Chapter 151- Blood Emperor of Terror
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Zhan Yue Chapter 151- Blood Emperor of Terror

Was this... The legendary angel?

I was stunned. On close look, I noticed that his body was badly damaged and one of his arms was only left with white bones. His face was covered in black blood stains and his golden armor was riddled in holes. Even his wings were broken and he didn't look like he could fly anymore.

Battle Angel Klein (Unknown)

Level: 55

Attack: ???

Defence: ???

Health: ???

Skill: ???

Introduction: Klein, a fallen Battle Angel. In ancient times, to protect Light Dynasty, Klein came to the human world alone. He was too strong and saved Light Dynasty, however, in the end he failed to escape from their internal squabbles. He was betrayed and fought to his death. His overall strength was greatly reduced and he turned into a Sealed God Temple battle spirit.


He really was an angel!

If this was the case then Illusionary Moon's background was too strong. There might be a chance for the east and west to clash in the late game. The battle angel in front of me was my biggest enemy now, but... He wasn't much of a problem since I had Orange Night who was Grade Five now!

"Orange Night, fight!"

I raised my hand and tossed out Orange Night.

"Yes Master!"

He was calm. He didn't need me to say anything. With a "Keng", he thrust towards battle angel with flames spiralling around his spear.


Battle angel frowned, "You are already dead, why are you asking for trouble?"

A bright light exploded out from the broken sword and clashed with Orange Night. There was a giant metalic "clang" as energy waves spread out, causing even me to shake. So strong... Orange Night had reached Boss level, not only was he tanky but his Attack was really high too.

In the wind, the spear and broken sword clashed. Orange Night's attacks were really sharp and he was actually in the ascendency!


Suddenly, Orange Night shouted and waves started to spread out from his spear. Along with him waving his spear, a giant dragon circled around it and launched a series of blows on the battle angel. This was Giant Dragon Storm. Right when he tried to fight back, Orange Night's body was covered in a stone-like effect which caused his damage to be greatly reduced.

The current me was shocked. I didn't even need to attack, just Orange Night alone would be able to deal with that battle angel. But to preserve Orange Night's health, I still attacked. I used White Cloak+Annihilation to deal a series of damage. I even stepped in front of the battle angel to Gouge and stun him.

"Your noob attacks..."

In the eyes of quasi gods like angels, Assassins sneak attacked were noobs. But as long as I won it didn't matter.

Who cared what he said, I just did what I had to, kill him!

I used Dark Shadow Jump to jump behind him and backstab him. I followed it up with another Annihilation and coordinated my attacks with Orange Night to suppress him. Just like that, in less than a minute, we defeated this guardian!


System notification: Congratulations for passing, will you enter the next floor?




In the end, the 82nd floor guardian didn't cause much of a threat and were easily destroyed by Orange Night and I. Now that Orange Night was at Grade Five, his strength had incrased by too much!

83, 84, 85... They were beaten floor after floor. What was unexpected was that we reached the 90th floor really easily and even reached the 91st one. Then, the Boss was much stronger but with Orange Night, we still passed, just that Orange Night's durability dropped by a lot more.

Just like that,

I reached the 98th floor!


The moment my body landed on the 98th floor, a short guy holding an axe stood there. The moment he saw Orange Night and I, he laughed out arrogantly, "Finally, I can taste fresh blood!"

I frowned and glanced at him. King of the Mountain Lading, he was an elf from an ancient era. But now, this was just a remnant part of his soul so his strength was definitely reduced. I said, "Orange Night attack, let's go all out!"

"Yes Master!"

Orange Night roared and clashed with Lading. He used Giant Dragon Storm and along with Firm as Rock, he suppressed Lading while I attacked excitedly. Orange Night and I attacked altogether and a few seconds later, Lading showed his strength as the guardian. His axe hacked down like that of a storm and lightning started to buzz above his head. It was actually an AOE attack!

White Cloak!

I quickly dodged and Orange Night's health started to drop, going from 62% to 55%. This King of the Mountain was just too strong!

But, even if he was strong, the problem wasn't huge. Orange Night launched ferocious attacks and he used his tankiness to drag Lading down.


The dwarf fell to the ground and his eyes were filled with shock, "The future is so amazing..."


System notification: Congratulations for passing, will you enter the next floor?


The final floor!


When Orange Night and I teleported to the 99th floor, I couldn't help but feel pumped up. The achievement system was abou to be done. Since it was so tough, the rewards wouldn't be low right?

When I raised my head to look, I couldn't help but tremble. In mid air, there was a blood colored body standing in mid air. His body was filled with thick blood energy. He was an old man whose body was covered in blood patterns and he gave off terrifying strength like that of a volcano waiting to explode. The feeling he gave me... He was actually quite familiar.

This bloodthirsty feeling, right, he was definitely from Blood Dynasty!

But this person didn't look like he was a normal Blood Dynasty cultivator. He was definitely a peak expert. He looked at me coldly and viciously, "Kid, are you hear to deliver food?"

"No, I am not a deliveryman."

I shook my head. I thought about it, it seemed like I was the food that he referred to. I felt like my intelligence was being insulted, "Bald man, what are you saying?"

"What, who are you calling bald?"

He frowned, "I can even be your ancestor!"

I walked forwards and but he didn't move at all. The blood energy waves wrapped around the top of Sealed God Temple. Right at that moment, there was a buzzing feeling, like golden formations were shining around. What was going on?

"I think you see it."

He smiled, "Since that is the case then I can't let you live!"


I shivered. This boss made me feel really surpressed. This was definitely not something that Lading could compare to. Right when I was in awe, his introduction appeared in front of my eyes--

Blood Emperor of Terror (Unknown)

Level: ???

Attack: ???

Defence: ???

Health: ???

Skill: ???

Introduction: Blood Emperor of Terror, one of Blood Dynasty's ancestors, one of the first experts that started blood cultivation. In the ancient era, during the battle of gods, Blood Emperor of Terror launched an attack of the Light Dynasty and killed tens of angels on his own. In the end, he was killed by a human race god. After falling, a part of his soul entered Sealed God Temple and occupied the top level to suck spiritual energy of the sun and moon to continue cultivating. He had became unimaginably strong.


"Blood Emperor of Terror..."

I frowned. I raised my head and looked at the shining patterns, "You are trying to break the Sealed God Temple seal? !"


His body slowly rose up and he stepped on a blood ocean, "But you are just an ammusing challenger. Those people that treat me as their opponent are so ignorant. Can you compare to me? Come little fellow, turn into a portion of my energy, you will feel honored!"

"Continue dreaming!"

I activated White Cloak and entered stealth state. I also shouted towards Orange Night, "Orange Night attack, kill him!"

"Yes Master!"

Orange Night charged with his spear.

However, Blood Emperor of Terror's strength was far stronger than I imagined. He flipped his left hand and punched Orange Night's body. His health instantly emptied and with a loud explosion, he pierced through a corner of the seal and flew out from the 99th floor!

Orange Night's half health was insta killed? !

I found it hard to imagine everything I was seeing. Something had to be wrong, this couldn't be it, moreover Orange Night... Was he really insta killed? !


A huge pressure spread down from the battle.

"Abandon the challenge!"

I made my mind up and shouted. In the next moment, my body was wrapped in a golden light. When Blood Emperor of Terror's terrifying palm landed, I was teleported and appeared on the ground outside of Sealed God Temple.

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System notification: Congratulations for passing Sealed God Temple Floor 98 obtained experience +24000000, Gold +12500, contribution points +650000!


At this moment, I couldn't feel any joy. On the contrary, Orange Night being insta killed felt like a dark shadow covering my heart.


On the side, the undead cavalry raised his head and looked at the 99th floor, "What is happening there, July Wildfire, what is going on there?"

"The Blood Emperor of Terror on 99th floor is trying to break the seal!"

I said solemnly, "Report it, things will be bad if we are late!"


His expression changed, "I will tell His Highness right away!"

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