Chapter 152- Invincible Blood Emperor
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Zhan Yue Chapter 152- Invincible Blood Emperor

"No need!"

A few seconds later, a majestic voice spread from the sky. Shortly after, a lightning slashed through the blood energy and chaotic energy. Darkness wrapped around him as he walked out from the darkness. He was wearing an armor and holding a broadsword. He wore a golden helmet and stepped on a darkness whirlpool and just went up against the power within Sealed God Temple!

King of Darkness, the true expert of Black Castle had finally appeared!

I raised my head and could clearly sense the power fluctuations of King of Darkness. It was as if he could destroy a part of the world by lifting his hand. This aura was not something the elders of the five outer locations could compare to!


A furious lightning descended from above and smashed onto teh ceiling of Sealed God Temple. It was as if a hole had opened in the sky as numerous streaks of lightning smashed down and caused the formation to buzz. The talismans on the outside of the tower started to shake and it was really shocking.

"Blood Emperor!"

King of Darkness's furious and low voice spread forth, "To smash the seal you actually diverted Life and Death Lightning Tribulation down, aren't you afraid of killing yourself?"


The manical laugh from Blood Emperor of Terror spread from the top floor of Sealed God Temple, "When I was roaming the earth your ancestor was not even born, what rights do you have to lecture me?"

As he said that, a red palm smashed out from the top of the tower and headed towards King of Darkness!


King of Darkness raised the sword in his hands and with a "shua", the sword light split the chaos and smashed onto the palm. The two powers clashed and caused the space around to break apart. That strike even affected the structure of the entire Sealed God Temple!

"Your Highness!"

"Greetings Your Highness!"

"Greetings King of Darkness!"


Many people gathered in the sky. The first to come was an absolute beauty wearing a red dress. She stepped on a fire phoenix. It was my future Senior Sister Yun. By her sides were two armored generals. Commanders Lin Mu and Bai Jian were both here.

Shortly after, the various heads of the five outer locations including my Master Ding Heng arrived. Many of the deacon elders etc apart from Zhang Xiaoshan who was in charge of the Ancient Battlefield came. Pretty much all the experts of Black Castle were here!


At the top of the Sealed God Temple, Blood Emperor of Terror laughe coldly, "King of Darkness, your dogs are all here, but is there use? I am about to break through, no matter how many you send, you are just asking for death!"

Suddenly, there was a loud "peng" as a blood claw slashed the top of the tower. The claw ripped apart the formation that was already riddled in holes because of the lightning. Shortly after, a person rose up and formed in the sky above. That was Blood Emperor of Terror. He had a muscular body, bald head, sharp claws and his body gave off a terrifying aura.


Blood Emperor of Terror laughed out loud, "Who can trap me today?"


King of Darkness shouted fiercely and he used all of his strength. He was like a world of darkness that pounced forth. Instantly, his sword turned into thousands of different blades which sliced down!

"Nice timing!"

Blood Emperor of Terror laughed out loud and opened his palms, pulling apart his own chest. Blood threads that looked like vines broke out from his body and started to smack towards King of Darkness's attacks. King of Darkness sword energy and those vines smashed into one another and one could hear deafening explosions. The entire sky started to change.


Suddenly, the vines all condensed into one and smacked down. King of Darkness held his sword in front of his chest but was still forced hundreds of meters back.

Only then did he stabilise himself.

"Only so-so.

Blood Emperor of Terror's eyes were filled with mockery, "With your strength you dare to occupy Undying Mountain? What a joke. Illusionary Moon really has no experts, even people like you dare to call yourself King!"


The elders were furious, "You monster actually dare to insult his highness!"

All of a sudden, hundreds of elders brought out their weapons and attacked the Blood Emperor of Terror. Instantly, all sort of spears, swords, axes etc wrapped in death laws flew towards the enemy.

"You? !"

Blood Emperor of Terror shouted and pressed his palm down. Instantly a blood energy wave swept forth. Under this immense pressure, all their weapons and artifacts shattered. The energy wave swept forth and caused the elders to spit out blood and retreat. Those weaker ones even died.

"You can't even take a hit!"

Blood Emperor of Terror laughed out loud.

"Those from the outer five locations, stay out!"

Yun Yue shouted and her body rose into the air. A giant phoenix appeared behind her body as she pushed her hands forwards. Instantly a palm attack wrapped up with pheonix flamed wings pushed forth and covered the area!


Blood Emperor of Terror raised his palm to smack her strike and laughed coldly, "Flame Phoenix Technique? I didn't expect mortals to know this technique. It seems like I need to capture you and study you!"

He raised his hands and blood energy that was surging into the sky turned into vines that stabbed towards Yun Yue.

"Lady Yun Yue be careful!"

Lin Mu and Bai Jian slashed to help her but it was not enough. They couldn't stop the power of Blood Emperor of Terror. This super Boss that was sealed at the top of Sealed God Temple was just too terrifying. Those vines shot out like arrows and stabbed towards Yun Yue.

"Pu pu pu", those vines only hit an afterimage. Yun Yue's body was wrapped in flames and she dodged all of them. She turned and took sharp turns and left those vines behind her.


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Blood Emperor of Terror laughed out loud, "Fire Phoenix Technique's movement is really amazing, but... You have the technique but not enough strength, how long can you flee for? ... Die!"

He spread his right hand and a blood palm rose into the air and covered half the sky. This time, Yun Yue would definitely be unable to dodge it.


She turned around and her eyes were filled with rage. She raised her second and third fingers of her right hand and placed them in front of her chest. It was as if she had turned into a flame goddess. Her body started to burn red and blood seeped from the corner of her mouth

"Not good!"

Bai Jian was shocked, "Lady Yun Yue, your strength... You can't control Blistering Flame Finger, don't..."

In the next second, Yun Yue opened her eyes and her body was up in flames. She pointed her fingers towards Blood Emperor of Terror and this finger caused the entire sky to turn dark. Flames shot out from her fingers that were blistering like that of the sun. Just like that, it smashed onto Blood Emperor of Terror's palm!


The loud explosion felt like the entire sky was about to explode. Blistering Flame Finger was really strong and actually pierced through Blood Emperor of Terror's palm. It pinned onto his body and started to pound him, causing his body to turn dark.

At the same time, Yun Yue's face was ashen white and her body fell down like that of a fallen leaf.

"Lady Yun Yue!"

Left General Lin Mu jumped up and hugged her waist. He looked down and pushed, "July Wildfire, take care of her!"


I was stunned but Yun Yue's body was floating down at a fast speed.

It was coming!

My legs clenched up and I guaged the distance before jumping forwards. I wrapped around her thin waist and then the speed caused us to smash towards the ground. I hugged her and stumbled back, finally landing beneath a maple tree.


She opened her eyes, her facial color was really bad. The moment she saw that it was me, she closed her eyes and fell into deep slumber.


There were loud explosions in the sky. A few seconds later, Left General Lin Mu and Right General Bai Jian fell from above and both of them were badly injured. When I raised my head once more, I saw King of Darkness slashing down on the head of Blood Emperor of Terror. He hadn't made a sound for a long time and was probably looking for this chance.

"Ah ah ah ah..."

Blood Emperor of Terror's skull was sliced open and blood energy spurted out.

"You have hit in Sealed God Temple for ten thousand years for this day?''

King of Darkness shouted in rage and the power in his body shot out like that of a flood. A black colored dragon charged out of his body and flew into the air. His blood colored eyes just started at Blood Emperor of Terror coldly. Under the terrifying suppression, the energy waves behind Blood Emperor of Terror collapsed.


Blood Emperor of Terror was shocked, "Darkness... Darkness God Dragon Bloodline legacy? ! You.. You are actually from Xuanyuan Family?"

King of Darkness's eyes was cold, "I... I am just an exiled one, die!"

Second, third, all the swords smashed onto Blood Emperor of Terror's body. However, when Blood Emperor of Terror stumbled back, a claw popped up from below and just pierced King of Darkness's body!


Blood Emperor of Terror turned around and shouted arrogantly, "Little thing, so what if you have God Dragon Bloodline Since ancient times, haven't I killed many from Xuanyuan Family that awakened that? But your Darkness Blood Dragon Bloodline is interesting, since that is the case, I shall study you!"

He slapped towards King of Darkness's forehead.

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