Chapter 150- Orange Grade Five Puppet
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Zhan Yue Chapter 150- Orange Grade Five Puppet

Night, 8pm.



Orange Night's spear pierced through a Quasi Boss demon and the moment it was killed, Orange Night's progression bar shone dark gold. Finally, it had reached 100%!

A few minutes ago, my Dark Shadow Jump had reached level 5. My single damage skills were all at a decent level and apart from Dark Shadow Jump, Dragon Will was level 5. Apprehension was at level 4 and the others like White Cloak, Annihilation, Hunter's Edge, Blood Drawing Blade etc were all at level 6. After days of fighting, my skill levels were all increasing.

I looked at the time. En, it was time to return and see how Orange Night could upgrade. Although his progress bar was full but it was still a Grade Four puppet. If I was not wrong he definitely lacked something.

I crushed the City Return Scroll and returned to Black Castle!

Heaven and Earth Pavilion.

I was already really familiar with this old but majestic-looking hall. I walked right in and found Lin Fengnian who was sitting in a giant formation, "Senior Uncle Lin, I am here again!"

He glanced at me and said, "You definitely aren't here for anything good!"


I was shocked, "Senior Uncle how can you say that, I always bring you business. You have earned a lot of gold from me right?"

His mouth twitched, "Speak, what do you want this time."

"Regarding Grade Four puppet."

I raised my hands and instantly Orange Night flew out in an orange light. It just stood in front of Lin Fengnian, "Senior Uncle, this puppet is on the verge of breaking through, I hope he can upgrade."


Lin Fengnian took one look and the light in his eyes disappeared, "This puppet... It is indeed different. To be able to comprehend skills and technique in battle, as expected from the legendary Human Spirit Puppet."

"Human Spirit Puppet?"

I was stunned, "Senior Uncle what is that?"

"That is a long story." Lin Fengnian looked at me lazily, "The so called battle puppet is in truth just artifacts that are refined. Most of them have energy cores and are made up of metals but Human Spirit Puppets are different. They were humans and after death a portion of their bodies were refined and they ended up as puppets. So they maintain a portion of their humanity, your Orange Night is one of those."

I turned around and looked at Orange Night, his eyes were empty with no excitement at all, "I didn't expect... You were actually human."

"Let's stop talking so much."

Lin Fengnian said seriously, "His strength and battle skills are at the limit of grade four. But it is really rare for puppets to upgrade much less a really strong Human Spirit Puppet. If you are sure that you want to help him break through then I can help but I am not able to ensure that it will succeed."

I laughed out loud, "Senior Uncle Lin is the top refiner, if even you have no confidence then I don't know who in the world would be able to do it."


Lin Fengnian rubbed his beard and laughed, "You brat really know how to talk, no wonder Senior Brother Ding likes you so much. Forget it, give me 20 thousand gold and I will help you refine and upgrade your Orange Night!"

"What? 20 thousand?"

My mouth couldn't close at all. That was too much?


Lin Fengnian looked at me and smiled, "Yours... Is an orange Human Spirit Puppet, his strength will increase once he breaks through. Do you think he is not worth 20 thousand gold? I am even asking less from you. If it is someone outside of Black Castle, I wouldn't even bother if they don't pay more than 100 thousand."

I sucked in a deep breath and looked at my bag. I only had 8000 gold so I grinned, "Senior Uncle I don't have enough money yet, please wait.

I will return soon!"

"En, I will wait here for you!"


I turned around and exited Heaven and Earth Pavilion. I teleported to Linchen County and shouted, "Ah Fei help me buy 12 thousand gold. Deduct it from my portion."


Ah Fei was shocked, "Why do you need so much gold for?'

"Upgrade my puppet. Let's not talk about it, just buy it, I will be there right away."


He was speechless, "I was busy earning money for the entire afternoon and you just spent it all!"

"This is an investment, have foresight!"

"Okay, as long as you are strong. I will follow you to the ends of the earth!"


Not long later, when I appeared in Linchen County in my human account, Ah Fei walked towards me and traded the 12000 gold over. He touched his nose, "The price of gold now is still quite expensive. This cost close to 50 thousand."

"Don't worry, count this as my money."

"Count what, I will deduct it from our joint funds!"

"Damn, such a brother!"

"Of course..."


I returned back to Heaven and Earth Pavilion.

When I tossed the heavy 20 thousand coins onto the ground, I could see Lin Fengnian's eyes light up. He looked at it with greed.

"Senior Uncle, your eyes are turning green." I said.


He coughed and smiled, "Little Seven you really are amazing. Our Black Castle is located in the north. The undying valley is desolate and poor. I dare to say that no one in Black Castle is as rivh as you to take out 20 thousand gold at once. This is enough to buy a human race town!"

I gave a humble smile, "Senior Uncle don't say that, why care so much about this small sum?"

He rubbed his hands and smiled, "With this money, I can head to the human race city and walk around and purchase some rare materials, hehe..."

I was speechless, "Senior Uncle, don't think about all this, help me upgrade Orange Night first!"

"Of course!"

He looked at Orange Night and said, "Wait a moment, I will begin now."


After saying that, Lin Fengnian turned around and returned to the back hall. He returned after a few minutes and tossed a bunch of materials onto the ground. Some shone gold and some had thick energy wrapped around it. It seemed like my 20 thousand was worth it. To upgrade Orange Night, Lin Fengnian took out many great items.


He opened his hands and instantly flames surged out from his body. A flame magic formation lit up beneath Orange Night's feet. The flames weren't ordinary flames, they should be legendary flames. To become a refiner, one had to grasp such flames. It was obvious that Lin Fengnian had such an unknown flame.

"Tsss tss tss~~"

In a blink of an eye, Orange Night's body turned red. Lin Fengnian did many seals and slapped many formations onto his body. At the same time, he tossed those rare materials out and melted them into Orange Night's body.

In less than ten minutes, Orange Night's body changed. His metalic skin was covered in chaotic energy and his aura had changed. His spear was wrapped in red flames and his eyes were filled with fighting intent. His entire demeanour was upgraded.

But this wasn't it. Lin Fengnian pointed and instantly the metal at his chest split open, revealing his energy core. Lin Fengnian raised his hands up and the golden formation rose into the sky, turning into a ring that appeared on his hands. He pushed forwards and smacked it into the core, leaving a mark on Orange Night's heart.

All of a sudden, one could hear clear heartbeat. Orange Night officially upgraded!


System notification: Congratulations, your Orange Night has upgraded to Grade Five. From breaking through, Attack +80%, Defence +120%, Health +125%, recovery +200%, comprehended skill Giant Dragon Storm, Firm as Rock!


Finally, Orange Night could comprehend skills! Giant Dragon Storm was a spear technique that should be an AOE attack. Firm as Rock was used to raise defence. Its Defence was relatively overpowered and now with this skill, it was tough for anyone to damage it!

At the same time, a progression bar appeared once more. This time it was Grade Five: 0%!

He could still advance?

All of a sudden, I was stunned. This orange puppet had such huge potential!

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I was delighted and tossed Orange Night into my bag. I said goodbye to Lin Fengnian and dashed towards Sealed God Temple. Since I still had some time, I was going to challenge it to get some compensation. If not Ah Fei and I would have lost too much funds. Orange Night would have sucked us dry!


Forest, clouds spread.

Sealed God Temple stood within the clouds and had a saint-like feeling to it. Many spirits were sealed within and from outside, one could sense the killing intent.

"July Wildfire!"

An undead cavalry walked forwards, "His Highness has given orders that you can enter Sealed God Temple anytime you want, are you prepared?"


I nodded and smiled, "Please open the door, I would like to challenge again."


Along with a buzzing sound, Sealed God Temple's iron doors opened. A vengeful energy surged right into my face. After I stepped in, I got a notification that I could head to level 81 right away.

I confirmed. Time to begin!


My body was teleported and condensed at the corner of level 81. In front of me, a warrior with a broken sword and a pair of broken wings stood in the center of the battlefield.

"Although the sword is broken, but the righteous heart is eternal!"

He opened his eyes and looked right at me, "Come, let me witness your strength!"

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