Chapter 155- Revenge plan
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Zhan Yue Chapter 155- Revenge plan

It was still completed, I finished half of it.


I was a little stunned and looked into my bag. I saw the wooden puppet representing Orange Night laying in the corner--

Orange Night (Grade Five puppet): Already totally damaged.

He is gone?

My heart felt like it was being sliced by a knife. Let's not mention how much effort I had spent on Orange Night, just the money alone was over 100 thousand. Moreover I had levelled with him and gave him experience etc. Now, it was gone just like that.

This humiliation, this sense of failure, it was just too strong!


The moment I took the helmet off, I felt relaxed. Since Illusionary Moon was started, I started to understand this game bit by bit and was fully immersed in it. Until now, I understood that I was too immersed. This loss to Lin Xi was a perfect lesson.

I was not good enough!


At this moment, Ah Fei just walked out from the toilet and he looked at me in shock, "What happened? I just went to pee and why does your face look so ugly. You look like you just broke up?"

"Ah Fei."

I laid lazily on the sofa, "I lost."

"What, lost?" He was stunned.

I described everything that happened before in a calm voice, like everything had nothing to do with me. But Ah Fei was furious. He slapped the table and his face flushed red, "We definitely can't let things end like this. What is the meaning of that. She destroyed your achievement system and even destroyed the puppet. What is she doing? !"

"She maybe really treats me as an enemy."

I said, "So she didn't hold back when she attacked."

"No, definitely not!"

Ah Fei said viciously, "She offended our Legends of the Lake, how can we easily let this pass? Who cares if she is Lin Xi or anyone else, she has to pay the price!"

"Why, you want to wipe her out?"

I smiled, "Actually this battle has enlightened me. I thought that I was strong but now I realised that as compared to first rate players, I am far weaker."

"I obviously know that without you needing to say."

He sat on the sofa and crossed his leg, "Ah Li what are you planning to do next? Rise up again brother, I will follow you. Isn't it just a puppet?" I am earning money in Linchen County everyday. Once we get enough gold you can buy another one right?"

"Good brother."

I was a little touched.


He laughed,"If we let things go like this, what is the point of playing the game? A second ago, I thought of a shameless revenge plan. Do you want to listen to it?"

"Shameless? No!" I laughed.

"Scram, I order you to listen!"

He laughed too and said, "Truthfully, Lin Xi is a nice person but she is too arrogant. So many guys chased her but she didn't care about any of them. Such a girl lack pain from love. If you are willing, I have an idea."

"What idea?"

"Think about it, what is the most vicious way to punish a woman?"

"Toss her makeup products?"


He looked at me in disdain, "Get close to her! Make her fall for you! And then abandon her. That is the biggest punishment to her!"

I frowned, "this... It is too difficult to fulfil that? Firstly, how will she fall in love with me? She will probably just beat to death."

"Why are you so dumb?" He stared at me, "As long as you get close to her and treat her well,

I am sure that even if she is a block of ice, she would be melted by you."

I rubbed my brows, "So how should I get close to her?"

"I already have a plan."

He opened a can of coke and said in interest, "Yesterday, With You released a recruitment notice saying that they wanted to recruit a male player to move into their studo. You would work and fight there. The only thing is that the demands are a little strict."

"What are they?" I was suddenly interested.

Ah Fei laughed, "They want the player to be a Paladin and must be above level 50 and have high grade equipment. You will be in charge of tanking and healing. You also know that With You has three beauties. Lin Xi is a Warrior, Follow Heart is the Mage, Bright Moon is the Archer. They lack a heavy armored tank so they only need a Paladin now."


I thought about it, "My Human Race account is jobless. Logically speaking I can become a Paladin. My level can be adjusted along with my Assassin account so I can definitely make a level 54 Paladin."

"That is great."

Ah Fei smiled, "At the current stage, there are so few level 50 Paladin. Level 54 ones are as rare as ticks on a bald head. Go change job and contact Bright Moon. Maybe you might end up there. When the time comes, all males in the server will envy you."

I frowned, "You brat... You are so anxious to chase me out. Is it because you have another plan?"

"Hahaha~~ Yes I do!"

He grinned, "Didn't I tell you previously? I added a really pretty Priest in the team and have been talking to her. She said that she want to come to Suzhou and live with me."

"Have you met her before?" I was shocked.

"No, but we have talked about most things."

I pointed my middle finger at him, "Hope you meet an ugly one!"


He continued excitedly, "Let's do exactly that. Once you confirm to enter With You, then I will confirm with my future girlfriend. What do you think?"

"En, okay."

I rolled my eyes, "Damn, I am getting chased out after less than a month. You really are hoes over bros."

"I didn't chase you out, I am sending you to the promise land!"

He was excited, "So what, go get a job now and then contact them?"

"It is already morning, let's eat supper and then sleep."


After a night of little lobster, I felt healed. After the meal, I was in a much better mood. Now I probably had to think of a way to get to With You if not I didn't even have a place to stay. In truth, I really wanted to get to Lin Xi's side and understand her. Then I will counter her and beat her up!


Next morning.

I went online after breakfirst and I appeared in Black Castle. I teleported to Linchen County and came to the east gate under White Cloak state. Then I transformed into my human account. Instantly, A Little Brother just walked into Linchen County as a brother with no job.

"I have bought the equipment!"

Ah Fei sent me news, "A set of 45-52 blue equipment. Most of them add healing and also survivability. I spent about 5000 but it doesn't matter as we don't lack money."


I smiled, "Trade them to me and I will complete the job."


Not long later, 7-8 pieces of equipment were traded. I headed towards the job trainer. After passing two streets, a solemn-looking hall appeared in front of me. After stepping in, all the job instructors appeared. Warrior, Assassin, Mage etc tutors all stood there. As for players, there were many of them too.

I stepped into the Paladin training and a heavy armored male was in front of me. "Young man, do you want to become a Paladin that protects the light"


I nodded my head, "Teacher, I am willing to become a Paladin!"


He nodded his head and smiled, "Let the light be by your side!"

"Shua", light rained down and I became a Trainee Paladin. En, this can't do, level 40+ Trainee Paladin, Bright Moon would definitely see through me. Thus, I talked to the teacher once more, "Teacher I think that I am strong enough, I want to become a stronger Paladin!"

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He looked at me for a few seconds, "As expected, you really are talented, so... Come, hand over a gold and you will become a true Paladin!"


After spending 1G, a golden light descended from above. My job turned into a true Paladin. All my stats increased and then I also learnt the Paladin skills one by one--

Judgement: Deal 100% Damage on the target, basic attack skill

Toughness: Passive skill, raise Health and Defence by 20%, this is Paladin's bread and butter if not it would have no advantage at all.

Saint Light Technique: Heal target, causing a certain healing effect. This was one of the basic skills. Because of this, which was why Paladins were called milk cavalry.

Purify: Dispel negative effects. This was obvious, Priests knew this too.

Assault: one of the heavy armored skills

Saint Storm: Deal 150% attack damage to targets in a line, a rare Paladin AOE skill

Ash Fortress: Form a shield, raising one's defence by 100% lasting for 7 seconds. This is the strongest Paladin defence skill to date. This was why Paladins above level 40 were in every party.


With everything prepared, I walked out of the hall. I looked at the Level Ranking Boards and the 10th was level 53. So if I adjusted to level 54, I would enter the top 5. That was no good, it was better if I was low profile. I adjusted it to level 52 and was ranked 16. At the same time, I wore all the equipment that Ah Fei prepared.

"Ka ka ka~~~"

I wore the heavy armor and also held a broadsword. On my left hand was a shield. At this moment, I didn't look like a little brother at all!

Great, time to contact With You. My revenge plan had officially begun! Ah Fei told me to try my best to make all of them my girlfriend and then dump them all! Let them feel the pain of love! Although it sounded scummy, but it did sound interesting.

Of course, all those were just nonsense that we talked about. Anyways, I had to enter With You and find a place to live in. After all, the reason why Ah Fei was eager to chase me out was already revealed!

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