn't compare to.

I loved these two skills!

Now, the most important thing is to use Apprehension more and train the familiarity. After all, the higher the level the stronger the skill.


I continued in Lightning Forest. Orange Night levelled quite quickly there. Once he reached Grade Five, I would be able to challenge Sealed God Temple once more.

Thus, after repairing and preparing, I teleported over to that area.

"Sha sha..."

Lightning Forest. I entered the forest under White Cloak state. After a night, the True Essence Stones spawned once more. Less than half a minute since I entered, I saw a blood red color on the branches of a giant tree. The teen that was cultivating above sniffed and looked towards me, "July Wildfire? Scram, I can smell that disgusting scent of yours!"


I raised my arm and sniffed, "There is nothing, are you a dog?"

Thus, I didn't think much and just reached out, tossing Orange Night into the sky, "Attack Orange Night, our expedition has begun once more!"

"Yes Master!"

The moment he appeared, Orange Night's spear smashed towards his head. I raised my hand and used Apprehension and instantly the sky above him was covered in a storm which cranes crying. The storm ripped branches and leaves to shreds and also dealt much damage to that Blood Dynasty teen.

"Too arrogant!"

He shouted in rage. After all he was a Quasi Boss and his dignity couldn't handle all that. He got up, his palms wrapped in blood energy as he slapped down on Orange Night's head.


A shadow flashed across and I directly appeared to the side of the teen. I used Gouge with Frostfang and stunned him in mid air. As for Orange Night, he hollered and thursted his spear forwards. "Pu pu pu" and several holes were left in his body. Along with my attacks, this teen was unable to fight back at all.

Not long later, we successfully killed him. Apart from large amounts of experience, we also gained contribution points.

I picked up the gold that the teen dropped and also claimed the True Essence Stones around. Today, Lightning Forest was mine!

"Ah Li!"

At this moment, Ah Fei's voice spread from the outside world, "I am going to start the level 4 inscription business,

how much do you think I should charge it? So that people would be willing to pay and not find it too expensive?"

"How much did you charge level 3 inscriptions for?"


"Let's charge 4000 for level 4 ones, after all the stats provided are too much. At the same time, level 3 and level 2 can continue as we can purchase those cheap materials too."

"I understand."

He laughed, "So what you are meaning is that we try to maximise profits?"

"En yes."


Thus, I held my daggers and brought Orange Night forwards. We killed a few Blood Dynasty Quasi Boss experts. Ah Fei's voice spread into my ears once more, "Ah Li, we have to discuss something."


"Feng Canghai found me."

"Oh?" I smiled, "What for?"

"He wants a large batch of level 4 inscriptions and once me to give him them at 3500. Moreover, he wants me to only craft Elements equipments for three days and not accept those of other guilds."


I gritted my teeth, "Feng Canghai wants to monopolise the inscription equipment market? So Elements will become stronger and more powerful."

"I think so too."

Ah Fei smiled and asked, "We are the ones making the decision so what do you think we should do?"

"We are just businessmen and shouldn't be wrapped up in this fight. We only need money." I laughed, "Continue to stick to our principles and make equipment for those who pay. Moreover, no discounts are given. Of course, apart from For Dreams and Breaking Dawn, we will sell to everyone. Just reply Feng Canghai that, tell him that we can help him make equipment but he can't restrict us from making for others."


Ah Fei smiled, "I will tell him that."


In the end, a few minutes later, Ah Fei said, "Damn, guess what?"


"Feng Canghai saw that we weren't willing to get monopolised so he made an order of 100 level 4 inscription equipments and said that because he was first to order so before it was done, we can't make any order for others. This... We really can't do anything! ! !"

"We have no choice, one really can do whatever they want when they have money..."

I facepalmed, "Okay then, make the 100 level 4 equipment for them, anyways we have large amounts of money to earn. Like that we would earn 400 thousand at once right?"

"Yes, but it would probably take me a day, I wouldn't be able to do anything else in the meantime."

"We can earn money so why are you making so much noise? Go to work, remember to take the money first, don't get cheated."

"Don't worry, Feng Canghai probably can't afford to throw face."

"En, then I will continue to level and collect materials."

"Good luck, I might run out of materials tomorrow at this rate."



On Ah Fei's side, he ws busy producing goods while on my end, I was enjoying the killing. Not only did Lightning Forest provide large amounts of experience, moreover I could obtain contribution points and True Essence Stones. Contribution points could be used to exchange for Moon Essence Bee Sting and Orange Night could train too. It was a win win situation!

Just like that, I was fully immersed into the joy of levelling. I only went offline for ten minutes for lunch and levelled all the way until 3pm. As I kept on using it, Apprehension had reached level 3 and was far strong now!


My body jumped through a patch of bushes and several pieces of leaves stuck to my body. Ahead of me were a bunch of Darkness Faction troops riding undead war horses. On close look, they were a bunch of cavalry holding dark rune swords and when I got close enough, their stats appeared--

Fire Spirit Cavalry (Precious Grade Monster)

Level: 60

Attack: 1750- 2350

Defence: 1400

Health: 40000

Skill: Gale Thrust, Fire Spirit Shield, Death Charge

Introduction: Fire Spirit Cavalry, they were a bunch of human race cavalry but after the plague infected them, their souls were slowly corroded by evil. These once loyal and righteous warriors fell to the Dimension Legion side. The Dimension Legion made sharp darkness rune swords and helped them raise strong fire bone warhorses, causing them to become one of the greatest human race threats.


Level 60 monsters!

I sucked in a deep breath. I looked around the crowd and realised that these were a bunch of level 60 Precious Grade monsters. To the current players this was one of the higher tier levelling targets. I was level 55 and it made most sense to fight monsters 5 levels higher as I would get the monster experience. Moreover, I had Soul Star Explosion so these Fire Spirit Cavalry came at the perfect time.


I activated Soul Star Explosion and charged forwards with Orange Night. I raised my hand and instantly Apprehension covered the bunch of Fire Spirit Cavalry. Cranes cried and a strong wind swept the monsters causing dense damage numbers to rise up. As expected, after reaching level 3, Apprehension's damage increased by a large amount--






In the wind, many Fire Spirit Cavalry shouted in rage. Their health bar dropped. Apprehension was an AOE long lasting spell and it did three ticks of damage. After that, these Fire Spirit Cavalry had less than a third of their health left!

My chance was here, it was time to train Dark Shadow Jump's skill familiarity.

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My body turned into a shadow and smashed into the first Fire Spirit Cavalry!


My body pierced through in a straight line and smashed into the second Fire Spirit Cavalry!


The third one ahead was destroyed too!

Just like that, I turned into a dark shadow and jumped around the low health monsters. My experience bar flashed and the skill familiarity of Dark Shadow Jump increased. I was in total joy. Behind me were piles of silver and equipment but I didn't turn back. At this moment, killing was the only purpose in my life!

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