Chapter 156- Skill chain
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Zhan Yue Chapter 156- Skill chain

Thus, I walked in front of Great Sage Hall with my high grade armor, holding a sword and a shield. I attracted a lot of attention. After all, a level 52 Paladin at the current stage was really rare. Moreover, my equipment weren't weak too. Apart from the top Paladins of the various guilds, such Paladins were extinct.

I opened the friend list and searched for Bright Moon. She was in charge of With You's recruitment so I had to look for her.

A second later, search success. Target player was online!

Thus, I sent her a message as an unfriended player, "Hello beautiful Bright Moon, I heard that With You is recruiting, may I ask... Can I?"

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In the end, in less than three seconds, she sent me a friend request.


In the next second, she sent a voice message, "Hello, where is your current locations. Is it okay if we talk face to face?"

"Okay, I am at the entrance of Great Sage Hall."

"En, I will be there right away!"


In less than a minute, a light shone over at the teleportation in front of Great Sage Hall. An exquisite and well-proportioned body appeared in the city. It was With You's beautiful archer whose body was wrapped up in leather. She held a purple bow, her hair hung over her shoulders and her features were really distinct.

She saw me right away and walked over. Before she even arrived, her gaze had already sized me up, she probably analysed each equipment of mine. She smiled, "I didn't expect that in Linchen County, apart from Lin Songyan and Breaking Dawn Dust there would be such a high level Paladin. As for your ID..."

She burst into a laugh, "May I ask, what should I call you?"

I said, "My name is Lu Li."

"Real name?"


"Okay." She reached out and smiled, "First time meeting you. Hello little brother Lu Li."

My mouth twitched but I still shook her hand. My palm instantly felt soft and I didn't dare to touch for too long as I was afraid that she would think that I was a pervert. I smiled, "Let's continue to talk regarding joining With You."


She pointed to the hall, "Let's sit there and have a chat."

"En, okay."


Great Sage Hall, side hall, the gentle sunlight shone in through the window. The warm summer breeze made me feel a little lazily. Fortunately it was just the morning and I had just went online, if not I would really feel like laying and sleeping on a chair.

She sat on the chair opposite me and closed her legs together. She placed her bow on the side and said, "Let me tell you about With You. We temporarily have three players, a Warrior, Archer and a Mage. You don't have to doubt our strength, even if we are not top class, we are first rate. Which is why we need a healing class and naturally Paladin was the best choice."

I nodded, "En, my level and equipment should fit your requirements."

"Yes, level 52 Paladins are rare."

She looked at me with her beautiful eyes and suddenly asked, "Lu Li, how do you train?"

"I follow a few high level parties." I waved and smiled, "They attack maps and then I would help them. When they rest, I won't which is why I am at a higher level than other Paladins."


She nodded and smiled, "Our studio's three members are girls. The fourth should be the final member. Since you are a guy then you should be able to do some work."

I laughed, "You... Are you going to abuse me?"


She smiled and asked, "Second question, where are you from?"

"Suzhou Wuzhong, I am currently staying near Yue Stream."


She smiled, "That is close, we stay near Lake Shi.

I nodded, "That is nearby."

"Third question." She looked at me and asked, "How are your skills?"

"Still okay..."

I frowned, "I shouldn't be considered a rookie."


She nodded and smiled, "Then let me test it. if you pass this then we can enter the interview stage."

"Interview stage?"

I was stunned and didn't say anything. As for Bright Moon, she stood up and walked out. She walked into the huge courtyard behind Great Sage Hall and a flag descended from above. Player Bright Moon challenged me!


I broke into a smile and at the same time I was a little worried. In terms of strength, if I used my Shura account, I could defeat Bright Moon easily. But this Paladin account, that was tough. After all I was a Paladin newbie and all my skills were level 1. As compared to an Archer with all level 5-6 skills, I was at a disadvantage!

But, if I just had to show her my mechanics, I did have a chance!

"Why, what are you waiting for?"

She stood under the tree and looked at me.

I hadn't added any points! Wait! I opened the human character and added my stats to Stamina and Strength. Instantly I became a half tank Paladin.

Confirm, accept challenge!

The system started to countdown!





The instance the sparring began, I held my shield and sword and dashed forwards. Bright Moon's body sunk down and she used Wind Control to increase her movement and attack speed. She pulled open the distance while pulling her bow and using both Explosive Shot and Combo Shot!

Her movement speed was too quick and if I used Assault, I might not hit. I held the giant shield in front of me and pushed it forwards. The arrows pelted onto it and my health bar started to decrease. The bow in her hands was the purple Windwalker that I sold and it was just too painful!

I raised my hands and used Saint Light Technique!

"Shua" A golden light shone on my body. Although the heal was average but it was better than nothing. The moment I used it, I charged forwards. I raised my blade and used a golden storm towards where Bright Moon was at-- Saint Storm!


Bright Moon didn't expect me to use Saint Storm from so far away. She dodged towards the left and the moment she moved, a precious chance appeared in front of me, Assault!


I shot forwards and with a "peng", I smashed onto her body. Her eyes opened wide as she was stunned. I used Judgement+basic attack. At the same time, I raised my shield and arrived behind her. Before she woke up from the stun, I slashed her twice. In the end, due to my good equipment, she was only left with 50% health.

Forest Advance!

She used another skill to increase speed. She retreated and Windwalker shone. She used Stun Shot+ Shockwave Shot, which were two level 40 Archer skills. Once they hit it would hurt. But I had no choice, Paladins didn't have added Agility and were much more cumbersome than Archers.

I activated the skill- Ash Fortress!

"Shua shua shua", golden ash wrapped around me and turned into a shield that wrapped around my armor. I hid behind the shield and instantly there were two loud explosions on my shield. I was stunned, her moves took away 30% of my health. If this continued, I would definitely lose.

"En? !"

Bright Moon said, "Let's stop."

"Why?" I held my shield and looked in confusion as she cancelled the duel.

"You are not my match."

Her lips flushed red as she looked at me, "Moreover, your skill levels don't seem high. But your mechanics and positions are not bad, but..."

"but what?" My heart jumped and I was afraid she noticed something.

"As a Paladin, your movement is quite cunning." She was helpless.

I smiled awkwardly, "Maybe because I won many different games and touched various jobs like Assassin, Archer, Mage etc. When I get into duels, I will fight like an Assassin."


She smiled, "But your skill levels are too low, especially Ash Fortress and Saint Light Technique. Our party badly needs it, you need to train well. Can you ensure that you reach level 5 within these two days?"


I frowned, "I will try."


She walked forwards and looked at me, "Add me on WeChat, I will send you the location tomorrow for an interview. I don't care about your strength in game, we need to meet you in real life to be at ease. After all, apart from you, the three of us are girls."

"I understand."

I nodded, "I am sending my WeChat to you."


A few seconds later, we successfully became WeChat friends. Bright Moon walked towards the entrance and waved to me, "See you tomorrow, remember to train skill familiarity~~"



I looked at her petite backview and was a little stunned. Was I going to join this beauty studio in the future? This didn't match with the reason why I joined Illusionary Moon. But since I had taken this step then I could only lower my head and continue.

Next, time to level my skills!

Right, the last time when I completed the third stage of the achievement system I was rewardded a Legendary Grade necklace, that should be of some help!

I opened my bag and as expected, at the corner of the bag was an orange colored necklace. I reached out and its stats looked like it was custom made for me--

Skill Necklace (Legendary Grade): After you wear it, skill familiarity increase speed +300%, different effects cannot stack.


4 times skill increase rate than before, I had a chance!

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