Chapter 161- Redwood Giant Ape
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Zhan Yue Chapter 161- Redwood Giant Ape


A message came from Shen Mingxuan, "Are you here? Come to the east square."


I walked over and on the square, several beautiful people were there. Lin Xi was dressed in armor and held a sharp sword. The cape fluttered behind her and made her look heroic. Shen Mingxuan wore an exquisite leather armor and used my Windwalker. Her body was really ice and her long hair danced in the wind. Gu Ruyi was the most well behaved and wore the most conservatively. Her body was wrapped by a robe and she held a ruby staff. Their equipment were all first rate in Linchen County and their looks were top class and attracted many players' attention.


The moment she saw my ID, Lin Xi couldn't help but laugh, "Lu Li, you really are a genius at naming things!"

I laughed, "I didn't want to, but... Early game Paladins are really a little brother."

"That's true, okay then join the party."


In the next moment, party leader Lin Xi sent me an invitation. The moment I joined, Lin Xi pulled me under With You. The so called party was a player organisation before guilds were created. After entering that, my ID had the deer horn emblem under it. It looked really good and one had to say that their sense of beauty was really good.

"Let's go."

Lin Xi raised her sword and smiled, "Our goal today is Canyon of Despair. Let's try to get to level 57. If possible let's kill a boss. With Lu Li here, we should be able to challenge Treasure Grade Bosses!"

"En, let's go!"

Shen Mingxuan held her bow high up.

Gu Ruyi smiled and under the influence of the three beauties, I relaxed. I held a heavy shield and broadsword, saying seriously, "Little sisters try your best, I will be your strongest shield!"

Lin Xi smiled, "En! Position yourself well and mainly protect and heal us. Assault and protect, do you understand?"


I nodded, "If the Boss dares to touch Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi then I will Assault him."

"Smart, head out!"

The bunch of us just watched out of the square and left a bunch of discussion behind--

"Damn isn't that With You? Lin Xi is so beautiful, I love it... If she is my wife for a day then my whole life is worth it!"

"Damn, when I saw Lin Xi I felt like I was in love, but... Why did their party have one more guy? ! Mom, I feel like I am out of love!"

"Damn! Who is that guy, why would he be in the same party as Lin Xi?"

"Tsk tsk, didn't Lin Xi get close to Feng Canghai recently Why... Did a Paladin called A Little Brother appear, where did this kid come from? He is so ugly..."


I was unhappy and wanted to argue with him but Lin Xi tugged me out of the city gate and smiled sweetly, "There is no need to argue with these people. Let's go, experience waits for no one~~"

I, "..."

Just like that, Lin Xi opened the path in front and no monster would be able to block her. Shen Mingxuan held her bow and dealt high damage while Gu Ruyi used her staff. As for me, I was in charge of protecting those two ranged players. At the same time when Lin Xi's health reduced to 90%, I used Saint Light Technique on her.



Just when I used Saint Light Technique on her head, she smiled in delight. She smiled, "Wow... I finally have a milk cavalry that I can use, this feels so good right?"

Shen Mingxuan covered her mouth and smiled, "To heal you, maybe Lu Li feels good too right?"

"Ah?" I was shocked.

Shen Mingxuan pressed her hands on her waist, "Scoff, numerous males crush on our Lin Xi. We can even say that they can line up from Lingdong Province to Yunxi Province. Why, you don't feel blessed to be her milk cavalry?"

"Still okay..."

I smiled awkwardly. She didn't know that I was an Assassin and that I was best not at healing but at killing, hahaha~~~

Lin Xi smiled towards me, "Don't heal too much, blue potions are quite expensive."

"En, I undertsand."

In truth, I was also familiarising with this job This needed some time but it wasn't a huge problem. After all, my comprehension was recognised by the system!


Just like that, the four of us passed through many forests. Under the gaze of some players, we headed to the northwest. Canyon of Despair was at the border of Linchen County and it was relatively deep in. Half an hour later, we reached the end of a forest. The map was blood red and a cold wind blew. In front of us was a canyon and was a dangerous map.

"Canyon of Despair, monsters are between level 55-65."

Lin Xi held her purple sword and walked at the front. She smiled, "I will be the tank, all of you be careful, especially you Lu Li, you are the lowest level here and might attract monsters. So you just focus on healing me. Only attack during emergencies, as for the other times, you just be a nice experience baby."

I felt blessed, "Great boss~~"


She looked at me with her beautiful eyes.

"You are With You's leading sheep, aren't you the boss?" I asked.

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She smiled, "That makes sense but it feels weird. Up to you, you can call me what you want. Mingxuan and Ruyi all call me Lin Xi."


Thus, Lin Xi walked at the front and followed the mountain path down. When we walked a short distance, we heard a "shua" and a black shadow flew over.

"En? !"

Lin Xi retreated and held her sword in front of her chest!

"Peng", a bowl sized stone smashed in front of Lin Xi's sword. The momentum forced her back and she lost close to 20% health. One could see how strong that stone was.

"Kong kong~~~"

On one of the redwood trees covering the sky, a giant shadow hammered its chest as it jumped off a giant branch. It was a black colored ape that was at least three meters tall. It was the one that tossed that stone. After it landed, it charged towards Lin Xi who was at the front.

"Be careful!"

Lin Xi gritted her teeth. At the same time she shared its stats in the party channel and instantly we were all shocked--

Redwood Giant Ape (Quasi Precious Grade Boss)

Level: 58

Attack: 1850-2450

Defence: 1500

Health: 400000

Skill: Giant Boulder Toss, Intimidation, Lethal Slap

Introduction: Redwood Giant Ape, a beast living deep in the mountain. When the Dimension Legion invaded for the first time, these apes were tempted by the demonic powers and turned into the Dimension Legion's claws. They are sharp and rash, killing all who invade their land. Each year, large amounts of Xuanyuan Empire border soldiers die under their iron palms.


"We met a quasi Boss right away? Bless..." Shen Mingxuan smiled.

Lin Xi held her sword and smiled, "Stop smiling, prepare yourself. After I use Assault, you use Stun Shot and then your combos. Lu Li, pay attention to my health."

"Don't worry!"

I nodded and used Saint Light Technique on her head. Lin Xi turned around and used Assault to stun the giant Redwood Giant Ape. Shen Mingxuan became series, raising her Windwalker and used the spiralling Stun Shot. This was the Archer's signature technique which helped stun the Boss again!

Lin Xi used her combo and the word Gale appeared in gold. Shortly after, she surrounded the Boss like that of a tornado. At this moment, she wasn't that gentle girl on the wheelchair but the war goddess in Illusionary Moon. Her purple sword beat up the Redwood Giant Ape so badly that it couldn't fight back at all.

"Wind Storm!"

"Stone Wall!"

When Gu Ruyi attacked, the battle became a one sided massacre. Redwood Giant Ape's Defence wasn't weak but its magic defence was lacking. Each spell did 5000+ damage and in a short 20 seconds, this Quasi Precious Grade Boss fell to the ground and became four streaks of experience that flew towards us.

As for me, I only healed Lin Xi five times. As expected, I could peacefully be the experience baby.

Based on my guesses, the reason why With You recruited me not for normal levelling but to fight Bosses. If not, they had no use for me at all.


Lin Xi picked up gold from the ground and smiled, "There are many of such giant apes, let's finish them? Maybe if we are lucky we might get a purple equipment. Look, Lu Li's blue gear is so awkward, how can someone from With You not have purple gear right?"

I laughed out loud, "Then let me use your sword!"

She burst into a laugh, "Wishful thinking. Moreover my sword is level 55, you won't be able to use it,"


One could bully others with their high level!


Just like that, the bunch of us killed Redwood Giant Apes on the mountain waist of canyon. Over an hour passed nad behind us laid many Redwood Giant Ape corpses. This levelling speed was really quick, the coordination of a party sped up levelling by so much, it was even faster than when I trained alone!

As we walked forwards, a steep cliff appeared. We looked down and saw many stone peaks which were like swords. These formed the border beneath the canyon and looked really terrifying.

Lin Xi looked down and smiled, "Do you want to go down?"

"Of course, this was why we came!" Shen Mingxuan smiled.

"Sure, let's go then!"

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