Chapter 158- your name
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Zhan Yue Chapter 158- your name


Ding Heng was so shocked and looked like he had turned into stone. After a full half a minute of silence, he finally opened his mouth, "Junior Brother, allow me to be honest. You are someone who have already died once, you don't lack these 10 years of lifespan right? Our Black Castle has many elder level experts who are all seek of living and are finding ways of dying. Who knew that you..."

Lin Fengnian's face was dead like ash, "Senior Brother, you can't think that my life is not worth money just because we are dead beings with eternal lifespans. You only know how to love your disciple, when did you show love for me!"

"A bottle of Celestial Spirit Tea Leaves."


Lin Fengnian clapped and then looked at me, "You brat, Orange Night's life couldn't be saved by anyone but since Lady Yun Yue and Senior Brother dote on you so much... Scoff, allow me to be direct, just the Bright Heaven Fountain Thread and Purple Cloud Skystone's values are far above that of Orange Night. They are really sacrificing so much for you..."

I was a little embarrased, "I know, thank you Master."

Ding Heng smiled and his body disappeared. His voice spread through the wind, "Just cultivate properly. Black Castle might not need you now but it doesn't mean that we won't need you in the future. Junior Brother Lin, I will send someone to bring the materials over."

"Okay Senior Brother!"

Thus, only Lin Fengnian and I were left in the giant hall. I looked at him and he looked at me. After a short moment, he said, "What are you looking at. Toss your Orange Night down and go and cultivate. To reactivate his energy core and repair his body would take a long time. You can come back after seven days."

"En, thank you Senior Uncle!"

I nodded my head and turned around to leave Heaven and Earth Pavilion.


I walked on the mountain path and felt like I was filled with much more energy. I thought that Orange Night was gone but who knew that he could still be repaired. This was a huge news!

My cave.

In the room, White Bird still stood there like a spear. As for me, I sat crosslegged and cultivated for half an hour. After which I jumped up as I felt that the levelling speed was too slow. It was better that I went out to train but Orange Night was not here. I was having a headache and touched my forehead, "What can I do, if I head to Lightning Forest alone, it isn't safe. If people target me, I would easily be murdered by those bunch of Blood Dynasty people..."

Right at that moment, a soft voice spread from the corner, "I..."


I stood up immediately and dashed towards White Bird. I stared at her eyes, "White Bird were you the one that was speaking?"


She really spoke. Her red lips opened slightly and she said some simple words, "I want..."

"What do you want?" I asked eagerly.

"To fight..."

She said softly again, "I want... I want... to fight..."

"But you..."

I looked at her incomplete body and said, "You are just a Grade One puppet and your body is damaged, if I bring you to fight, I would be killing you!"

"I want... To fight..."

She still said those simple words.

I frowned and looked at her eyes, at that desire. Since her energy core awakened, this was the first time she was so active. Before this I thought that she was useless. Since this was it, then I shall bring her out. At least I would be able to see what was so special about her.

Thus, I raised my hand and kept White Bird into my bag before walking out to the teleportation formation. I directly teleported to Qilin Mountain Battlefield.


I appeared in the wilderness and to the east was the extremely dangerous Lightning Forest. To the south was a bush forest with some low level feral dogs. White Bird's strength didn't look strong so let's choose the weaker ones first.

Thus, I brought White Bird to the south and entered this unknown bush forest.

"Kong kong~~"

A lone feral dog stared at me. Of course, I too stared at it. Logically speaking, they should be moving in groups and it was rare to see them alone. When I walked forwards with my dagger, I saw that it was level 35 and was a Rare Grade monster. At that moment, White Bird suddenly said, "I want... To fight it..."

I frowned and looked at her, "White Bird are you okay? I nearly lost Orange Night, I don't want to lose you here."

"I want... To fight..."

She looked at me with her empty eyes.

"Okay then."

I nodded, "I shall leave this dog to you."

"Thank you..."

In the next second, White Bird just held a broken sword and walked towards this ferocious-looking feral dog.

"Kong kong--"

The dog's fur stood on their ends. Facing such an enemy, it even started to bare its fangs. When White Bird got close, it pounced forth towards White Bird.


A giant explosion and White Bird actually fell to the ground. Her movement was too slow and the moment she fell, her neck was bitten by the sharp teeth of the feral dog. One must know that the dog's bite strength was really terrifying and could even break bones. Like that, a wound appeared on her neck!

White Bird!

I flew forth and wanted to attack, I definitely couldn't let White Bird get destroyed by the dog!

However, the moment I was about to attack, White Bird suddenly stepped forth and kicked the dog away. She climbed up slowly, using the sword to press onto the ground. her broken arm started to shine.


The dog pounced once more!

After a "peng", the outcome was the same and White Bird fell to the ground. Although the feral dog wasn't huge, but White Bird was small and her weight couldn't compare to the dog at all. In the next second, the dog wolved down on White Bird. But at that instance, a broken blade pierced right through the dog's back!


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I was really nervous and super concerned about White Bird. Who knew that she would suddenly attack and the blade in her hand actually pierced through the dog!


That sword actually did so much damage!? White Bird was a Grade One puppet!

My eyes opened wide and I was stunned. I looked as White Bird flung the dog's corpse off from the blade. She stumbled to her feet before finally getting a stable footing. Her neck had a sharp bite mark but it wasn't that deep. Moreover, after the dog died, a streak of experience entered White Bird's body. She started to gain experience too!

"White Bird are you okay?" I asked.


Her beautiful eyes still looked really empty, "I... I want to fight..."


I pointed at the two dogs in the distance, "I will deal with the right one, I will leave the other to you."

As I said that, I charged forwards and used White Cloak+ Annihilation on the dog on the right. White Bird seemed much faster than before. Her body sunk down and she charged forwards with the broken blade.


Annihilation insta killed the dog on the left without a doubt. The moment I turned around, the other dog had pounced towards White Bird. This time, White Bird's movement was really quick. She sidestepped it and slashed, leaving a bloody mark on the dog's face.


After getting injured, the dog became even fiercer. It turned around and dashed towards White Bird from the side.

White Bird's movement far exceeded my expectations. She ran forwards, jumping up and kicking down on the dog's neck. With a "crack", its neck broke and it was just killed just like that!

With a "Shua", another bit of experience flew towards White Bird. White Bird was a Grade One puppet and needed so little experience. In the end, the experience from the two dogs rose her to 50%. It seemed like 4 were enough for her to upgrade!

But, when she upgraded, did I need to bring her to Lin Fengnian? Definitely not. With my understand of Lin Fengnian, he would hide White Bird and then give me another Grade One puppet. He would tell me that the puppet he returned me was White Bird. He would definitely do such a thing!

"I want... Fight..."

She continued.

This time I was more at ease. I pointed at the two dogs in the distance, "Go, have fun."

"Thank you..."

In the next second, White Bird charged out and tangled with the two feral dogs. Her movements went from cumbersome at the start to agile and well trained now. My head felt numb. White Bird gave me a feeling like she was someone who had been sleeping for a long time and was slowly waking up.

What was she? I had totally no idea.


While she stepped on one dog, her blade in her right hand slashed and beheaded the other dog. After half a minute, White Bird completed a double kill. At the same time, a bright light descended from above and entered her body!


System notification: Congratulations, your White Bird (Grade One Puppet) has successfully upgraded!


I didn't have to find Lin Fengnian?

All of a sudden, my mind buzzed. I was shocked. What thing was White Bird?

At this moment, she stood numb to the spot. I looked her in the eyes and said, "White Bird, who are you, can you recall?"


She didn't reply, just looking at me with a lost expression. After half a minute, she said, "Your... Your name..."

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