Chapter 157- 10 years lifespan
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Zhan Yue Chapter 157- 10 years lifespan

Linchen County, Potion shop.

I bought a hundred sets of mana potions at once. What Paladin's used were mana so I had no choice. Such a consumption was something that the current me could afford.

When I was buying potions, a familiar person appeared beside me who was buying potions too. It was Ah Fei!

"You are buying potions too?" I asked.


He was speechless, "Do you think inscriptions don't consume mana?"


"Right." His lips curled up, "I saw Bright Moon and you enter Great Sage Hall, what happened. You should have passed right?"

"You can count it as that."

I smiled, "But she thinks that my skill levels are too low so I have to go train it. Tomorrow I will head to With You for an interview."


He gulped, swallowing his saliva and saying, "So... Doesn't it mean that you can see Lin Xi in real life? Damn..."

I was speechless as I looked at him, "You are already going to be staying with other girls, why are you even thinking about Lin Xi?"

"I am a scum!"



Job Training Center, a wooden puppet. This was the place where players trained their skills. When I arrived, there were already a bunch of people here. I walked in and the moment I stepped in, a bell rang in my ears--


System notification: You have entered Training Center, all skill CDs reduced by 80%, skills that add effects are reduced by 80%!

There was actually such a setting?

It seemed like I could train Ash Fortress here too. After all Ash Fortress's time was 7 seconds and after 80% reduction, it was only left with 1.4 seconds. With the cooldown time, I could use it again every few seconds. This place was really good to level skills. Along with my Skill Necklace, that was like adding wings to a tiger!

Right, the Skill Necklace wasn't a bound item, so... I could let Ah Fei use it? Like that wouldn't it be simple for him to get high level inscription techniques?

All of a sudden, I was totally pumped up.

But it wasn't a time to care about Ah Fei. I needed to get this Paladin account to approapriate standards if not I wouldn't be able to get past With You. Moreover, for some reason I actually wanted to see Lin Xi and see what she looked like in real life. I wanted to see how different this woman who defeated me badly was.

Thus, I waved the wooden sword that I just bought and randomly slashed the wooden dummy. Saint Light Technique, Judgement, Assault, Ash Fortress, Saint Storm etc were all used. I also used Ash Fortress and Purify together. All the skill familiarity started to jump.

Just like that, I grinded to 6pm and finally with a bell ringing, the toughest Ash Fortress reached level 5. As for Saint Light Technique, it was already level 6. The Skill Necklace was really such a great item!

"Ah Li time to eat!" Ah Fei's voice spread from the outside.


I went offline to eat.

Ten minutes later, in the beef soup restaurant below, we ordered a bowl each along with some dishes.

"You spent the whole day on the human cavalry account?" He asked.


I nodded, "This account is the only way to get into With You and I have to do well. But at night, I will play on the Assassin, after all that is the source of our power."


He laughed out loud, "You definitely can't place that Assassin account down even if you go to With You. Assassin's levelling cannot stop and can't be delayed because of those beauties. Don't forget what our focus is."

I glanced at him, "Everyone has the rights to say those words except for you."


He facepalmed, "Don't worry, even if I live with my girlfriend, I won't abandon my Inscriber business.

Moreover, you don't have to worry. I won't let any girl participate in our matter. Even if you are at With You, Legends of the Lake is still Legends of the Lake, nothing has changed."

"That's good."

I placed down my chopsticks and said to him, "My equipment are all in my room. If I head to With You, I will lock it. Don't let anyone enter and touch them until I take them away myself."

"I know, I will lock my brother's room, never to rent out."

"That's good, let's eat."



Night, 7pm, I went online again.

I held my sword and walked out of the job training center. I crushed the City Return Scroll and a black light wrapped around me, teleporting me back to Black Castle. With a "peng", I changed accounts and turned into Shura form. I landed from the sky and was wrapped in a black light. I held my daggers and looked coldly at the NPCs guarding the teleportation formation.

Go, time to find Lin Fengnian.

I looked at my bag and Orange Night was totally dim, even that of his name showed that he was spoiled.

"Sha sha..."

I stepped into Heaven and Earth Pavilion and walked deep into the hall. I then took out Orange Night and summoned him. He was unable to stand still and just fell to the ground like a pile of scrap metal.

"Senior Uncle Lin..."

I looked at him and said, "Look... Can Orange Night be saved?"


Lin Fengnian glanced and said, "How can the dead be saved? There are so many zombies in the valley, you choose one and save them for me. I want to see how you can turn that into a living person."

My heart sank, "Senior Uncle is Orange Night really gone?"

"It is done."

Lin Fengnian said calmly, "What did you kid use him for. A Grade Five Orange puppet was actually trashed. You definitely offended something amazing."

"Blood Emperor of Terror!" I said.


He stood up, "You used such a precious puppet to fight Blood Emperor of Terror head on? Why not use your head to fight Blood Emperor?"

"I did, it wasn't like I didn't try..."

"You brat!"

His face was filled with disappointment, "Although Heaven and Earth Pavilion has many puppets but I don't have many of such orange grade ones. You actually didn't take care of it. Don't say anything, call your Master Ding Heng, I want to get his permission and beat you up in public!"


I sat in front of him, "If Senior Uncle is angry then beat me up now. I won't fight back, after that can you help me repair Orange Night?"

"Wishful thinking!"

He rolled his eyes, "Firstly, Orange Night is done and can't be fixed. Secondly, there is no point in hitting you. I have cultivated my mental state for so long. I might be angry a second ago but a second later my heart is as calm as water."

"Senior Uncle's cultivation is so amazing, the only one I fully respect in Black Castle is you!"

"Shut up you little brat!"

He shivered in anger, "Orange Night can't be fixed, there is no point in you saying anything!"

As he said that, his eyes suddenly lit up, "Unless..."

"Unless what?" My eyes lit up.

He licked his lips, "Unless you exchange for it using the other broken Grade One puppet. I can consider using large amounts of effort and resources to repair Orange Night."


Without considering, I rejected him. White Bird appeared in my mind and I felt like her body had a huge secret. The more Lin Fengnian said that, the more I couldn't return her. Moreover Lin Fengnian didn't know that White Bird's core had reactivated, if not he might charge to my cave and snatch her away!


He slapped the ground, "Then scram you brat, I don't have time to waste with you here!"

"Junior Brother Lin!"

Right at that moment, a voice spread from the wind and Ding Heng's familiar body appeared within Heaven and Earth Pavilion's large hall. He held his hand behind his back and still looked celestial-like. "Whatever resources you need to repair my disciple's puppets, as long as my Wind Cloud Platform has it, I will give it to you!"


I stood up and was so touched that I nearly cried.

"Senior Brother Ding!"

Lin Fengnian got up and bent his body. His hands held his red ruby staff and said, "You do know the price to pay to repair such an orange puppet right?"

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"Junior Brother please speak."

"His energy core has suffered from a lethal attack and to reactivate it would need large amounts of materials. Among them are, Bright Heaven Fountain Threads and Purple Cloud Skystone which not anyone has."


Ding Heng kept silent for a few seconds, "I know about Bright Heaven Fountain Thread, one of the elders in the three divisions has one. I can use my flood dragon bone to exchange for it. As for Purple Cloud Skystone, I heard that Lady Yun Yue has one, but..."

"No but."

A familiar and sweet voice spread out, "July Wildfire is my Junior Brother, Ding Heng send someone for it."

"Thank you Lady Yun Yue!"

I turned around, "Thank you Senior Sister Yun!"

Ding Heng was stunned and didn't know why I would call her senior sister.


Lin Fengnian was shocked and looked at me with a deep gaze, "You brat, you are actually so protected by Lady Yun Yue and Senior Brother Ding Heng, even I am jealous, but... Apart from these two treasures, you are lacking one precious thing!"

"What?" Ding Heng frowned.

"Ten years of my lifespan!"

Lin Fengnian said solemnly.

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