Chapter 154- Destroyed
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Zhan Yue Chapter 154- Destroyed


Right when I entered White Cloak state, Lin Xi sunk down and a storm spread from her feet. Along with an eagle cry, a dawn mark appeared on my head. White Cloak's effect was totally useless. With a "peng", when I turned around, Lin Xi had charged right in front of me.


We looked at one another and in that moment, I charged towards the right and slashed her with my dagger. I used Gouge. Who knew that she didn't retreat at all and just dove towards the right. While dodging Gouge, she continued to charge. Her sword sheath smacked my shoulder and my left hand temporarily lost all strength. At the same time she pushed with her shoulder and that hit the bottom of my arm.

Pulse Breaking Style!

In that instance, Lin Xi's three movements caused me to be stunned there. This was why Pulse Breaking Style was so amazing, using mechanics to stop one's attack. At the same time, one would be unable to control themselves for a short time.

"Shua shua!"

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Layers of frost wrapped around her blade and she slashed me at my waist. This was the Warrior's level 40 skill Frost Slash. A layer of frost started to form on my armor and both my movement and attack speed dropped by 30%. She then retreated, the silver cape on her body flew into the air, revealing her long white legs!

"You want to leave? !"

I didn't care and just raised my hand. Shura Bloodline boiled and one could hear cranes crying. A strong storm descended from above and covered her body!

"En? !"

She gritted her teeth and spread her right hand and streaks of silver energy rose from the ground, forming a dawn shield around her. All of a sudden, Apprehension's damage was reduced. In that instance, I used Dark Shadow Jump!


I turned into a streak of lightning and appeared behind her. While doing 3272 damage, I used Backstab. I didn't dare to add a basic attack as her adaptibility was too strong. If I attacked a basic attack then maybe backstab wouldn't land!


As expected, the moment those damage numbers rose up, Lin Xi turned around. She spun 180, her blade smacking my stomach while a golden light shone. When I was momentarily stunned, a level 6 Double Hit landed from above!

All of a sudden, damage numbers started to jump and each did 1500+ damage. After a whole series, I lost close to 10 thousand health!?

I gritted my teeth and activated Blood Drawing Blade. I got close and Frostfang stabbed Lin Xi's collarbone like a poisonous snake, dealing 1600+ damage. Her defence wasn't low and with the Dawn Protect skill, she was even tankier!

But, I still had to kill her, if not my achievement system would be wasted!

Hunter's Edge!


Under my Hunter's Edge's attacks, Lin Xi was forced to cower behind her blade. Although it could block a portion of the damage but she still lost close to 5000 health. She still had 40% health left, what kind of concept was this? Her health was over 30 thousand!

So terrifying!

In the next second, Lin Xi and I faced off. The two of us were in a standstill and we also both lost room to go.

Instantly, both of us activated our combos!

"Separated by water!"


With a loud "peng", our two combos gave out a bright light as the golden attack smashed into each other. What a coincidence, we didn't truly use our combos and both were interrupted. But Lin Xi seem to be on the losing end as her combo had Blade of Dawn!

"Come again!"

With such a good opponent my blood started to boil. I charged forwards and was about to use Annihilation.

Lin Xi's eyes were filled with battle intent and a reluctance to lose. She used Storm Slash towards me!

In the end, both of us were badly injured!

Right at this moment, someone grumbled from behind, "You two... You are really disrespecting me!"

It was Blood Emperor of Terror!

In the next moment, a palm reached out towards me and covered the area!

"Not good!"

I released Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map and a beautiful scroll opened in front of my eyes. Mountains were connected and the oceans were endless, all sorts of scenary were shone within. Blood Emperor of Terror's fist landed into the Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map. In the next second, he laughed out loud, "That treasure is mine!"

As he said that, he slapped out twice, "The two of you will die!"


2nd palm landed in Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map too. Lin Xi was protected behind me and she didn't attack. She just looked at Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map. After all, she did suffer from it before.


Third strike!

This time, Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map's two blocks were over and turned into a white light which disappeared into my treasure space. I was sweating and all my skills were used. What could I use to fight this Blood Emperor of Terror?

"Move aside!"

Lin Xi charged forwards and pushed me to the side. She opened her left hand and a pure light exploded. A sword light appeared in the air and gathered in her hands, forming into an eye catching umbrella. It opened and with a giant explosion, she was forced back. However, she was still holding onto the artifact.

It was actually blocked!?

I was shocked. That treasure was so strong. It was probably no weaker than the Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map?

In the next second, Lin Xi's movement surprise me. She raised the umbrella up and it turned into numerous sharp blades which flew towards Blood Emperor of Terror. His remaining health started to drop and he became a piece of trash once more. The umbrella was used and it flew backinto her treasure space!


"It is time for us!"

After dealing with Blood Emperor of Terror, she charged at me with rage in her eyes, "Our debt isn't finished yet!"


I laughed and charged towards her once more!

"Keng keng!"

Dagger and sword clashed and caused sparks to fly. Our legs stepped on fallen leaves and we just battled in such a location. I activated Blood Drawing Blade once more and she also used a skill that could recover health. It seemed like with my strength, I was unable to kill her head on.

I had to use unexpected means!

I looked at my bag and Orange Night's health was at 3%. I had no choice!


Right when Lin Xi forced me back, I summoned Orange Night. An orange glow shone bright and Orange Night smashed his spear towards Lin Xi's head.

"Ah? !"

Lin Xi was shocked and she grabbed. That giant umbrella appeared and was held above her head. With a giant "peng", Orange Night's strike only did less than 3000 damage. She smiled, "This is your trump card? You are still lacking a little!"

"No, that umbrella definitely countered Orange Night!

She dragged the umbrella while the sword in her right hand started to shine bright. She used Double Hit and Blade of Dawn onto Orange Night's body. Instantly, Orange Night's health dropped. It made my heart turn cold, like... Orange Night's stats were greatly reduced against players. His 3% health was not enough!


I shouted, "Don't kill him!"

However, her attacks were already used. Her umbrella turned into sword light which smashed onto Orange Night's body. In the end, my Grade Five puppet flew outwards and was riddled in holes. His light turned dim. It was as if... He was broken!?


I was furious. I spent a huge price to get and upgrade Orange Night, did it become a pile of scrap metal? I pounced forwards and kept Orange Night into my bag. I used White Cloak+ Dark Shadow Jump at the same time to appear behind Lin Xi. Only such strong attacks could defeat her!

However, everything was unexpected. Right when I used Dark Shadow Jump, Lin Xi charged forwards and used Flying Flame Slash towards her back. Moreover, that strike actually crit!




My mind went blank. I understood that feeling, I was killed!

I had lost!

The moment I turned into soul state, I was stunned. Right, I thought that I won with that last strike but Lin Xi guessed that I would jump behind her. She read through me, and I... I was like a child, my battle tactics were too simple in front of her.

I had all sorts of S Grade skills and also had an SS Grade combo, I actually lost like that?

I felt like a kid that lived in the mountains and my Master had taught me all sorts of top skills. In the end, after I appeared, I was defeated by an experienced expert. I couldn't take that humiliation!


System notification: Congratulatons, target Blood Emperor of Terror has been killed. As you have joined in the battle, Achievement System Third Stage Challenge has been completed, completion level as 50%, obtained rewards: Charm +2, Gold +4000. You have obtained extra rewards: Skill Necklace (Legendary Grade) Next stage of Achievement System will be activated in 15 days!

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