Chapter 153- Competitor appear
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Zhan Yue Chapter 153- Competitor appear

"Wishful thinking!"

King of Darkness raised his head and slapped. Instantly, the Darkness God Dragon power behind his body roared and instantly pierced through Blood Emperor of Terror's body. This palm power circled around within Blood Emperor's body and ripped his blood energy apart. Probably this palm was something that King of Darkness had planned in advance.


Blood Emperor of Terror's body trembled and he released his grasp on King of Darkness. "Shua shua shua", his body broke apart and turned into blood energy which condensed and broke down once more in the sky, He was like an unstable ball of fire that flew towards the east.

"Not good!"

King of Darkness clutched his bleeding chest and shouted, "He wants to flee! Everyone in Black Castle, chase him. Blood Emperor of Terror's soul has been scattered, we have to destroy his remaining soul or he will cause trouble to the world once more!"


Many people dashed into the sky.

I hugged Yun Yue and charged several steps out. I gritted my teeth and hesitated but at that moment, she opened her eyes and looked at me with a teasing expression, "If you want to chase then chase. Put Senior Sister, I can take care of myself now."


I placed Yun Yue down beneath a tree. She wiped her lips and it seemed like the power in her body was recovering, "Go, this is Black Castle, no one can do anything to me."


I turned around and activated Quickness to fly towards Blood Emperor of Terror. In the end, after just a few steps, I saw a broken body by the side that shone an orange light. It was Orange Night! He was hit by Blood Emperor of Terror and landed a thousand meters away from Sealed God Temple!

Pounce forwards!

"Orange Night are you fine?"

When I hugged his broken body from the ground, I noticed that he was actually left with some health. He had 1% left and was on the verge of death!

"Master, I... I need to rest..." He said.

"Okay, rest well!"

I placed him into my bag and felt quite delighted. It was great that Orange Night wasn't dead. I thought that he was insta killed but he actually had 1% left. It seemed like the slap from Blood Emperor of Terror was relatively weak as he was still sealed by the Sealed God Temple. If he was at the state tat he was when he fought King of Darkness and Yun Yue, even a Grade Ten Orange Night might have been insta killed!

As a player I probably wouldn't be able to join such a battle in my life right?


While dashing, a person flashed past me. It was Ding Heng!

"Little fellow be careful!"

"Yes Master!"

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I continued to dash forwards and not far from me, many young five location disciples appeared. Two Balls, Dong Yuanbai, Long Yilan, Lei Ling etc appeared.

In the sky, Blood Emperor of Terror flashed. He would appear in the east sometimes, sometimes in the west. He cried out viciously, "Black Castle, I will take revenge sooner or later, I will end your line!"

Too strong!

In the next second, Blood Emperor of Terror dashed to the south. An elder cried out and all that was left was bones after all his meat was swallowed. Who knew that Blood Emperor of Terror would still have such strength after defeating all of the Black Castle experts.

This thing was just too terrifying!

Not long later, Blood Emperor of Terror flew towards the back mountain!


"He has entered the back mountain!"

"Chase, be careful!"

People screamed all around.

As a full agility Assassin who was wearing top quality boots, my speed was quite quick too. Five minutes after I entered the black mountain, Blood Emperor of Terror charged from above me and shouted, "Little thing I remember you, give me your life!"


Blood energy surged towards me.

All of a sudden, I had a scary feeling that I was about to die!

I activated Blood Ring and the Blood Barrier effect activated. A blood shield appeared around my body and it was at full durability. This was the first time I used it because I rarely faced such dangerous situations. However, this time it still felt like it was not enough.

Blood Emperor of Terror badly injured Lin Mu and Bai Jian in one strike, that was not something the blood world ender could block.

However, right when I was retreating, a voice spread from the wind--

"Bastard! How many more do you want to kill? ! Die!"


An old palm passed through the sky and smashed into the remaining part of Blood Emperor of Terror's body. In the next second, Blood Emperor of Terror's body exploded and his health was left with less than 1%. He turned into a streak of blood that sped into the distance.


An old sigh spread out from the sky. It was filled with helplessness and regret. Like he had enough strength to kill Blood Emperor of Terror but he wasn't able to do so.

"Who? !"

I turned around and looked into the forest but I couldn't see the old man. However, that aura also disappeared and the forest calmed back down. An elder shouted, "Damn... The Blood Emperor of Terror's soul escaped from the world ender and left Black Castle!"

"Has he left?"

I looked into the distance and felt regret that I was unable to kill Blood Emperor of Terror. If my achievement system was stuck here, that would mean that I lost one money-making opportunity!

However, in the next second, a bell rang--


System notification: Please note, your attack target Blood Emperor of Terror has appeared in the map Dawn Forest, kill him within 10 hours and complete the mission!


I still have a chance?

All of a sudden, my eyes lit up and I was extremely excited. I opened the map to search for it and noticed that it was in the north of Linchen County.

Very good, I shall head to Linchen County and solve this weak Blood Emperor of Terror.

I crushed the City Return Scroll and teleported over!

But the moment I reached Linchen County, I heard another bell--


System notification: Please note, a competitor has appeared!


I frowned, was someone going to try to kill Blood Emperor of Terror like me?

Forget it, head over first!


I passed through the forest and grassland. I saw many players who looked at me with shock. Luckily I was moving quickly and no one could stop me.

20 minutes later, I reached the north border of Linchen County. A forest that shone silver appeared. I was here, Dawn Forest!

"Sha sha~~~"

I stepped in and noticed that there were no monsters at all. It was as if that mysterious dawn power had purified everything. Spiritual plants appared in each corner and in the middle was a blood cage. It was like something was spreading there. En, it should be there!

I dashed over and reached the center of the forest quickly. As expected, the grass and plants were dyed red. A person sat there and his body was covered in a half translucent cacoon, like a bug trying to break out.

I didn't even have to think, that thing in the center was Blood Emperor of Terror!

Blood Emperor of Terror was already slapped by that mysterious old man. That palm was stronger than King of Darkness's one so Blood Emperor of Terror was definitely really weak now!


I got in successfully and used White Cloak+ Annihilation on Blood Emperor of Terror's back.


Instantly, Blood Emperor of Terror's 1% health shook. My heartbeat sped up. Was such a final Boss going to die to me? Great!


Blood Emperor of Terror shouted in rage but he couldn't move. It was as if he was suppressed by some power. If I was right, it was because of the old man's palm.

But at that moment, I heard the sound of wind breaking from behind me. I was very familiar with it, it was the Warrior's Assault technique. Someone was sneak attacking!

Almost like instinct, I used Dark Shadow Jump towards Blood Emperor of Terror and shifted three yards forwards. At the same time, I turned around and used Hunter's Edge towards where I was at.


A sword light shone and the Frostfang clashed with the peson's sword. The power forced me back and my Frostfang also forced her back. She wore a white robe that showed her beautiful eyes. It was Lin Xi!


I gritted my teeth, I didn't expect Lin Xi to be that competitor!

"Let's not fight!"

I frowned, "Lin Xi?"


She nodded, "You are July Wildfire right?"


I pointed at Blood Emperor of Terror and said, "This is my main scenario quest, can you let me have it? Thank you!"

Her sword shone coldly and smiled, "You are the system Boss and gained so much from players. Do you still care about a system quest? Moreover, do I have a reason to let you?"

"Then I need to deal with you first then."

In the next second, with White Cloak, I disappeared into the wind.

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