Chapter 163- Heaven Sword Umbrella
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Zhan Yue Chapter 163- Heaven Sword Umbrella


In battle, a murloc went berserk and started to shout out loud. It charged towards Shen Mingxuan who was dealing damage behind me.

"Not good, be careful!" Lin Xi was shocked.

I turned around and predicted his movement calmly. With a "peng", I used Assault and instantly smashed onto the Murloc of Despair. I used a basic attack+Judgement and attracted its attention.

Shen Mingxuan smiled, "Tsk, although our Lu Li is a little brother but he is quite useful. Our strength when we are a three men team and when we are four are totally different. We weren't able to fight like this before."

"Of course."

Lin Xi opened her umbrella and blocked another wave of attacks. She then kept it and used her sword to sweep the crowd. The murlocs cried out and she smiled, "Level 52 Paladin would be popular anywhere. Don't underestimate the use of another job!"

I agreed but I felt that if I was in my Shura form, all these Murlocs of Despair would have been killed seconds ago. Unfortunately, I couldn't do that. If July Wildfire appeared, Lin Xi would fight me right away and that would be chaos.


After stabbing the body of the last murloc and turning him into experience and silver, Lin Xi looked at her experience bar in satisfaction, "Based on this speed, I think I can level to 59 and reach 60 tomorrow for the second advancement!"

I looked at the umbrella in her hands.


She saw that and squinted her eyes, "Why... My artifact is amazing right?"

"En, it really is."

I nodded, "Before this, there are no rumors of this artifact so I was a little surprised."

"There is no need to be surprised."

She waved and shared the stats to the party-

Heaven Sword Umbrella (Level 3 Artifact): Launch a series of flying swords to attack the enemy. Can also be used to block attacks. Based on user's cultivation, can give rise to more effects.


"Heaven Sword Umbrella..."

I sucked in a deep breath. In my final battle against Lin Xi, I lost to this Heaven Sword Umbrella. In some areas, it was stronger than my Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map. Now that I looked at the introduction, I finally understood. It could defend and attack and could even form AOE attacks. This totally raised Lin Xi's strength by a lot.

"You are just showing it to me like that?" I was shocked.


She pressed it on the ground and smiled, "You are already a part of With You. Since you are ours, there shouldn't be any secrets. Moreover, it is just an umbrella, so what if you see it."

I coughed, "I was a little curious. How did you get such a treasure?"

"It is quite simple."

She looked at me and said, "Don't I have a hidden job? Although it is a Warrior type but I have hidden job quests. This was one I got from an SS Grade quest, speaking of which... I really went through a lot..."

She made it look like it was really tough.

I wanted to laugh, "Is that what they say when someone gets something good but tries to brag?"

She laughed too, "It really was tough, I was nearly killed by the Boss. Fortunately it got stuck in the map if not I would have been destroyed~~"

I looked at her gentle smile and found it hard to describe my thoughts. I told Ah Fei that I wanted to come here for revenge but if I really got close to them, I wouldn't be able to do it.

"Okay, continue to level."

Shen Mingxuan said, "Lu Li we all have ordinary jobs, we have nothing to say to those with hidden jobs.

I nodded my head but felt a little guilty. I looked at the other side of my interface, the Shura image with black energy surging all around it. Could I not feel guilty?



Half an hour later, when Lin Xi killed a murloc, Shen Mingxuan said with pity, "Haiz, what a waste, if only we could make fish soup with it~~"

Lin Xi smiled, "You only know how to eat!"

At that moment, "shua", a golden light descended from above and bathed on my body. I levelled up. After the Shura account got large amounts of experience, it rose to level 55. I also adjusted the Paladin account to level 53.

"Not bad, you levelled so quickly!"

Lin Xi looked at me and said, "Continue to work hard and you should be able to reach level 54. Try to get to level 60 in 4 days. Once you reach, you would be transformed."

I nodded. Players who paid attention to Illusionary Moon should know that level 60 was a stepping stone. After that, not only could one job advance, one could have a riding skill and have a mount. After all, only cavalry with mounts were true cavalry. Before that, they were only footman.


Shen Mingxuan shot arrows while smiling, "Can we have fish soup for dinner?"

Lin Xi laughed, "Eat eat eat!"

"En, okay, then we shall eat at the restaurant opposite us."

I couldn't help but feel happy. It was time for a change. To eat with a couple of beauties really made life worth looking forwards to.


Just like that, we trained until 6pm. Right when Shen Mingxuan was clamouring about eating fish soup, we came to a dark and damp land. Ahead of us, the dirt burst open and a golden light shone around. A person appeared in front of us. It was a murloc in heavy armor and holding a trident. It was much bigger than the other murlocs and dark energy wrapped around it. Its eyes were also filled with violence and seriousness!

Murloc leader, level 60 Treasure Grade Boss, an official Boss had spawned.

At the current stage a Precious Grade Boss was still the top Boss that players could come into contact with. As for the Treasure Grade Bosses, only Elements found one during the event. In public maps, Treasure Grade Bosses weren't released so the murloc leader was a top Boss.

"It is here, level 60 Treasure Grade Boss!"

Lin Xi led at the front and said, "Old rules, I will tank the Boss. Lu Li back me up and look at my health. Mingxuan and Ruyi focus fire. All of you just focus on attacking. Lu Li and I will control the situation."

"Okay, attack!" I nodded.

"You bunch of dirty and ugly humans, it is time for all of you to die!"

In front, the murloc leader shouted in rage and a whirlpool of water wrapped around it. It pointed its trident towards us and shouted, "Prepare for death!"

All of a sudden, Lin Xi was rooted to the spot.

"Lin Xi?"

I stood behind her, "Why aren't you attacking? The Boss's scenario scenes are over, what are you thinking about?"

She looked at me, "It is okay that he says we are dirty. Players attacking Bosses to get equipment is dirty but why did he say we are ugly?"

I was confused, "It is just the dialogue, don't worry so much, you are the most beautiful."

She burst into a laugh, "I have recruited a scum into the studio?"

"Right, you have led a wolf into the studio." Shen Mingxuan burst into a laugh.

My lips twitched, "Damn, I shall leave after eating okay?"

Gu Ruyi smiled, "Don't, they are joking with you."

Lin Xi waved her sword and smiled, "Okay let's stop messing around, time to fight!"

"Attack, Lin Xi!"

I raised my shield, "I am your strongest shield!"


She used Assault and hit the murloc leader's body. Shortly after, she used Double Hit+Flying Flame Slash+Frost Slash together to cause the Boss's body to tremble. Right away, Shen Mingxuan followed up with Triple Shot, Shockwave Shot etc while Gu Ruyi raised her staff and used Ice Drill, Wind Blade and Fireball Spell. The Boss's health was dropping quickly.

"Feel the waves!"

The murloc leader hollered and held his trident across his body to summon huge waves. With a loud "peng" it hit Lin Xi's sword and forced her back, taking up to 9000+ of her health. Under the intense shaking, the peaks wrapped up by her armor actually shook a few times. As expected, that move caused huge waves!

My eyes opened wide. I quickly raised my sword and activated my skill. Moreover, I uncontrollably said the words, "Saint light, lead us!"

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The healing effect was decent and the key was that the CD was low. After the first Saint Light Technique, I could use it right away. Just like that, I healed her time after time and was truly a milk cavalry.

Not long later, the Boss had lost half its health. The few of them were so strong!

"When the storm in the deep sea arrives, all of you didn't stop drinking and making noise!"

The murloc leader shouted while raising his trident. He said in anger, "But when justice comes, human's will pay for their sins! Feel the wrath of the ocean- Deep Chill Whirlpool!"


A whirlpool covering the entire battlefield appeared. The Boss used its ultimate and all of a sudden, not only Lin Xi, each one of our healths started to drop. Ruyi summoned her Element Shield but Shen Mingxuan was in danger!

"Not good!"

Lin Xi shouted and used her combo!


Her combo energy waves missed and didn't interrupt the Boss's skill.

"Shen Mingxuan used Stun Shot quick!"

I shouted and Shen Mingxuan's Stun Shot flew out, hitting right on the Boss's body but it still caused a large Miss to appear. At this moment, I locked onto the Boss and used Assault without hesitation!


I smashed onto the Boss and a surprising thing happened. The person who had the least chance of interrupting the Boss's skill actually did it.

"Well done!"

Lin Xi was filled with both shock and joy.

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