Chapter 164- Lance Deep Ocean Shield
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Zhan Yue Chapter 164- Lance Deep Ocean Shield

After Deep Chill Whirlpool was stopped, what followed next was a beating. Lin Xi and I launched attack after attack. The moment I activated Ash Fortress, the murloc leader only did around 1000 damage to me. The Paladin's skill was just so shameless. Just like that, we focused fire and in less than five minutes, the Boss's skills were being controlled and broken. In the end, it only took down Lin Xi to half health. With me there, it was nearly impossible to kill Lin Xi. Moreover, Lin Xi herself had really good equipment.


A dawn light shone bright as Lin Xi used Blade of Dawn once more. The blade pierced through the Boss's body and killed it. Instantly a golden light landed on her body and she rose to level 57. It was true that she could get to level 58 tonight and try to get to 60 within three days.


The moment the murloc leader fell, its body exploded and dropped a bunch of gold and equipment. All of a sudden, all of our eyes lit up. The spoils of war of a level 60 Precious Grade

"I am a lucky one, I shall touch for the equipment!"

Lin Xi volunteered.

"Okay, you are the boss, if you want then no one would fight with you for it!" I said.

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Shen Mingxuan smiled.

Lin Xi walked forwards and picked up the equipment. There were four of them, a staff covered in water ripples, a ring that shone slightly, a pair of bracers and also a shield that gave off an anicent feel to it. Lin Xi first picked up the staff, she waved it and its stats appeared, shocking everyone--

Bluewater Staff (Precious Grade)

Magic Attack: 210-255

Magic Power: +104

Agility: +85

Stamina: +82

Effect: Spell vamp +2.5%

Effect: Secret technique comprehension, all skill cooldown reduced by 10%

Effect: Dark Chill Whirlpool, 5% of triggering Dark Chirl Whirlpool when attacking, dealing constant damage to the surroundings

Effect: Magic penetration, ignore 15% magical resistance

Bonus: Raise user's Magic Attack by 28%

Bonus: Raise user's Defence by 25%

Required level: 55


"Purple staff?"

Lin Xi's mouth opened slightly and her eyes were filled with shock. She turned around and passed the staff to Gu Ruyi before smiling, "See, I told you I was lucky!"

Gu Ruyi smiled sweetly, "Hehe, our Lin Xi is the luckiest!"

My mouth twitched, one really couldn't understand when girls talked to one another.

Shen Mingxuan smiled, "Again again, give me an archer ring, I lack a purple ring now!"


Lin Xi picked up the ring and its stats appeared. Instantly someone was disappointed, this was a Super Rare Grade ring--

Water Pattern Ring (Super Rare)

Strength: +65

Agility: +52

Stamina: +50

Special Effect: Critical Strike +0.3%

Effect: Lifesteal +1.5%

Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 23%

Bonus: Raise User's Defence by 22%

Required level: 55



it is dark blue..." Lin Xi was speechless and asked, "Mingxuan do you still want it?"

"Of course!"

She took it and smiled, "It is at least a level 55 dark blue equipment, much better than the level 29 one that I am wearing now right? Moreover it has critical strike and lifesteal and the ratios are over 20%. This lets my combat strength increase by a large amount."

"That's good."

Lin Xi continued. The third equipment was a pair of bracers. This time everyone was lazy to look at the stats as it was a dark green pair. She tossed it into her bag to sell for gold back in Linchen County. Due to its high level, it could be sold for 1-2 gold.

Continue, the fourth one which was the one I paid most attention to. It was an ancient looking shield. The moment Lin Xi picked it up, my heartbeat sped up. She waved it and instantly its stats appeared, filling me with excitement--

Lance Deep Ocean Shield (Precious Grade)

Defence: 400

Block: +50

Strength: +102

Stamina: +99

Magic Power: +85

Effect: Reduce damage +5%

Effect: Toughness, raise user's health by 4000 points

Effect: Heal effect +35%

Effect: Deep ocean curse, 30% chance of cursing the attacker, causing his attack speed to reduce by 25% lasting 2 seconds

Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 29%

Bonus: Raise user's defence by 30%

Required level: 55



Lin Xi opened her mouth and her eyes were filled with shock. She looked at me, "I thought that it was at most purple, who knew that it was such a good purple item, adding health and heal. There is also a passive curse effect, this shield is suitable for you."

I kept it, "My level is still a little away."

"En, after tonight you should be able to wear it."

She looked towards the monsters in the canyon, "Let's continue here tonight, now... Shouldn't we go drink fishhead soup?"


Shen Mingxuan smiled, "But I have a bad news. I forgot to buy arrows when I came out and if we continue to level I am afraid I will run out. We have to head back to the city to replenish."


Lin Xi smiled, "Anyways I am running out of health potions."

I nodded, "I need to buy mana potions too. So let's return to the city?"


Everyone took out a City Return Scroll. I confirmed that I was holding the Linchen County one and not the Black Castle one before activating it.



A bright light shone and I appeared in the east square of Linchen County. Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi were nearby. Further away, the Great Sage Hall was really busy and many people surrounded Ah Fei. They all called him grandmaster which made him smile like a flower. It seemed like the inscription business was going well.


At this moment, a familiar voice spread from ahead. In the direction of the blacksmith shop, a familiar person walked over. He wore stronger armor than me and held a shield and sword. It was Elements's top Paladin Lin Songyan. He saw me right away and smiled, "Lin Xi, With You just returned to the city? Time to eat right?"


Lin Xi nodded, "Yes it is, we are hungry too so we returned."

"Feng Canghai is repairing equipment and will come over right away." He said.


Lin Xi smiled, "Then we will go offline for dinner."


Lin Songyan was shocked, "Feng Canghai is already coming over. He knew you were here so he rushed over."

Shen Mingxuan frowned and didn't say anything.

At that moment, Feng Canghai walked over from afar and he was actually at level 58. His body shone purple and his Combat strength was at a frightening level. He held a high grade purple sword and looked really handsome. He smiled, "Long time no see Lin Xi."


Lin Xi nodded, "It has been a long time, but... We are about to go offline to eat, let's talk next time?"


Feng Canghai nodded his head and smiled but his gaze landed on the With You emblem above my head, he frowned, "This is... The new member of With You?"


Lin Xi smiled, "Lu Li, let me introduce to you, this is Feng Canghai, Elements' guild leader."

"Oh hello Guild Leader Feng."

I nodded.

Feng Canghai smiled, "Hello, I didn't expect Linchen County to have such a high level Paladin, not simple... Not simple..."

Lin Songyan smiled, "That is true, even I just reached level 54, I didn't expect you to reach level 53 already. Moreover, I have never seen your ID appear on the leaderboard."

Feng Canghai thought about it, "Did you hide your rankings?"

I smiled, "I only just levelled up recently."

"Oh, no wonder."

Feng Canghai stopped bothering about me and looked towards Lin Xi, "Lin Xi our Elements are planning on attacking Land of Exiled Death's Treasure Grade Boss and we lack a close combat team, why not... You come over and help? If you get a Warrior Treasure Grade equipment then you can have it. How about that?"

"No need."

Lin Xi shook her head and smiled, "I am levelling with them so I won't go for your quest. Hope you succeed, we are going offline to eat now."



The moment Feng Canghai said that, Lin Xi had already went offline and her body slowly disappeared.

Shen Mingxuan smiled, "Then we shall go offline, time to attack the fishhead soup!"

I nodded my head and smiled, summoning the little secretary and going offline.

I took off my helmet and looked around. I was in the guard post and couldn't help but feel a little bitter. I locked it and then walked towards the villa. I placed the helmet in my room and then looked above, "That... We are about to go eat, do you need my help?"

"Yes, help Lin Xi get the wheelchair." Shen Mingxuan said.


I dashed up and noticed that Shen Mingxuan was hugging Lin Xi. Under Gu Ruyi's help they got down carefully. She shook her head while walking, "We should have an elevator here."


Lin Xi pursed her lips, "How much will an elevator cost, we don't have any funds now..."

Shen Mingxuan smiled, "Then you better eat less if not I won't be able to carry you."

Lin Xi burst into a laugh, "I know!"

I brushed past them, "Do you need my help?"

"No need."

Shen Mingxuan shook her head, "Just carry the wheelchair down."

Shen Mingxuan obviously didn't want me to touch Lin Xi and was still wary towards me. That was understandable but I couldn't help but feel sad for some reason too.

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