Chapter 159- Meeting Lin Xi for the first time
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Zhan Yue Chapter 159- Meeting Lin Xi for the first time

"July Wildfire."

White Bird was so weird today. But I still said my ID.


She opened her beautiful eyes and continued to look at me. After a short while, she spoke once more, "Your... Your real name..."

My body shook. She could deduce that that was my ID?

"Lu Li."


She looked at me, the blade in her hand shone blue and her eyes were still empty, "Lu Li, I want to continue to fight."


I looked at the feral dog pack in the forest ahead. It seemed like they were destined to become White Bird's experience points today. In the next second, she had charged out holding her broken blade and she started to clash with the dogs. She slowly familiarised with each action and got more and more nimble. Her killing strength increased one by one, one fist, one kick, one sword, pretty much they could instantly remove close to 50% of the dog's health.

Not long later, the bunch of them were wiped out.

"Pa ta... Pa ta..."

Fresh blood dripped from the blade onto the grass. White Bird stood tall there, her eyes were at a loss as she looked at me, "Lu Li, I want to fight, they... Are too weak..."

I was speechless. It seemed like I couldn't do anything else tonight and had to just play with White Bird. Anyways she was showing signs of awakening and it was worth it to spend some time on her body. Moreover, White Bird's kills would provide me with 30% of the experience. All in all, it was like training, albeit just a little slower.

"Follow me."

Time to change maps. I held my dagger and walked forwards.


This time she agreed gently. She held her blood stained blade and followed behind me towards the east. After a few forests, the monsters tha spawned were level 48 Rare Grade Flame Rhinos. These were huge monsters that ran like tanks. The horn on their noses were covered in flames and looked like a red blade.

I didn't fear such level 48 monsters but for White Bird, it was hard to say.

I pointed and then looked at her, "White Bird, Flame Rhinos are strong wild beasts, do you dare to challenge it?"

"I want to try."

She held her broken blade and instantly blue light appeared above it. In the next moment, she charged towards one at the corner like that of a wind.

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The rhino roared and had sensed that an enemy was here. It lowered its head and pointed its horn forwards. It just started a rumbling dash with its horn towards White Bird's body!


In that blink of an eye, White Bird didn't dodge and just used her broken blade to block the horn. In the end, sparks flew and she was flung back. With a "peng", she fell into the grass. She rolled several times before finally stopping. She flipped back up, holding the blade in her hands tightly. Her eyes weren't so empty anymore and now they were filled with killing intent.

"Deng deng deng~~"

The Flame Rhino charged once more and this time, White Bird understood their attack system. The moment she was about to hit, she rolled to the right and sliced the fur on the rhino's neck. Flames spurted out. She dashed across and continued to slice the rhino's side.

"Very smart!"

I crossed my arms and watched from the side as White Bird continued to grow from battle. She slowly unerstood their attacking style and started to dodge its attack. In less than 10 seconds, a bloody Flame Rhino fell to the ground. The large amounts of experience floated towards White Bird's body.

Unfortunately, getting to Grade Three wasn't so simple.

The experience from the Flame Rhino didn't even move her progress bar which meant that it didn't even provide 1% of experience. As for me, I did get quite a bit of experience. it seemed like White Bird needed much more experience than I did, after all her highest grade was ten.

Just like that, I brought White Bird to kill the level 48 Precious Grade monsters here. This lasted to 12am. When I thought about needing to head to With You, I planned to go offline. But at that moment, White Bird's progress bar was filled!


A golden light landed on her body and she upgraded! Right at that moment, White Bird gritted her teeth and stood proudly in the forest. Her face faced up and it was as if her body had changed. The heart deep in her chest started to show blue ripples and started to repair her injured chest. Not long later, the holes started to become complete and she didn't look as broken as before.


System notification: Congratulations, your White Bird has successfully upgraded to Grade Three. As her strength increased, Attack +50%, Defence +50%, Health +80%, Recovery +120%. She also comprehended the skill Sword Heart!


Sword Heart? !

My brow furrowed as I clicked on this passive skill. I realised that it raised sword damage by 50%. White Bird was born to use the sword so this skill greatly increased basic damage. Moreover, this was just the skill she got at Grade Three. If she could continue to upgrade, the skill she comprehended might be even more overpowered!

"White Bird."

I looked at the time and also at her health bar. After a few hours of fighting, she was only left with 25% health. I said, "Let's stop here, you are already tired. Let's go back?"

For some reason, I felt like I had to ask her for her opinion. Maybe in my heart White Bird was different from Orange Night.


She nodded, only then did I keep her into my bag. She turned into a cute puppet once more. Then I crushed the City Return Scroll and returned to my room. I summoned her to the corner and said, "Rest here, I will be heading out. Wait for me at home."


She nodded once more. She just stood there with her empty gaze, no different from the blur battle puppet from before.

I went offline and ate hotpot with Ah Fei before heading to sleep in preparation for the meeting tomorrow.


Next morning, I woke up in the morning.

After having breakfast, I changed into a more serious-looking shirt and then called for a taxi. I followed the address that Bright Moon sent me and headed out. It was relatively close and in less than ten minutes, the car turned into a greenery covered residential district. I walked while looking at the door plates, "Sir, number 6."

"Understood, residence number six."

The driver drove while staring at the house numbers, "Kid, to be able to stay here... You are not simple... These places are all villas."

I, "..."

Not long later, the car stopped in front of a relatively older gate.

After getting off, I looked on from the outside and realised that this was a lone villa which was of some age. This should be one of the older houses built in Stone Lake. The courtyard was covered in plants and beneath the white railings were many flower pots. Deep inside, a red and white intersecting villa stood there and it looked really lonely.

Lin Xi stays here?

I frowned and sent a message to Bright Moon, "I am here at the gate."

"Oh, I will open the gate for you. Give me a minute!"

"En, okay."


Not long later, on a flower covered path, a youthful-looking person appeared. It was a teen wearing pink T-shirt and white skirt. She looked really beautiful, she was someone that was at least 9/10. One look and one fel refreshed. Along with her moving forwards, her chest rose up and down with a tempo. Her long snow white legs were really eye catching. After she opened the gate, she tilted her head and smiled, "Lu Li?"


I nodded my head and looked at her, "Bright Moon?"

"Haha, right, but don't call me that." She reached out and smiled, "I am Mingxuan, Bright Moon is just my game ID."

"Shen Mingxuan..."

I was stunned, the name was really nice. I reached out to shake hands with her before smiling, "I came for the interview."

"I know."

She burst into a laugh, "After all I was the one who asked you to come. Let's go, Lin Xi is waiting for us."


After stepping in, I looked towards the nearby architecture and noticed that under one of the windows was a beautiful person. It was a girl wearing a beige colored skirt who was looking at us from the window.

"She is..."

"Lin Xi."

Shen Mingxuan smiled, "Go up, let's have a chat."


I followed her in and then went up to the second floor using the white colored staircase. This style of the villa was really exquisite. The view on the second floor was perfect and one could see the blue Stone Lake. In the hall, several sofas were placed and the north european simplicity felt really comfortable.


Behind me, the door facing the main hall opened. The teen looked at me and smiled, "As expected, someone came~~"

She turned around and pushed a wheelchair to walk out. On it was a top beauty that I felt was really familiar. Right, that exquisite face, the aura that made one stop breathing. She was the goddess that captured the hearts of many players in the server, the legendary Lin Xi!

But, I didn't expect her to sit on a wheelchair.


She looked at me and then moved her wheelchair to the side of hte sofa, "Mingxuan what are you doing, get him something to drink?"

"Oh oh."

Shen Mingxuan stood up and asked, "Lu Li what would you like to drink? Coke, Sprite? Or some plain water?"

"Coke is good."


She turned around and placed four cans of coke on the table but no one touched it. My attention was fully on Lin Xi's body.

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