Chapter 160- Joining With You
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Zhan Yue Chapter 160- Joining With You

Pretty much uncontrollably, my eyes sized up Lin Xi up and down. She was too exquisite, her brows were curved like that of a drawing and her eyes were as clear as fountain water. Her nose curved upwards like jade and her skin was perfectly firm. Her fountain-like hair hung down her shoulder, her tempting collarbone and those peaks in front of her chest. Further down, her legs rested on the wheelchair and it was hard to imagine what happened to those snow white legs.

"Do you find it weird?"

She noticed my gaze, "Two years ago I lost function of my legs in a car accident."

"I am sorry..."

I said.

"It is okay." She smiled, "Let's get back to the main topic. Are you really sincere about joining With You? Let me tell you first, we can't give you much salary. A level 52 Paladin like you would be treated as a treasure in large guilds like Elements and Legend but our With You don't have such good conditions."

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"That is okay, I am not greedy for that." I smiled.

"Then what are you greedy for?" She asked right away.

I was stunned for close to two seconds before saying, "I was originally staying with friends but he found a girlfriend so he chased me out. I am in need of a place to say and saw the recruiting conditions. I felt that I was a good fit so I came."

Instantly, Lin Xi and Shen Mingxuan burst into a laugh. The gentle and cute girl at the side smiled too.


Lin Xi nodded and smiled, "You have seen our conditions and situation. This villa was loaned to me by my grandfather and he went to Vancourver. He won't be back for these few years so this place is used by me as With You's studio."

I raised my head. In the hall was a giant deer horn which was the symbol for With You. These three girls probably spent a lot of effort to decorate it.

"Lu Li."

Lin Xi looked at me and said, "This isn't a job. When you join With You, you are a part of us. You know what I mean right?"

I was stunned, "En... I understand."

"Then now, let me ask you something. Are you willing to join With You?" She looked at me, her eyes filled with some hope.

It was as if With You really needed a Paladin like me.

"I am willing."

I looked at her eyes and nearly agreed right away. It was as if I forgot that my goal for coming here was revenge. Lin Xi's words and gaze touched me, "I promise that I will not betray With You!"

"That's great!"

She laughed and pushed her wheelchair forwards. She then reached out and smiled, "Pass your identification to Shen Mingxuan to photocopy and it would be fine."


Lin Xi smiled, "Okay, since you have joined us so now we should officially introduce ourselves."

She straigthened her body and instantly her peaks were on full display. She was at least a C and her face was really serious, "I am Lin Xi, my ID is also Lin Xi. I like playing games and my job is Warrior. My biggest achievement would be to be one of those in the running to become strongest player. Please take care of me in the future!"

I shook hands with her and smiled, "I am Lu Li, my ID is A Little Brother, I was a data analyst and didn't play much. Illusionary Moon is me testing the waters and I am quite noob so please take care of me."

Shen Mingxuan burst into a laugh, "Okay, my name is Shen Mingxuan, my ID is Bright Moon. I am With You's Archer. Anyways, I am just a little sister that follows Lin Xi. Okay, Ruyi it is your turn!"

On the right, the girl in short skirt stood up. Her long legs made me dazzled.

She introduced herself seriously, "I am Gu Ruyi, my ID is Follow Heart and I am the Mage in the studio. I am in charge of magic damage but I am slightly weaker. I thank Lin Xi and Mingxuan for not abandoning me which is why I was able to join With You."

"So from today on, With You's four kings are officially in place. Please work hard and make us famous okay?" Lin Xi smiled.


The remaining three of us nodded.


"Lu Li."

Shen Mingxuan sat next to me and instantly I felt refreshed. As compared to when Ah Fei sat next to me, the only thing he had was smelly feet. She looked at me, "Your room is downstairs. The three girls will stay upstairs and you will be downstairs. Also, I hope you won't mind one other arrangement."

"Oh, what?" I asked.

She pointed outside, "Do you see that, there is a pavilion at the entrance, those that are warm in winter and cold in summer. You can go online there, I have sent people to fix an Illusionary Moon port there already."


I sucked in a cold breath, "Is there a need to?"

"Yes there is."

She gritted her teeth, "A while ago, someone entered to steal or pots. A few days ago, the steel that we accumulated in the corner was stolen by someone, they probably took it to sell."

I felt uneasy, "Why do you have steel here?"

"Er... Lin Xi's grandfather was a steal merchant and left in a hurry so he placed a batch that wasn't sold there."

"Oh, I know..."

All of a sudden, my heart felt like a million horses were trampling over it, I.... Actually came here to take care of someone's steel? Damn!

But when I turned around and looked at the three beauties, even the ugliest one could crush people like Wang Siyu. Forget it, I shall bear with it!

"Lu Li, when are you going to move over?"

Lin Xi turned around and looked at me with her beautiful eyes, "Our party badly needs you. Right, Mingxuan said that your skills aren't full, how is your training now?"

"All my skills are level 5, Saint Light Technique is level 6." I said.

"So fast?"

Her mouth opened wide and she smiled, "Very good, then... Can you move over today?"

"Okay, I will come in the afternoon. I shall eat a breakup meal with my friend first."


Shen Mingxuan laughed, "Breakup meal is well used. As your future teammate, I really want to head over to eat with you~~"

When I thought about how Ah Fei would drool, my mouth twitched. Forget it, Shen Mingxuan definitely knew Ah Fei and if she knew that I was his brother, my identity would be questioned. I grinned, "We are just eating a rice box, if we eat something expensive next time then we will definitely call you."

"Okay, that's a deal!"

"En, deal!"


Thus, I returned to the home and packed up. I really had a rice box with Ah Fei for lunch and after which I took my bags to With You.

My room was downstairs and it was already cleaned up. The window was really clean and there were flower pots beneath. It looked really elegant and the living environment was much better than the one at Ah Fei's house.

"Lu Li!"

The moment I placed the luggage down, Shen Mingxuan appeared at the entrance. She still wore a short skirt which revealed her long white legs. Her body looked good and her face was pretty too. So for her to dress like this in summer, she it was really lethal. Just one look and my breathing became unstable.


"Go upstairs, Lin Xi has something to give to you."


I smiled and followed her up.

Second floor, Lin Xi sat on the sofa lazily with her legs crossed. She looked no different from a normal girl and waved to me, "Come, sit beside me."


I walked forwards and sat down. instantly I smelled a scent enter my nose. This was the first time I was so close to her and my heartbeat sped up. At that moment, she took out an old copper-colored Deer Horn emblem. it was With You's emblem. She carefully pinned it for me.

At this moment I could even sense her breathing. I couldn't help but frown. Was this the female demon that wasted my main quest mission and even killed Orange Night? She didn't look like it, this feeling made me feel really lost.


After wearing the badge, she smiled in satisfaction, "From now onwards, you are a part of With You. You are a part of With You for this life, remember that!"

"I will remember!"

I nodded and smiled, "Thank you!"

"No need to be so polite."

She looked at the clock in the hall and said, "Okay, it is around 1pm so let's go online. Lu Li how long do you need, this is our first operation and we need you."

I thought about it, "The aircon in the guard pavilion isn't working well, I shall fix it. I will definitely go online within 20 minutes."

"En, I shall wait for you online!"



I went downstairs and placed the luggage. There was actually nothing wrong with the aircon, just that the remote control didn't have any battery. I just had to change for a new one and after blowing for a while it would get cold. I carried my helmet and walked over, laying down on a chair that was covered in cushion. I moved my body lazily and then wore the helmet.


I appeared in my personal cave. Today I was going to train with my human race character. My party life was about to begin. Moreover I was training with three beauties. My perfect life had just started!

As my human race account and Shura account's experience were connected, so there was no difference in which account I used. To train with someone like Lin Xi, my level definitely wouldn't be left behind.

At the corner of the room, White Bird stood tall there. I definitely couldn't bring her there if not Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan and the others would be terrified. I crushed the City Return Scroll and teleported to Linchen County. When I was at the entrance, I changed into Paladin form and just walked in.

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