Chapter 162- Despair Murloc
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Zhan Yue Chapter 162- Despair Murloc

"Lu Li, the two of us heavy armored players shall go first." Lin Xi stood at the side of the cliff and said.


In the next moment, Lin Xi had already jumped down. Her purple sword drew a deep line onto the wall to reduce the speed at which she was sliding down. Since she didn't hesitate at all, naturally I couldn't too. I placed my shield below me, pressing my sword on the side of the cliff and slid down slowly.

"Keng keng keng~~~"

My shield clashed with the walls of the cliff such that I was about to spit out white foam. On the other side, Lin Xi spread her hands on the cliff and all of a sudden, her left hand was bloody. She lost around 30% of her health. This place was definitely not one for normal players.


Right when we were close to the ground, I stepped on a pine tree that grew in the cracks, stopping myself and then looking upwards, "Lin Xi do you need help?"

"No need."

She flipped and stepped onto a protruding rock before stopping. This was the only safe zone nearby and further down were those stone swords pointing at us. If we charged down we would most likely get pierced through. That would be so embarrassing if we were killed by the game environment.


Lin Xi looked above and said, "Mingxuan, Ruyi both of you come down, Lu Li and I will receive you."


Shen Mingxuan held the bow and she just charged down while stepping on the cliff. My face turned green, she was so daring? If she charged down like that, wasn't she afraid that those stone peaks would kill her!

On the other side, Gu Ruyi gritted her teeth and hesitated for a few seconds before charging down. Her robe resisted the wind and outlined her proportionate body. This Mage might not wear anything revealing but she really did have a good body, one that was as good as Lin Xi and Shen Mingxuan.

"I will get Shen Mingxuan, Lu Li catch Ruyi!" On the side, Lin Xi's voice spread towards me.

"I understand."

I had just entered With You and definitely couldn't let our only Mage die from the stone swords. If not I could just leave right away. I sunk down and looked at where she was running towards. I placed my sword on the ground and charged with my shield. The momentum was too huge and with my strength alone I might not be able to catch her. After all I was a half tank cavalry and in terms of strength, I couldn't compare to full Strength Warriors like Lin Xi.

"Lu Li!"

In the wind, Ruyi's hair became really messy. She held her staff, unable to control her movement speed as she looked at me in panic.

"Don't worry!"

I jumped up and spread my left arm, instantly she hit my shield. At the same time I hugged her with my arms. Under this strong impact, we rolled off the cliff and smashed onto the protruding stones.

"Lu Li..."

I lowered my head and saw that Gu Ruyi was hugging tightly on my arms. Her robe was messy and her 34Cs changed shape due to the force. She opened her eyes and flushed red, "I... I am already safe."

"Ah, Hahaha~~"

I got up and helped her up from the ground, "That's good."

On the other side, Lin Xi and Shen Mingxuan looked at us, "Are you two... Okay?"

Gu Ruyi's face flushed red, "I am fine, I am fine..."

"Why is your face red..."

I was speechless, but Gu Ruyi did look really pure such that one couldn't help but dote on her.

Lin Xi smiled, "Okay, we have landed safely, now let's continue to level."



The four of us walked carefully. Lin Xi was in charge of opening the path while I held up the rear. The two of us protected Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi.

Along the way, Gu Ruyi's red face didn't fade. Shen Mingxuan noticed that and hugged her shoulder, "Ruyi, don't tell me? You are such a noob, didn't Lu Li just hug you a little? Your face is actually red until now..."

"I... I didn't!" Gu Ruyi hurriedly argued.

Shen Mingxuan laughed, "Okay okay you didn't, I am the one with the red face okay? Right, didn't you say that you had a boyfriend in high school? Why does it not seem like it..."

Gu Ruyi punched onto her shoulder, "Let's not talk about the past!"

"Cough cough..."

Lin Xi stopped before turning around and looking at them. She said helplessly, "The two of you... Can you stop fooling around, we are about to start levelling. Lu Li has just joined us, don't scare him."

As she said that, she looked towards me and smiled, "Lu Li, before you came, our studio only had the three of us so we will talk about anything. If you see them quarrel and fight just act like you didn't see anything."

"En, understood." I smiled.

Shen Mingxuan looked at me and smiled, "Lu Li look so innocent, what can he know...."

I was annoyed, "Boss, I want to beat up Shen Mingxuan!"

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Shen Mingxuan held up her Windwalker and pushed her 24C peaks out, "Scoff, can you beat me?"

Lin Xi facepalmed, "Brothers please level properly. The monsters are in front of us okay?"


I nodded my head right away.

Shen Mingxuan said, "This fellow is good at sucking up to the leader. Lin Xi you need to be careful, Lu Li isn't high levelled but wants to join us. Maybe he was here for you."

All of a sudden, I felt a chill down my spine.

Lin Xi smiled, "I believe that he isn't. Okay, let's level, you bunch of lazy bugs!"



At this moment, I had stepped to the bottom of Canyon of Despair. The path in front of us were filled with green monsters covered in fish scales and holding tridents. They cried out and appeared in groups. As expected, this map wasn't something a normal party could handle.

I walked forwards and the stats of these monsters appeared into my eyes--

Murloc of Despair (Precious Grade Monster)

Level: 60

Attack: 1800-2450

Defence: 1500

Health: 50000

Skill: Waterlight Stab, Flood Attack, Stream Charge

Introduction: Murloc of Despair, a race that came from the depth of the ocean. After a battle against the humans, the remaining murlocs ended up resting on land. They defended the last bit of ocean water but after thousands of years, the water dried up and they turned into land creatures defending this Canyon of Despair. They ended up as the frontline merceneries of Dimension Legion.


"Wa, level 60 Precious Grade Monster, Murloc of Despair!"

Shen Mingxuan looked at me and smiled, "Lu Li, they are 8 levels higher than you and are group monsters. You need to be careful, don't get insta killed!"

"Don't worry, even if you die I won't!" I was a Paladin so how would it be so easy for me to die.

Lin Xi walked at the front, "It seems like we need to attract at least 10 of them. I will try to attract them, Lu Li, heal and tank 2-3 of them. Mingxuan and Ruyi don't hit randomly. I will mark them so kill them one by one."

"I understand."

In the next moment, Lin Xi had already charged forwards. The legendary hidden job Dawn Envoy. Her snow white legs stepped on her boots as she moved quickly on this uneven canyon. Instantly she attracted at least 15 Murlocs of Despair. They cried out and their eyes flushed red as a sign that the Dimension Legion had corrupted them.

"Oh my god, so terrifying..." Shen Mingxuan's body shook.

I frowned, heading forwards with my blade and shield. In the next moment, Lin Xi was here with a bunch of monsters and she had a smile on her face, "Lu Li, the three on the sides are yours."

"I can take four!"

As I said that, I raised my sword and used Saint Storm!


Sword energy shot out and they were wrapped up in a noble light. I attracted the four Murloc of Despair over. Lin Xi suddenly turned around and attacked the bunch of them. She opened her left hand and instantly an umbrella formed from blades appeared in her hand. All of a sudden, those attacks landed on the umbrella and did miniscule amounts of damage!


Lin Xi kept the umbrella in her left hand and the structure of it blocked one of the trident attacks. At the same time she slashed with her right hand and marked one of the monsters. She used Double Hit+ Flying Flame Slash along with Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi's attacks to insta kill that Murloc of Despair!

I raised my shield and activated Ash Fortress. In the end, when the four murlocs used Wave Attack and Stream Charge on my shield, the damage they caused were really low. After all, Ash Fortress was already level 5 and the defensive powers increased by a large amount. Moreover, my equipment were quite decent and was enough to block them.


At the core area of the battlefield, after Lin Xi slashed a murloc, the umbrella shone bright and turned into streaks of sword energy which attacked the enemies around. It turned into an AOE damage region. Although the damage wasn't high but she attracted the murlocs around. At the same time, her movement changed and she dragged the group around while ensuring that she was only attacked by 2-3 of them.

I frowned. This famous girl was actually so strong!

I raised my hand and Saint Light Technique landed on her head.


While in battle, she smiled and shouted a look of comfort. She actually looked quite cute.

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